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I love old galvanized metal and was so happy to spot this thingy at the thrift store...was kind of disappointed to see on the bottom it was just a container for some bathing gifts.  Oh well, my new motto is going to have to be....WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!.
I added a little french address, some moss from PB and a little cross to my thrift store find.
Kind of sweet...dont you think?!
I love old galvanized metal and was so happy to spot this thingy at the thrift store...was kind of disappointed to see on the bottom it was just a container for some bathing gifts.  Oh well, my new motto is going to have to be....WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!.

I love old galvanized metal and was so happy to spot this "thingy" at the thrift store...was kind of disappointed to see on the bottom it was just a container for some bathing gifts.  Oh well, my new motto is going to have to be...."WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!".

In all honesty, I sometimes get pretty discouraged on my junk outings, as "good" junk seems pretty hard to find where I live!  That is one of the things I so love about the junkmarket site...seeing what people find in the areas they live in always brings a smile to my face, and a "WOW" to my day.

This is a little thrift store find that I tried to re-invent in to something that looked old and went with my parisien decor.

Pattern or design used: My own design - janis gurney
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JunknStuff writes: What a gr8 find! and, your work on it has made it "magazine photo shoot" ready! You got SKILLZ, babeeee! Posted: 10:51 am on September 1st
junkfestgirl writes: I love this no matter how old or what it once was! I really enjoy your posts! Beautiful work. Posted: 3:00 pm on March 3rd
RoseGardenRomantic writes: great find!!! Posted: 9:37 am on March 3rd
54girl writes: I know the feeling Janis, some days are excellent and then others are well.. you know. But maybe thats good because then we really get excited when we do find stuff. This is just awesome! Its funny but I was looking for a container somthing like this. Love what you've done!! Just beautiful!! Mary Posted: 10:25 pm on February 28th
ladedajudy writes: Good job Janis! I am a crazy nut for galvanized also. Happy junking! Judy Posted: 9:45 pm on February 28th
JunkArchitect writes: Janis, I have a difficult time finding good junk too. I can go months and not find a thing then all of a sudden I’ll come upon a great estate sale…you never know. Your creation came out beautiful and really does look old…great find.

Jim Posted: 8:18 pm on February 28th
OnEaglesWings writes: Janis, this looks wonderful! I love it. If you hadn't told us that this a 'new' piece, no one would have ever known. I love the addition of the base, moss and cross...well done!
Susie Posted: 11:57 am on February 28th
junktiqueboutique writes: I would have bought this piece too not caring if it was old or new. You did a beautiful job. I love it. And you know I can see that fluer di lis in the back ground too. lol Posted: 5:01 pm on February 27th
MimiToria writes: Janis this is awesome. I would of never thought to do this, but it is indeed quite clever. Love how you added the French to it too. You do the most beautiful junk re purposing that I've ever seen. Love it all.
Gretchen Posted: 4:45 pm on February 27th
JunqueMagnet writes: Beautiful re-do. No one would ever know how it began or the original intended purpose which proves that you have done a wonderful job! Lovely to look at. Posted: 2:38 pm on February 27th
suewhitney writes: You work "with what you have" beautifully! I love this post. Does it really matter if it was just something that held bath products? You've proved that it does not. Stunning!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:53 am on February 27th
SantaClaus writes: It's a good thing I don't work at GW - my house would be filled to the rooftop! I get so excited when I shop at GW; sometimes my cart is filled to the brim; other times, nothing (that's when I really have withdrawal).
Posted: 6:42 am on February 27th
bluebucket writes: Beautiful post as always - love all your work. Junk trips can sometimes be disappointing but just like Laurel, it never stops me from just having to "stop in for a peek". You just never know, you might find the most perfect, thrilling piece(s). Posted: 8:06 pm on February 26th
alicemom writes: Janis, You have such a wonderful decorating style. So sweet!
smiles, alice
Today I did go to an estate sale. It was good and had some fun stuff. My GW store really has not been very good lately. Posted: 6:26 pm on February 26th
chippingcharm writes: Lovely again Janis!
My area sounds a lot like Candy' just never know when it's going to be your lucky day?!? Makes it hard to resist just "stopping in for a peek" ;)
My best luck is almost always at the flea market, and being it's winter here in MN...I'll have to get my fill someplace else...
Thanks for another beautiful post! Laurel
Posted: 6:10 pm on February 26th
DumpsterDecorators writes: Good junk is hard to find in our area. I would have scooped your find up in a minute! Posted: 5:43 pm on February 26th
ninnarae writes: Janis- this looks lovely! I always get wonderful ideas from you here and on your blog! Thanks so much for sharing! Posted: 4:33 pm on February 26th
racers7 writes: I think its so cute! Try a walk through your neighborhood late evening before garbage day and sometimes you can find some great castoffs. Melody Posted: 12:19 pm on February 26th
RustyDiva writes: Our problem is we get a really great junk store and then it closes down months later. I'm talking REALLY great store ~ the kind that has corners and nooks and crannies filled with rust and chippy furniture and boxes of stuff. They just don't make it and then I have to find a new "happy place". I do have my old standbyes though like American Council for the Blind and The Disabled Veterans Thrift.

Janis, love this! You were so very lucky to find it and who cares if it was for bath products. It's gorgeous in it's new life in your beautiful home! Awesome piece and you adorned it perfectly!

Kenda Posted: 10:29 am on February 26th
coloradojunkie writes: I think it is cute...we have some great thrift stores..but here in the Aspen Colorado area they think their junk is worth a lot of money...we have an auction here every month at the fairgrounds and everyone brings their junk to it is a great way to collect..I am taking several containers of my junk today... Posted: 10:21 am on February 26th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: JANIS,
When I saw the CROSS it just touched my heart and I really needed to see this for it was a answer to prayer today.This was no accident that you put this up their.You did a beautiful job on displaying it..A special blessing is coming your today.GOD BLESS. ROBERT. Posted: 10:19 am on February 26th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Well I think it's LOTS of sweet! Thrifting is really odd in my area. Some days I go out and bring home the motherload of great junk! Other days...nothing. Obviously a lot has to do with luck. And you, Ms. Janis, were a lucky girl to find this amazing piece! Bath product display or not, you've made it look stunning!
Candy Posted: 10:10 am on February 26th
oldnews writes: This is Such a perfect example of how creative you are! You totally had to step outside the "box" literally and see this as something that it could be! It's beautiful! And I also agree, "junking" has now become the latest and greatest, which I guess is good! But for those of us who have been doing it forever, and are totally committed (or maybe should be!!) it has made it difficult to get our fix!! Anyway, I think this is amazing! Marie Posted: 9:41 am on February 26th
grannijo writes: Janis...very kinda sweet!!!!! it...the thrift stores are really getting shopped around here where I live...hard to find stuff!...sharon Posted: 9:17 am on February 26th
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