My Rose Bowls (and plates and teacups)

February 18th, 2010 in member junk     
shamrockerin shamrockerin, member
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Somewhere along the line, i started collecting vintage dishes that have pink roses as their decorations. I didn't plan to start collecting them, but before I knew it I had a whole box, so I decided to display them.


All of these dishes, including the vintage chocolate tin that reads "Lady Margaret's Chocolates", were found for free at the auction on the ground and in abandoned boxes. I mixed up the display with some mismatched salt shakers, and some vintage pictures of my mom and her sisters in dollar store picture frames. (This pic was taken in the fall- that's why there's faux leaves all over the shelf).

My most recent addition is the teacup on the bottom left; I found it in a box of dishes. All of them were broken except that one. It was quite dirty, so I took it home and washed it up. Lo and behold, on the bottom it's labeled "Limoges, France"

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MakinItHappen writes: I love your display. And that aqua one of the top shelf is my cup of tea! Posted: 5:45 pm on February 19th
ninnarae writes: Lovely dishes and I love the pretty aqua tin, too! Posted: 6:38 pm on February 18th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: Great job! I have some of the same mismatched dishes. Hubby goes out of town for 5 days next week. He knows when he is gone, I am free to be me and create! Thanks for the idea. Posted: 6:12 pm on February 18th
RustyDiva writes: WOW ~ wish our auctions worked that way. Maybe they do and I just haven't stuck around long enough. Very very cool! I love auctions but sometimes dealers run the prices up where us regular folks can't afford it. Good for you!!! Please keep sharing your finds. Posted: 5:29 pm on February 18th
shamrockerin writes: Haha- no I do not work at the auction. I teach night classes at a university, which means during the day, I have time to spare. The auction is once a week and its not far from my house. If an item doesn't sell, it often just gets left there, in the field. OR, sometimes a person will buy a 'lot' of items, and they only want some of them. So, they leave the rest behind.

I have found some great things there! Sometimes I sell them or give them away, and sometimes I keep them for myself. :) Posted: 3:19 pm on February 18th
RustyDiva writes: Ok so you've mentioned the auction several times. Do you work there or just hang out looking at the floor? I need to hang out and look down too cause you have found for free some awesome stuff!!!!! Who knew. Posted: 2:57 pm on February 18th
alicemom writes: Very sweet display.
smiles, alice Posted: 2:16 pm on February 18th
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