Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

February 21st, 2010 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Tick, tock...tick, tock!

Tick, tock...tick, tock!


I will pair you up with another JMS member. Your partner will not neccessarily be your neighbor, but may be someone from another part of the country.

2. You will receive an email from me introducing you to your swap buddy. This email will incude both yours and your buddy's contact information, including your JMS screen name, email address, and mailing address.


Get to Know your Swap Buddy:

1. I like to think of this swap as Match.com for junkers. Ah, hahaha!

2. Once you have received your partner information, I encourage you to get to know each other. Exchange emails or swap phone numbers and chat by phone if you wish. The object is not only to swap some junk finery, but also get to know another junker in our community.

3. During your communications share some junking stories, talk about junk you find inspiring, and set a timetable for your swap that is comfortable to both swappers.


What Tyype of Junk and How Do We Swap?

1. The only rule here is that the junk should be stuff in the rough ripe for re-purpose. It can be one piece, two pieces, or ten...what ever you and your partner decide.

2. The pieces should be a surprise to your partner. The better you get to know them the more thoughtful your selection will become.

2. After you have decided on your plan of attack...let the swap begin. Remember to be thoughtful and stick to your timeline. Get your stuff off to your swap buddy in a timely fashion and make sure that you let your buddy know when you have received your package.


Creative Objective:

1. This is a personal challenge!

2. After your package 'o junk has arrived it is your mission to turn whatever it may be into something that is pretty and practical for your own home.

3. Most importantly....have a blast and a half!



1. Feel free to post your stuff in the rough if you like. If you choose to do this make sure to include the JMS name of the member who sent the package in your direction. You may want to add something nice you learned about your partner. This will help all of us get to know each other a little better.

2. Once you have completed your project...post away! Please show plenty of images from stuff in the rough, through the steps, and on to the final. Projects do not need to be difficult. My hope is that we will see a variety of projects from simple re-purposes to tool-time projects. Again, make sure to include the JMS name of your partner. Remember a thank you for the gifts you have received goes a long way. Can you tell I am a Mother?

3. I will be checking the boards on a daily basis and will make every attempt to feature your swap project for a time on the day it is posted. This will all depend on how many projects are posted at the same time. Please title them My Swap Project - Your JMS Name.



1. If you have not received your email from me by March 1st, please email me at junkmarketstyle@gmail.com.

2. If possible, I would like all posts to be up on the site no later than March 31st.


Good luck, have fun, and make a new friend!!


Happy Junking!




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CleverJunk writes: I recently joined JMS and have been wondering what the swap was all about so I checked out your posts. I hope you'll do this again since I love a challenge and have plenty of junk to share. Please put me on the list for your next junk swap challenge.
Sherri Posted: 10:48 pm on April 15th
deservingdecor writes: Is there going to be another round of junk swap if so count me in! We have opened up a small resale store and believe me we receive plenty of great items to swap. Posted: 8:22 pm on April 7th
srozes7 writes: wow... I just missed the swap toooo... :( can any one help me out and maybe do a late bloomer...having a moving sale got some good stuff too...???????? maybe do a new person swap...lol
srozes7 Posted: 9:29 pm on March 26th
KsJunkGirl writes: W@W! Looks like so much fun. I am a new member and just missed out on this junk swap. I would LOVE to get in on it next time or now if there is someone out there that didn't get a partner. Can't wait to see all the fun projects! I have enough junk I could probably swap with all the users! Good luck and have fun! Posted: 11:23 pm on March 14th
dumpsterdivindiva writes: Returned home from a much needed Vacation from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and was so excited to get my junk buddy email!! This is going to be so much fun and I already feel as though I have a lot in common with my partner, Missy.....One question.. What is the deadline? I've been completly rejuvinated by the sun from the islands so I'm feeling really creative! Happy junking! Posted: 8:43 pm on March 2nd
OldThymeGardener writes: My swap partner just contacted me via e-mail. What a perfect way to meet fellow junkers. I e-mailed her with a little bit of my background and what kind of junk I like. Can't wait to hear back and see what type of junk she is comfortable with. OR, I may surprise her and send some great junk out of her comfort zone. Posted: 12:33 pm on February 28th
suewhitney writes: Hi There,

