How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

January 31st, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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With this sitting on my desk to remind me of the time, Ill never be late again. Have I ever told you that I graduated from the University of Wishful Thinking? Ah, haha!
A gear mold, some Rockler Bench Cookies, a forstner drill bit, and an inexpensive battery powered clock are the basics supplies. You may also want to have some sandpaper and some wood cleaner on hand.
OK, heres your Bench Cookies. They are little round, sticky disks of goodness. That my friends, is my professional description.
I placed four Rockler Bench Cookies under my gear mold in preparation for some fun with my drill.
How do they work? Place them under the piece of wood that you are about to work on and the rubbery surface on both sides of the Cookie holds your wood firmly in place. I dont care what you are about to do with your wood...its not going anywhere.
OK, now its time to measure. I chose to use the flatter side of the gear mold because it had less interesting detail than the flip side. Inside the lines of the outer red circle measured three inches. I knew there was a standard clock that would fit. Anyone heard of the luck of a junker? It applied here.
Here is my new drill bit...the forstner. I might be a member of the great unwashed, but this is the first time I have used this bit. In other hole drilling projects I have used a hole saw, but that is meant to drill all of the way through, not just an inch or so down. The forstner drill bit allows you to drill down just as far as you need and leaves a flat surface at the bottom. Cool beans! You may need to sand around the circumference of the hole just a bit to create a snug fit for your clock. I used a three incher here. They come in a variety of sizes. Check the Rockler Woodworking website for the size you need.
Slip a battery in the back of your clock before inserting into the gear mold. This will allow the hands of time to actually move. Finally....a clock that really tells time and in my house to boot. Will wonders never cease? Tehe!
Slip the clock in the hole and you are good to go. Do not glue the clock in as you will need to remove it at some point to change the battery. The hole should be just the right size for a snug fit. Oodles of clock parts can also be found at Rockler. It was my one stop shop for this project.
Its been fun, but its time to go now. This was a 30 minute project leaving me lots of time to do other things. Yee, ditty, haw! Maybe Ill go out and find some more junk. Imagine that!
With this sitting on my desk to remind me of the time, Ill never be late again. Have I ever told you that I graduated from the University of Wishful Thinking? Ah, haha!

With this sitting on my desk to remind me of the time, I'll never be late again. Have I ever told you that I graduated from the University of Wishful Thinking? Ah, haha!

I've been collecting gear molds for, long as I can remember. I've made them into room dividers, tables, and lazy susans, but never a clock. So I thought to myself, why not? Actually, if the truth be known I had a weekend guest who noticed that I owned and displayed many vintage clocks...none of which worked. Details, details! Any hoo, I promised I would create one that did! Most table or desk clocks are only attractive from the front making postioning in your home a little tricky because you have to hide the backside from the naked eye. With something as beutiful as a gear mold please feel free to unfasten your seatbelt and move freely about your cabin and place the clock any where your little heart desires. A gear mold is interesting from every angle and this type of clock installation messes with only one side, leaving the others untouched. Tick,'s time to make a clock.

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sandyrae writes: Just recieved my Rockler cookies. Thanks for the tip! love these clocks! Posted: 6:00 pm on June 7th
maxijunk writes: Love It Love It!!!! I also have a few clocks around the house that do not work, but the beauty of them makes up for it. Posted: 2:25 pm on February 10th
ellenlovesjunk writes: Very cool. It's funny that you have a bunch of clocks that don't work. Bet they look pretty cool though! Thanks for sharing this project.

Ellen Posted: 9:50 am on February 4th
shabbychick writes: I really think Sue's got the corner on the gear mold market...I've not ever found one either...hmmmm - maybe she'll share one in a junk swap??? :)

Anywho Miss your awesome timepiece - lots of great patina and functional too - time to take a bow my dear!! Very well done.

Kathy Posted: 10:18 pm on February 2nd
suewhitney writes: Thanks all for your kind words and comments! I hope my friend is happy that we can all know what time it is around my house. Ha!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 12:36 pm on February 2nd
WhimsicalCottage writes: I like the idea of a working clock! Ha. I have a few that are just for "looks" but gee, why not have one that works? Hee hee. We junkers sometimes settle for "just looks", huh?

Love the way the gear looks and how it would work in so many spots.

Posted: 8:29 am on February 2nd
junkermidge writes: Very cool project as always. All your gears are so cool!
Midge Posted: 8:51 pm on February 1st
chosmosw writes: Ahh Jimbo-I think Sue has them all!
Sue, this is awesome! It actually looks like something that Jim would make!

Posted: 5:19 pm on February 1st
54girl writes: I love clocks too and have many in the house that don't work either. This is such a cool clock!! Love the idea about the cookies too. Will be on the lookout for those. Great project!! Mary Posted: 2:42 pm on February 1st
fellowjunker writes: I'm soooooo excited about your new drill bit!!!! Have always wanted to try one of those out!!! What a great it!
Happy day!
xojanis Posted: 1:24 pm on February 1st
georgiamoon writes: Sue this is fantastic! I love that it looks so good from any angle. That is a clock that will look awesome forever but I'm afraid it does have it's limitations...It will NEVER keep YOU from being late! hahaha. Thanks for all the great tips on tools too. I just got the cookies and they are useful in SOOO many ways. Love this project!!! Georgia. Posted: 11:20 am on February 1st
Angie_Shabby_Cottage writes: Thanks for the pics!! I love this!! Posted: 10:48 am on February 1st
RustyDiva writes: Beautiful and like Jim ~ I never find any molds other than the mold in my fridge. :) Love everything about this project uncluding the play by play!

Kenda Posted: 10:18 am on February 1st
TinTinJunkFan writes: This is incredible and an amazing Sue project as usual...A Rockler store just opened up near I want to go check that out for project ingredients... Posted: 8:54 am on February 1st
chippingcharm writes: So very, very cool! Those nifty cookies and the drill bit look handy too. My "tool-confidence" is make it look so easy Sue...I may have to give them a try :) Laurel Posted: 8:27 am on February 1st
Heavenly_Treasures writes: WOW,
Sue what you did with that is something else.It is down right beautiful. I don't know how many clock's I thrown away. Was glsd to get rid of them.And her you are making something out of it.What a blessing. GOD BLESS,ROBERT Posted: 3:51 pm on January 31st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: One of my all-time favorites of yours, Sue! Love. Love.

Candy Posted: 2:43 pm on January 31st
ninnarae writes: GREAT project! The gear is amazing and I really appreciate the step-by-step hints! Thanks! Posted: 1:11 pm on January 31st
alicemom writes: Sue, What else can I say........tick tock tick tock Look at what Miss Sue did with a clock! I think too much time with grandson!
It is really wonderful.
smiles, alice Posted: 1:07 pm on January 31st
oldnews writes: Hmmmm, I think I know where you should go looking...The "warehouse" is in Minnesota...belongs to someone who's name begins with an S...I think she beat us to them all! It's a gorgeous clock Sue, it really is! The fact that it actually tells time is just icing on the cake! Marie Posted: 11:28 am on January 31st
JunkArchitect writes: Sue, the clock is amazing and the patina on the wood is fantastic. I live in a state that years ago had tons of factories and yet I never find any gear molds. Somebody’s got them all stockpiled in a warehouse and I’m going to find them…I will! I’m heading out gear mold hunting right NOW!

Great project!

Jimbo Posted: 11:01 am on January 31st
grannijo writes: Love it!!!...sharon Posted: 10:46 am on January 31st
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