Painted Jute Rugs

January 3rd, 2010 in member junk     
BijouBytheBay BijouBytheBay, member
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Throw away a rug that gets a stain on it? I think not!  Nope, just get out the paint and get to work.  Talk about turning an obstacle into an opportunity.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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kennethmark writes: Beautiful looking rug. You have painted it wonderfully. I think its great idea to paint or design your rug the way you want.
Posted: 11:15 pm on November 7th
shabbychick writes: Your rug is too pretty to walk on....hmmm...wouldn't it look great hanging on the wall too? :) What an awesome look you've created!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 11:22 pm on January 5th
racers7 writes: Your house resembles my house (in that it has funky painted everywhere! Love your ideas! Melody Posted: 2:23 pm on January 5th
BijouBytheBay writes: Kenda, So happy I could help save a rug from the trash. I hope you'll be taking some before/after pictures so we can all enjoy! Take Care ~ Susan Posted: 6:58 pm on January 4th
RustyDiva writes: Thank you so much! I'm pulling my rug out this week-end and seeing what I can do. It already has a pattern on it but maybe I can come up with something to coordinate or just paint the pattern a different color......sorry, I'm brainstorming outloud. Love all your stuff Susan ~ thanks again.

Kenda Posted: 2:02 pm on January 4th
BijouBytheBay writes: Hi Kenda, the black is just acrylic paint and I sealed the painted areas with a coat of varnish/polyurethane. The white circles on the green rug is that "slick" fabric paint (just because that is what I already had lying around)and it worked out well too. Use a cheap brush cause the rug will eat it up :) Hope that helps ~ Susan Posted: 1:01 pm on January 4th
RustyDiva writes: OMG ~ I have a rug right now that I'm considering getting rid of because it doesn't go with my decor. What kind of paint did you use and did you seal it........please do tell do tell! I see a project in my future!! Posted: 11:11 am on January 4th
SMILES, ALICE Posted: 7:55 pm on January 3rd
MakinItHappen writes: Wow, that's a work of art! Posted: 1:36 pm on January 3rd
monakent writes: GORGEOUS!!!!! gailmarie Posted: 1:30 pm on January 3rd
oldnews writes: Wow! Beautiful! Marie Posted: 10:57 am on January 3rd
suewhitney writes: Love, love, love this idea. Beautifully done.

Sue Posted: 10:44 am on January 3rd
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