You junkers are too funny and apparently very anxious! For those of you who know me I have a bit of the ADHDs and I've been sitting in a chair for 2 days pairing people and sending emails. Should be mostly complete by the end of the day today. Kerilelek....I apologize, I didn't read your post before I paired people up. I think you are with a member from Canada. If you want to send the Canadian themed stuff to someone...you could send it to me. Ah,hahahaha! I have been getting so hungry for your maple syrup watching all of the chefs from Canada during the Olympic coverage. Mmm, mmm, good! Posted: 1:55 pm on February 27th
karilelek writes: HI I didnt want to bug Sue - yet, but has anyone else been paired up yet? Yes I know its only the 27th , but ... Posted: 9:55 am on February 27th
OLDcrowAntiques writes: Anxiously waiting to get partnered... & break out the Gorilla glue!!! Posted: 8:35 am on February 27th
Legacyoflovecrafter writes: I think I saw myself on the list but haven't heard from anyone. Have you sent out emails yet? Don't want to miss out.

God Bless
Legacy Crafter
http://www.legacyofloveartisticcrafts.blogspot.com/ Posted: 10:25 pm on February 25th
Mcrafty2 writes: This sounds so cool! I am excited about meeting another Junker. I am a beginner but I like to make different things for my home. Posted: 7:51 pm on February 24th
coloradojunkie writes: I am totally in for this, I have a Colorado Ranch full of stuff..count me in..Lori Posted: 11:13 am on February 23rd
coloradojunkie writes: I am not sure I am signed up yet.. Posted: 11:10 am on February 23rd
Junkette writes: Am a new member and am looking forward to this project getting me connected. Yay! Posted: 4:31 pm on February 22nd
karilelek writes: yipppeeee! I hope my partner is a Yankee, because I might have to send some maple syrup and canadiana themed stuff. Cant wait - bored housewife signing off. Posted: 2:37 pm on February 22nd
RustyDiva writes: I'm jumping up and down now waving my hands in the air like a little girl ~ can't wait, can't wait.

Thank you Sue for organizing this on top of your millions of other things you do!!!!!!

Kenda Posted: 2:13 pm on February 22nd
shabbychick writes: Sue - can't wait to see who my partner will be! Thanks for putting this all together - this is gonna be some BIG junk fun!

Take care!

Kathy Posted: 11:20 am on February 22nd
auctionjunkie writes: Hey Sue & fellow junkers,

Been to an estate auction (antique dealer passed away) and sheet metal auction the past few weeks and added to the junkpile. I picked up a table full of miscellaneous small hardware at the sheet metal auction for $20. Love it when nobody else is interested that junk. Prep work for the swap meet just might be half of the fun.

Tim Posted: 10:32 pm on February 21st
alicemom writes: I am ready....just hope I don't get "junk-fright"!!
Smiles, alice Posted: 5:34 pm on February 21st
suewhitney writes: I', happy to see that you are all getting excited about the swap. Me too! Green Colleen...good observation. I am hoping to encourage more of the members to post their projects and to become actively involved in the site. You know what they say...the more the merrier. Hopefully, you will get to know about your partner through communication. Also, nothing says that you can't send them a little out of their comfort zone. It is a bit of a challenge after all. Haha! I also want all to know that this is not intended to be an expensive exercise. If I know junkers...and I do. Some of the best junk is already in their possession lurking in the garage, the basement, or perhaps the attic. Thaks!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:51 pm on February 21st
suewannabeinkc writes: Thanks for organizing this and matching the participants, Sue! I am excited to meet my swap partner and get started! :-)
Joanne Posted: 12:27 pm on February 21st
greencolleen writes: sue, very thoughtful rules of engagement ;). excited to get started. ive been shopping and will try to send pieces that will appeal to my pardner.altho many of the participants havent yet posted any projects. i expect this to be a fun creative process ;). thanks for the opportunity. let the games begin ;). Posted: 12:11 pm on February 21st
LuAnn writes: Sue:

I am so geeked! I'm ready to get started and junkin. Let the swap begin.

Thanks for arranging this. I was in the previous swaps and it was alot of fun. I'm sure this would be a blast!!

LuAnn Posted: 11:28 am on February 21st
suewhitney writes: Hi There,

Unfortunately, registration for the swap was over on February 9th. See this post http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/21175/sign-up-complete-see-sues-comment-below-for-next-steps. No need to fear, I am sure we will do this again. Thanks!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:15 am on February 21st
grannijo writes: SUE...THIS SOUNDS LIKE SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!...I'M SO READY!...THANKS FOR DOING THIS...READY TO GET TO KNOW THE NEW PERSON!!!!..sharon Posted: 10:59 am on February 21st
junkin4fun writes: How do we sign up to be part of the junk swap? Posted: 10:49 am on February 21st
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