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I need any help I can get. I love junk but I am beginning to think I nuts. I have an endless supply of any kind of junk you can think of, and I don't have anyone around here who thinks like I do and thinks its neat. So, when it comes to coming up with things to do with it, (I would like to incorporate this junk in every room I have) I'm lost. See, I really do believe there is something you can do with any piece of junk, I just need some help or ideas . Do you think that tire pump which is in pic #4 would make nice lamps? I would like to use these in our bedroom as well as the other lights etc, for a theme of cars. Oh and how about those lights in pics 3 & 4, they came from an old barn up in the hay mount, the glass unscrews so you can put a light bulb in - any suggestions, I live in North Dakota.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Debbie
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LYNDALOU writes: Hi, Looks like good junk to me. I can see eyes, hand mouth to make a metalman, and the wheel could easily become a clock. Brushes would make a good turkey tail. Just let your imagination run wild. I believe so many of you think as I do, that is why we are into junk art, right? Posted: 9:14 pm on October 31st
luvsstuff writes: HI, some cool stuff there. I would hang the wheel on the wall and use it for a towel hanger, easy I know but it would make a statement. I would also frame the thing that looks like a hand in the rame you have and have it as a quiky peice of art. Posted: 6:17 am on October 19th
DecadeZ writes: Hi, I am new to the site and I love your junk. The wheel is fab. I would hang from chains on my covered patio. Dangle all the keys and mix up with crystal bobbles. Place a large candle on top and voilla - A beautiful and interesting hanging candle arrangement. Lynnz Posted: 9:47 pm on October 15th
1tufcuky writes: Too bad you don't live in lincoln, NE, any of you, because we Could expand junkmarket to be nationwide (I alone could open shop...I'm afraid to post pics of MY junk because there truly is A LOT! However, with some creativity (thank you Sue and Ki) and a desire to see less go to the landfills, I end up making some things that my non-junker friends adore. Keep it up junk ladies! Posted: 7:57 pm on October 15th
Chovey writes: Ooooh....I'm having 'Junk Envy'!!!!!

Sharon Clark has got my hooked on making the 'junk dolls' right now. I can see all kinds of dolls in this stuff!!!

The junkmarket industry hasn't quite made it to my area yet, either. But as the 'green thing' is getting more popular, people are slowly adapting to the hottest new recycle look!

cynthia Posted: 7:11 pm on October 14th
csudderth writes: Girl, you have come to the right place! There are so many ideas here on this site so you might want to just browse through past posts and get ideas. The suggestions for the Junk Beautiful and Junk Style books is great also. These have some wonderful ideas and get your creative juices flowing. Also, there is a site that a friend of mine has that has good ideas and it is arranged so that it is easy to use. The site is:
You've got some wonderful junk and it's hard for me not to covet your junk but I'm really trying! Post pics of what you do with this great stuff. I can't wait to see them.
Christy Posted: 11:54 am on October 14th
kopykatkim writes: Welcome to the site. I'm from Mn but close to ND as well. All the girls have given you wonderfull ideas. I love doorknobs and have done the board thing and then hung pictures from the knobs. The wheel idea is great as a wreath, you have alot of things already that could go on it. Everything and anything can become a lamp or candle holder. You Go Girl!!!! Can't wait to see what you ahve come up with. Posted: 12:36 pm on October 13th
MimiToria writes: Cool stuff! I would try to go to a Barnes and Noble or Borders book store and see if you can find any of Sue Whitney and Ki Nasseur's books they wrote. It is filled with great ideas for items just like yours. One is called Junk Beautiful and the other is Junk Style. Do a search and you'd come up with a variety of ideas online probably too.
Good luck. You've got some great stuff.
I've been collecting a variety of different door knob styles, to eventually make a coat rack for my entryway. You'd use a long board with the door knobs as what you'd hang your coat off of. There are several versions of this I believe posted on the internet. Junk Warehouse website has some projects posted that you could peak at for ideas. Posted: 9:04 am on October 13th
suewhitney writes: Hi Debbiejean,

First of all welcome to the site. Secondly, WOW! What a great pile of junk. I love it all. The first advice I give to anyone who is wondering what to do with their stuff is to close your eyes, forget about what it was, and think only of what it can become. Make projects work for you. They should be cool looking, but also functional. For example the hand drills in image five can easily become a coat hanger. You could allach on to the wall as a single hanger or you could attach 3 to a board and then to the wall. Door knobs have a multitude of uses. They make great ends to towel bars or curtain rods. Screwed to a board in multiples they make good coat hangers or picture hangers. I agree with Lani, the light cover would be fab as an industrial looking hanging light fixture. You have a lot to work with so I know you'll be busy. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

Be well,
Sue Posted: 5:46 am on October 13th
CottageElements writes: Hi, Debbie. Welcome to the site! You have some great items there and I can see a few that I'd find some great projects for. You have a light grate/cover(?) that would be great for a hanging lamp, or the one drawer pull turned upside down as a card holder. I'd love the wheel just as it is on a wall, or maybe turned upside down onto some sort of pedestal with glass on the top as a lazy susan or table rise??? The keys could be used in all sorts of ways. Attached to a bottle with wire, or on a wood sign as an accent. Used on a necklace/bracelet. The uses are endless. Have fun with all your goodies!

Lani of Cottage Elements Posted: 10:02 pm on October 12th
italianpeasant writes: hi, your wheel with the handle would be a great start for a wreath of tools & gadgets, just wire them on close together, until the wheel is filled up & hang it on an outbuilding :) Posted: 6:32 pm on October 12th
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