AAJMS JUNKMARKET Members Get-Together?!

March 29th, 2010 in blog     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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Heres a picture from a little spur of the moment party we had last fall with fellow JMS members. 
Fellow JMS members, the Pfarkels Sisters, will be there.  They are a hoot-and-a-half.  Here we are with them in Oronoco last fall. 

The days are going by fast and before you know it, the Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style sale will be here! We're trying to get a handle on how many JUNKMARKET Style members are planning to attend. Are you coming? If so we'd like to be in the know. This may be a good opportunity for members to meet face to face and we would like to help facilitate that. First we need to know who's coming and when...then we can devise a plan as to how best to hook everyone up! To get a head count, we'd like you to pop on over to the event section on our facebook page.  You can get to it by clicking here.  Then just RSVP and leave us a message with your plans. For example Hi, my name is Lani and I am planning to attend the Wednesday night event and will also be there bright and early on Thursday morning! Simple as that. 

As we get closer to the event, we will be providing you with more details so stay tuned.  Please RSVP ASAP so we can get the plans under way.  Hope to see you there!

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54girl writes: So wish this was a week earlier. We will be in St. Paul for a toy show the frist week in May. This Sounds like so much fun. I know all of you ladies will have a blast! Mary Posted: 2:29 pm on April 8th
MimiToria writes: I'll be there, but I've got it easy this time, since its practically in my backyard. Would love to see you again Midge- Excited to meet up and hang with Kathy and Candy again too. And Janis, nothing to be nervous about at all with meeting all of us, we're all a bunch of happy go lucky junkers just hanging out and having a grand time together. You're gonna love the fact that you came. Just meeting Sue and hanging out with her, will be worth the plane ticket price. She's such a sweetheart and such a hoot. She keeps me smiing from the minute I see her on through. Too much fun that my face hurts from smiling so much. lol
Looking forward to AA+JMS event.
Gretchen Posted: 9:21 am on April 5th
pjjunker writes: Anyone interested in a West Coast (aka So CAL) get together? Posted: 7:29 pm on April 3rd
RustyDiva writes: Boo hoo boo hoo! I went as far as checking flights and hotel but alas, it's too rich for my blood. I need to start saving for next year now! I'm so sad I won't be able to meet my Northern junk sisters this year. I know it will be a blast and the rest of us will be green with envy at the fun you will have! Hugs from Texas.

Kenda Posted: 2:25 pm on March 31st
shabbychick writes: Midge..........PULEEZ!!! Posted: 1:46 pm on March 31st
fellowjunker writes: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...come on Midge....you have to come!!! I would so love to meet you in person!!
xojanis Posted: 12:56 pm on March 31st
junkermidge writes: It already sounds tempting and you guys make it sound even more fun. You'll really enjoy meeting each other, I'm sure. Janis, how cool that you're flying in from so far. I'd love to meet both of you, too, and other JMS people but I don't know if I'll make it or not, but I'm sure Sue will provide a great time for everyone. Enjoy that HUGE fun!
Midge Posted: 10:04 am on March 31st
shabbychick writes: Janis - I'm so excited to finally meet you - and lots of our JUNKMARKET Style members too!!! We're going to have HUGE fun! I know Sue will fill our time with fun, friends, food and lots of junk (and not much sleep - ha ha)!!

See you all there!!!

Kathy Posted: 9:45 am on March 31st
fellowjunker writes: I am so hoping that lots and lots of junkmarket members are going to be there.....I am treating myself to this fabulous weekend and flying in from the West Coast of Canada so I really hope there will be lots and lots of my junking friends there to meet!!!! Truthfully, I am a little nervous to meet everyone, but come on we only live once right!!??!!
xojanis Posted: 1:26 pm on March 30th
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