Trailer Trash Ball

October 15th, 2008 in member junk     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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Welcome to the ball
A nice place to sit and chat.
Me and Stephanie having some the lighted clothesline?
More revelers.
And the food was appropriate for the theme.
Welcome to the ball

Welcome to the ball

Just a short post about the Trailer Trash Ball that I attended on October 11th. We really did have a good time. It was done so well with the trailers all surrounding the "dance floor". They even had a theater set up for the kids. I got my fill of Ho Ho's and twinkies, hot dogs and tater tots, but I passed on the Tuna and potato chip casserole...I can only take a theme sooo far! Anyway it was a great time and I hope they do it again next year.

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CleverThinker writes: Hey there! I just joined JMS....and I have a trailer that will fit right in!! It's a 1959 SantaFe 13" camp trailer...very cute! Red and white on the outside with a black accent and white scalloped awning...mickey mouse moons..and flamingo beach interior trim on birch!

How do I get on the list for your next event? I live in Reseda/ SFV/ LA I can't be far from you and your event next year. Also where is your shop? Maybe its time for a field trip!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Thanks, and Happy New Year!!

Larry Posted: 9:51 pm on December 30th
csudderth writes: What a blast--wish I could have been there. You must have some really fun friends!
Christy Posted: 9:59 pm on October 18th
kopykatkim writes: What a unique idea. It fits well with the Halloween season. You are all a little scary!!!! Looks like a blast, thanks for sharing. Posted: 9:34 pm on October 17th
shabbychick writes: How cool!!! We definitely need to have one of those in Ohio too... Such divine tackiness (LOL) - who would have thought it could be so much fun - and tuna casserole too? Yummmmm......

Kathy Posted: 8:38 am on October 16th
Chovey writes: Oh, this sounds like a grand time! Wish I were there? Lets see more! My nieces 14th BD is on Christmas Day (bummer) so Aunt Cynthia always tries to give her a really 'unique' kind of party....this would be cool, huh???

cynthia Posted: 8:11 pm on October 15th
CottageElements writes: It does look like ya'll had a read good time. Now I know we need to get one of those in MN. The tuna a potato chip casserole would fit right in! Ya sure you betcha! Thanks, Geo for sharing!

Lani Posted: 6:56 pm on October 15th
LuAnn writes: Hay Ms. Contributor!! Looks like everyone had a real "trashin' good time". Can't wait to see more of this event.

LuAnn Posted: 6:46 pm on October 15th
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