Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

February 8th, 2010 in member junk     
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Heres the finished product - ready to screw to your wall & add character to your curtains! 
I cut some 3/4 copper pipe into ~3 lengths with a pipe cutter (you could also use a hacksaw).  I also used old threaded doorknob stem pieces, and some electrical nuts.
Since my electrical nut did not fit perfectly on the end of the threaded doorknob stem, I added some crazy glue to secure it to the stem.
I threaded the doorknob stem through the hole on the backplate.  The nut prevents the stem from going through the hole.  Then I put a section of the pipe onto the stem from the front side, and screwed the doorknob onto the stem (use a set screw to secure the doorknob to the stem).  The backplates I chose had a small lip inside their opening that the pipe set into nicely, without going through the opening.
Heres the tieback in action on my wall.  I made 6 different tie backs for my set of 3 dining room windows.  My only regret is that you have to be close to the window to see the cool details on the backplates.
Heres the finished product - ready to screw to your wall & add character to your curtains! 

Here's the finished product - ready to screw to your wall & add character to your curtains! 

Here's some curtain tiebacks I made from old doorknobs, doorknob back plates, and copper pipe.  Mount the back plate on your wall and swag your curtains behind the knobs.  I used glass knobs and a variety of different back plates, but you could make a matching set for each room. 

Pattern or design used: My own design - Second Chance Art & Accessories
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Cocalotta writes:
These are beautiful! I love old glass knobs and to use the complete set...awesome. I want to use one in my bathroom for a tie back. Thanks for sharing. Posted: 1:24 pm on February 12th
DumpsterDecorators writes: Very clever. We have a collection of knobs but aren't in need of another hook rack. This may just be the ticket. Thanks for sharing. Posted: 8:19 am on February 12th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Very nice project...what a nice collection of doorknobs! Posted: 12:09 pm on February 11th
junkermidge writes: Love, love, love that idea! I've see it before with just the doorknob, but you took it to the next level. Way to go!
And just a little junk trivia -- the backplates are called escutcheon plates (but I had to look up how to spell it -- tricky word).
Midge Posted: 6:16 pm on February 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: These look so good! Thanks for sharing the idea with all of us.
Candy Posted: 5:06 pm on February 10th
RustyDiva writes: Ooops ~ meant to say love THEM. Wonder where "love me" came from? Posted: 10:20 am on February 10th
RustyDiva writes: These are beautiful. I love the look of the doorplate on the wall and the glass knobs just sparkle. Great job! Love me. Posted: 10:18 am on February 10th
JunkArchitect writes: Cool idea and great instructions.

Posted: 3:01 pm on February 9th
54girl writes: Another great idea for door knobs! My husband and I have making up a bunch for differnt things also. Love this idea! Mary Posted: 12:57 pm on February 9th
ninnarae writes: Beautiful! Never thought of using something like this! Thanks for sharing!! Posted: 12:47 pm on February 9th
shabbychick writes: I love old doorknobs, and your project makes good use of them! Very clever!

Kathy Posted: 8:26 am on February 9th
karilelek writes: Genius!!! Posted: 10:18 pm on February 8th
chippingcharm writes: Love these!!! Laurel Posted: 10:03 pm on February 8th
Cynyth writes: These are great! I've been trying to think of unique tie backs for the living room and bedroom. This gives me ideas :-) Posted: 7:45 pm on February 8th
junk_grandma writes: Awesome idea! I just love old, french-looking items and this fits the bill. Thank you for the directions. Posted: 7:10 pm on February 8th
MakinItHappen writes: Those are really cool. I just can't find stuff like that around here. :( Posted: 5:41 pm on February 8th
alicemom writes: Love that look and great directions.
smiles, alice Posted: 3:52 pm on February 8th
SnowmanHill writes: These are awesome, love them!

dana Posted: 3:15 pm on February 8th
suewhitney writes: Such a great idea. I love it!!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 3:06 pm on February 8th
greencolleen writes: wow cool project love that you gave the directions;)
Posted: 2:36 pm on February 8th
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