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October 16th, 2008 in member junk     
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Finished at last!!
The before shot with 1 drawer front sanded........
This desk is in my craft room -- so it has become my Creative Inspiration Desk.  I wrote some creative words and made the top look like aged paper with the messages ripped out.
Finished at last!!

Finished at last!!

This was a desk I thought to be solid cherry!! HAHAHAHA!  I started stripping and there was laminate on the top and the outside of the drawers -- which was coming up and ugh!!  So instead of just leaving it and trying something new at that point, onward I went to getting the laminate off!!  DO NOT RECOMMEND!! LOL!! 

I have now done my first whitewash project via Junkin' Gioni's way!!  I love it!!  The top (which turned out to be plywood, but pretty neat markings and gouges) I turned into faux aged paper with ripped out creative inspiration words to myself.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Creative Inspiration Desk
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junkinhart writes: I love the whitewash technique, Gioni.........I have a feeling I will be doing alot more! Posted: 11:46 am on October 19th
csudderth writes: When life gives you lemons--make lemonade. I think you've made some great lemonade.
Christy Posted: 9:54 pm on October 18th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This turned out so cute! And I love how you have so much room for baskets or organizing containers for your craft room underneath.

Great job! Looks terrific.

Candy Posted: 10:55 am on October 17th
junkin4fun writes: What a beautiful piece. I am now working on a desk that I had the same problem with. I am now down to the wood. I got the desk from the school junk pile. Tore off 1 layer of steel, 1 layer of veneer and 1 layer of plywood. I am now down to the real wood. I can only hope mine will turn out as good as yours. Thanks for sharing your idea.

Robin Posted: 6:56 pm on October 16th
MimiToria writes: I just think mistakes can turn out into beauty. Nothing lost with it not being cherry, I'd be happy with what you turned it into it. Very inspirational!
Check out this project I posted. It was a mistake!!! I love it how it turned out, but it was just being primed to go to a furniture distress painting class, which was cancelled after I arrived 30 miles to the location. : ( I went home, unloaded this heavy oak vintage sewing machine cabinet, and decided to sand it so that I could paint the final coat. Started sanding and loved how it was looking and never did anything more with it. A happy mistake! Kind of like how your great desk became into being. Posted: 6:28 pm on October 16th
Countryinthecity writes: That desk would inspire me! Nice job!
Sue Posted: 6:19 pm on October 16th
LuAnn writes: Great desk for your creativity. Hope to see more.

LuAnn Posted: 5:53 pm on October 16th
italianpeasant writes: i knew you could do it, here's another inspirational message to add: "if it's not moving, paint it white"! LOL have fun with your whitewash projects,once you start painting white, you'll go crazy :) Posted: 4:47 pm on October 16th
georgiamoon writes: This turned out really cool. I hate it when the laminate comes off, but I have had that problem many times and I just sand the heck out of it and usually paint right over it. I love the way you made it look like aged paper, and the inspiring messages are just the right touch. You can sit down at any time and get a million good ideas...right? Good job, Geo Posted: 3:58 pm on October 16th
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