Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

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MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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The complete area with pumpkin. I just love my new blue pumpkin. 
Check out this faux blue pumpkin I bought.  A lady painted the pumpkin a mix of aqua/blue and brown and she stenciled the word Fall on it. 
Im not into the traditional orange pumpkins, since my kitchen area that this is in happens to be Tuscan gold, black and touches of aqua blue.
A photo of the display that I have the pumpkin with.
 I also bought a chocolate brown pumpkin to display on this vintage ladder that I have on my front porch.  I just love these alternative colors of pumpkins.  Ill post more outdoor photos of our porch early next week.
The complete area with pumpkin. I just love my new blue pumpkin. 

The complete area with pumpkin. I just love my new blue pumpkin. 

An alternative in decorating without the traditional orange pumpkins.

Next week in my posts you'll understand more why I don't use orange/rust/gold colors.  Our house is a nice green with white porch and trim, but our front door is magenta.  It was that way when we moved in and I hated it at first, than grew to love it, and now am trying to come up with a good color to maybe repaint it next Spring.  Any ideas?

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MimiToria writes: Italianpeasant- The pumpkins are faux painted pumpkins. They are light weight type and have been hand painted by the owner of "Round Barn Potting Co" in Andover, Minnesota. Lani of Cottage Elements is a vendor there, so that's why she said she knew where I got them. Lori the owner painted the typical orange pumpkin bluish/grey w/a brown wash over it for the one inside my house and the outdoor one she painted it a brown wash. I just love these alternative colors, as orange doesn't go well with my decor at home that we are currently using. These other colors just happen to work better for me, and when I saw them I bought them. My one is inside my kitchen and the other is on a protected porch, so not sure if these pumpkins could actually withstand outdoor elements or not. Probably shouldn't.
Gretchen Posted: 1:58 pm on October 20th
MimiToria writes: Lani-
Love your porch photos on your blog, I'll post there. Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, you sure do know where I got the blue pumpkin, don't you? I was at the checkout doing so well, when all of a sudden I noticed this awesome bluish/aqua pumpkin and an awesome brown one as well. Had to have them!

Gretchen Posted: 10:40 pm on October 8th
CottageElements writes: Hi, Gretchen. Love the blue pumpkin (I know where you got it)! Looks great in your vignette. The color is perfect. If you check out the pictures of my porch, I have a real blue pumpkin (probably the same as Caroline picked up for you), beige-orange, white ones and a few other exotic ones. There's a place by me that grows them. Also, I picked up some osage (hedge apples) at the Gathering of Friends sale. Thanks to ItalianPeasant for introducing me to them. They're awesome. Been away for awhile. Sicker than a dog, and to tired to post, but have enjoyed reading them!


PS Gretchen, I still want to see your cabin! Posted: 8:29 pm on October 8th
Countryinthecity writes: I LOVE the blue pumpkin!! And thanks for the stenciling idea too, that looks great. Looking forward to the exterior decor.
Sue Posted: 5:57 pm on October 8th
shabbychick writes: Gretchen - love the painted pumpkins - what a great idea! Your displays are awesome as always - and wonderful color combinations.

For your front door, how about a creamy, buttery yellow?? I notice you have some yellow inside... Do you have a pic of your front door area?

Kathy Posted: 2:21 pm on October 7th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: How pretty! I love your entire display. The blue colored tile and wooden block could not be any more perfect with it. Can't wait to see more!

Candy Posted: 11:06 pm on October 6th
junkin4fun writes: Love, Love, Love the colored pumpkins and the stenciling is also very neat. Thanks for sharing.

Robin Posted: 10:51 pm on October 6th
roadtriplouise writes: Love your fall pictures, I also look for different colors of pumpkins, as orange does not go with my favorite color burgungy. Posted: 7:23 pm on October 6th
Chovey writes: Love it!!
cynthia Posted: 7:21 pm on October 6th
MimiToria writes: Thanks guys. My friend picked up a blue/gray pumpkin for me last Friday, but I haven't gotten it yet. I will continue to add some pumpkins that aren't orange, but I haven't seen any when I've been out. I'm going to have to get myself to a pumpkin patch or somewhere that has more offerings than Cub Foods and Menards. Ha! That is where I've been lately.
Gretchen Posted: 7:09 pm on October 6th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Wow! I've never seen a pumpkin painted and stenciled like that before. It's a very cool look! Posted: 7:08 pm on October 6th
LuAnn writes: Way to go. Love the colors.

LuAnn Posted: 7:01 pm on October 6th
KimberlyMelamed writes: This is a beautiful color palate you are using. I am a huge fan of blue and brown together. Who says that Fall or Halloween decorating has to be all orange? There are some terrific varieties of white and even blue and green/gray pumpkins out now.

Thanks for sharing,
Kimberly Posted: 5:20 pm on October 6th
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