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October 4th, 2008 in member junk     
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Hi All!  A while back in a magazine I saw a project using these old light covers.  They had taken strong wire or chain, strung them through the holes and hung them from a porch or deck ceiling with a candle placed inside.  I found a pretty blue one long ago and recently, these at a yard sale at an old house in town.   I originally walked away from them and even got home before it hit me that I should have bought them! (let's call it what it was: TEMPORARY INSANITY!)  Anyway, I went back and there they were...waiting for me.  Although I don't have anywhere for this project now, I may someday in the future and will happily pack them gently away.  I'm happy with my find!

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AuntieJo writes: I have made these hanging lamps also. Sold them years ago in a booth that I rented in an antiques shop. I still have some in my collection. I love the the look. Posted: 9:35 pm on March 26th
Linda writes: I made some exactly like the ones you have. Used them at a backyard reception for my sons wedding. They were beautiful and the light shinning through was lovely. Posted: 8:09 am on December 11th
grandmaper writes: How beautiful. Whatever you use them for, they will look amazing. Posted: 8:58 pm on October 5th
piecesofthepast writes: No, I didn't know that was one of their projects! I have seen the fruit bowls in their books, but not the other idea. Maybe the magazine picture I saw got the idea from them. Speaking of Ki, where is she? I haven't heard anything about her on this site. Is she still involved? Posted: 10:55 am on October 5th
chosmosw writes: I made some of those candle holders (did you know that was a ki & Sue project?) Anyways, in the mean time I just use the shades for fruit bowls and nuts etc all around the house. They make beautiful bowls.

Char Posted: 9:32 am on October 5th
piecesofthepast writes: Thanks! I really like the color of these also. They have a nice etching design on them as well. Thanks for the great ideas...I like the one about the bird bath or even a feeder, maybe. The fact that there were two means I could use one for one project and one for another! Posted: 8:26 pm on October 4th
MimiToria writes: These glass lamp shades are a great color. I have a white frosted vintage one that I have in my kitchen. I bought a stand from when Junk Market had their sales in MN, that they had their welder create. I use it daily to hold fruit. It's also a great use for these vintage lamp shades.
I know what you're talking about when you mention the candle holder thing for the porch. I've also seen them turned into small bird baths hung in gardens.
Enjoy your rainy day treasures.
Gretchen Posted: 4:24 pm on October 4th
LuAnn writes: Great finds. There are so many things that can be done with these old light shades. Good luck with your projects--post pics when you're done.

LuAnn Posted: 3:25 pm on October 4th
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