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February 28th, 2010 in member junk     
MakinItHappen MakinItHappen, member
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I found those little tables for $1 each at a church bazaar.
I did the galley in a Flamingo Lounge theme.
I covered one wall with wine corks and one with CDs. (Dont ask me if I drank all that wine.)
I scrubbed the bathroom sink with every chemical known to man, but couldnt get the stains out, so I painted leopard designs on it.
The curtains I made from vintage barkcloth drapes.
I found those little tables for $1 each at a church bazaar.

I found those little tables for $1 each at a church bazaar.

Here is the Airstream trailer I fixed up for a guest quarters/party house. I ended up selling it, but not before painting, laying floor tile, reworking windows, walls, and floors, building beds, and and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I even made sheets to fit the new curvy beds. It was a '76 model, but I tried to make it look more 50s-like (I mean, who wouldn't, right?)

Pattern or design used: My own design
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MakinItHappen writes: THANK YOU! I just saw your post with questions. I think I used craft paint on the sink, but I put several coats of exterior Varathane over it. I painted my kitchen counters several years ago and used Varathane over the paint. They have been great, very durable except for some yellowing under the coffee pot where it gets hot. I don't think you can make any money fixing up RVs, but it's great fun to the the decorating. Can't say the same for fixing the systems, tho. Posted: 1:10 pm on September 8th
JunknStuff writes: Love it!! What kind of paint did you use for the sink/ countertops? I've wanted to do this same thing to my kitchen countertops! They are like, 30 years old....formica...the white kind w/ the gold flecks in it. We can't really afford new countertops right now, but I would love new. I would totally settle for painted ones in the meantime, however! Let a sistah know.....Thnx for sharing! Wish I had the "mulah" to buy old RV's & funky them up, & flip 'em, now!! Posted: 10:46 am on September 1st
vanj writes: this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would give anything for one of those rvs. i live in elkhart indiana and we WERE the rv capital of the world! that has changed with all of the economic woes today!!! but your creativity is astounding. keep it up Posted: 6:35 am on March 21st
shabbychick writes: Very cool!!! I love what you did with your camper - great colors and clever ideas! I'd love to re-do a camper too and wouldn't care if it was road-worthy or not - it'd be great in my backyard (it's on my wish list).

Thanks for sharing!


P.S. LuAnn - not sure my neighbors would understand either! Posted: 11:06 pm on March 1st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: How fun is that! Your solution to the bathroom sink is killer! Thanks for sharing.
Candy Posted: 5:29 pm on March 1st
racers7 writes: This is fab-yoo-low-sa! I love the colors and the theme looks 50s too! I have a neighbor with a broken trailer on the next block-if only they knew the treasure they had! Great job! Melody Posted: 4:16 pm on March 1st
suewhitney writes: Very hip. LOVE!!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:12 pm on March 1st
RustyDiva writes: I have always wanted to re-do an old RV and have it as a guest house. I've been looking for a resonably priced little one from the 50's or 60's but they ain't so cheap! You did a great job!! Love this project!!!!! Posted: 11:08 am on March 1st
OnEaglesWings writes: Way cool...looks like you had a blast fixin' it up. Must have been hard to let it go! Looks like "old" Florida! Posted: 5:34 am on March 1st
alicemom writes: I am totally blown away! The bathroom sink ! Fantastic job! Well the whole thing is darling! I can see why it sold.
smiles, alice Posted: 6:34 pm on February 28th
ninnarae writes: This is really great! I love the colors, projects, and funky retro vibe!! Posted: 1:54 pm on February 28th
shamrockerin writes: wow-that is fantastic! It's hard to pick what my favorite part of it is; the wine cork wall is pretty cool, but I LOVE pink flamingos- the little lights in the galley are adorable! Posted: 1:41 pm on February 28th
bluebucket writes: Wow! What a great "home away from home"/"party place". Love the cork and CD walls. I would love to be a guest here.
doreen Posted: 1:38 pm on February 28th
junktiqueboutique writes: we have been looking since Oct. for a camper just like this. I really want to do it myself but this is so fabulous I'd jump on it in a second. but you did give me some ideas IF we ever find one. great job. Posted: 12:33 pm on February 28th
LuAnn writes: This is just the coolest!!!! Too bad it's already sold. I'd love it for my weekly "wine night" with my junk friends. I've always wanted something like this to put in my back yard for such parties. (Although neighbors wouldn't understand). Good job.

LuAnn Posted: 12:15 pm on February 28th
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