My Junk Swap Junk....Not really!

April 9th, 2010 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Thinking of you...yep, my friend RustyDiva really was. 
Here I am...patiently, and carefully carrying my JUNK (I almost opened them in the car...but showed a bit of restraint!)...and, yes it was kinda heavy.
OK - this made me a little nervous for a minute...maybe something was broken inside.
Junk?  I dont think so...some fun and pretty pens and paper stuff... Thanks! :) 
And a little more girly/pink junk!  Love the ribbons, pillow shams, and the little figurine!
Alright...heres what was rattling around in there...METAL!  A bag of bottle caps - I used some on my first project - coming soon...  And, pieces and parts to embellish with - you can never have too much in the way of embellishment materials!!  Thanks, my friend!  And the they want to be coasters, or do they have another calling in life???  Thinking about that one! ;)
Another view - More stuff...a mirror, old metal tray, a pillow, and more....
Some reading materials...and at the bottom of the photo - some round baseball cards... Ive got an idea for these - nope, not telling - yet!!!
And I am learning a little about Texas, like do you know that the word gobbledygook was first used in Texas by Congressman Maury Maverick in 1944?  Now you do!  What a fun word - gobbledygook...
These containers were holding bits and pieces of junk, but Ive got another idea...  Except for the biscuit tin - its way too cool - and is proudly displayed in my kitchen - this is my favorite thing!
I love it!!
This one made me chuckle - a vaporizer!   The smell of Vicks...long gone, but I definitely remember these when I was a bit younger.  Kenda, youve challenged me with this - Im picturing a tiny little garden (minus the lid)...but who knows! 
And a note from my BJSP (best junk swap partner) - and, a pretty little plate that didnt make the trip in one piece...oh well - itll make perfect mosaic or jewelry material - nothings wasted, right??
Thinking of you...yep, my friend RustyDiva really was. 

Thinking of you...yep, my friend RustyDiva really was. 

Well...I gotta say Texas junkers are SO generous, and my partner, RustyDiva, was no exception.  It was so much fun getting to know her, and I'm hoping that one of these days we'll meet and do some junking together (a trip to Texas is on my list!)!  However...we have a few (actually a lot) of the same "likes" in junk - we'll just have to share, right, K??

And, about Texas...I'm learning (she sent me a book about her great state) - she really thought of everything! (and I mean that in a VERY good way)

Anyway, back to the big day.  She had told me that it was really hard for her to stop collecting goodies for me (I totally understand!), and she ended up sending two boxes...  When I went to the post office the woman brought up the first box, and there were strange, rattlly noises as she carried it, and she warned me that "that didn't sound good", (ha ha - I knew there was nothing to worry about, and told her it was just a box of junk - she laughed, and I said, "No, is a box of junk!" and told her about our little junk swap.  I think she was jealous! :)  So, I went on my way and couldn't wait to get home.

The pictures tell the story - hope you enjoy all the great "junk" Kenda sent to me - I am!!!

Kenda - thanks so much for all the great JUNK you sent...receiving junk/stuff that was picked out by someone else is huge fun - a surprise, a challenge, and so welcome - you did good, girlfriend!!  And, hey -  I finally finished my first project last night (bottle caps...) - posting later...  And, I've got a few more ideas "rattling" around in my head...  






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shabbychick writes: I love all the stuff Kenda sent - junk swaps are so much fun - and we can never have TOO much junk! :)

Kathy Posted: 11:31 pm on April 12th
RustyDiva writes: Oh Kathy, I was so excited to open the website and see the junk I sent you. You made everything look so pretty!!!!! I'm glad you like everything. I kept picking up decorative stuff and had to switch my mindset to some project stuff. I honestly could have sent more but tried to reign it in. You almost didn't get the biscut tin. :) I love it too!! The vaporizer was a garage sale find last summer and has been sitting in my hall closet for a year. I KNEW you would do something cool with it and it deserved to be out of the closet. I knew I probably wouldn't use it but I couldn't pass it up for a buck.

I'm just so excited all over again!!! We will definitely meet someday! You are a sweetheart!!

Kenda Posted: 11:22 pm on April 10th
alicemom writes: How much FUN! You can write thank yous and hammer some bottle caps to boot!
smiles, alice Posted: 12:03 pm on April 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Kenda sent along some really great stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Love the bottle caps!
Candy Posted: 10:45 am on April 10th
byabpryor writes: WOW! Have fun!!!!! You got great stuff....too. lol ;) Posted: 9:31 am on April 10th
vanj writes: You sure hit the mother load! And i have one of those vaporizers too!!! great idea
vanessa Posted: 5:55 pm on April 9th
Prior writes: Ha Ha, I have that same book in my class room... What another great haul... I can't wait to see what you do! This has been so much fun to watch unfold... Lezlee Posted: 5:47 pm on April 9th
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