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Another shot of my mosaic backsplash.
Design above stove. I painted the lime green tiles and as I finished up this area realized the design was not going to work. So I added the trivet in the middle...while not my favorite it worked.
A little bit more backsplash.
Another section...
Little bit closer...
Another shot of my mosaic backsplash.

Another shot of my mosaic backsplash.

Okey dokey Artichokes here are more photos of the mosaic backsplash in my lime green kitchen. You can also see the newly painted countertops that I am really proud of. I have wanted new countertops since we moved in 13 years ago, but the original ones just would not die. They were 1979 orange, and that rust color went well with the lime green, but it still dated the kitchen. So paint them I did, with a new product for painting's a wonderful product and very easy to do.

You can tell the spots that still need grouting and yes I will get to it one day...promise.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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docmom writes: LOVE LOVE LOVE your backsplash. Did one in my old house, used broken tea cup (1/2), so I had a place for my jewelery, if I was taking it off for a really messy project...just put it over to the side, so your jewelery doesn't get knocked out and down the drain. I put a half of a small dessert bowl in also, for small parts that might go down the drain, like when washing small bottle lids, salt or pepper shaker lids....Sold that house, and haven't undertaken that project here yet. I had a few bottle caps, an old broken pocket watch, skeleton keys,...not just pottery, glass and fun fun Posted: 5:02 pm on June 25th
snelson4778 writes: what a beautiful job you did Since I have been attempting these mosaics I can truly appreciate the hours you spent doing that. It looks great! I am a true admirer! Posted: 10:30 pm on June 25th
rusticdiva writes: That is wonderful! You could sit there for hours and look at all the little pieces while you're cooking. Beautiful job! Posted: 9:48 am on April 28th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: I love the backsplash. Its so original. When you mentioned that there is a countertop paint, could you tell me the brand? I have red countertops that need a new coat of bright red, they're lacking a shine...Annie Posted: 1:20 am on April 27th
nancat1946 writes: you should be so proud of yourself. very nice. I must admit I'm a wee bit jealous ! Be blessed. Posted: 12:31 am on April 8th
Gadora_Wilder writes: How am I just now seeing this? LOVE! What a snappy job you did. Makes dish-washing loads of fun I imagine. I'm loving that Rustoleum more and more, thank you for sharing. Happy Eating. Posted: 6:06 pm on January 21st
artteachergirl writes: Thanks, and you are matter if we did use the exact same materials there would be no two alike...there's a deep life lesson in there some where:-) I did the mosaic on a bare wall over the lime green paint. I never follow the directions for anything! I used caulking to stick the pieces down, and I was using the grout in a bucket stuff, but they stopped making the color I was using. So I started using the mortar I was using to put stones around my backyard pond...hmmm I need to post that here too:-) Anyway, I love the way the gray mortar looks, but I still need to grout some places with it. I'm glad you liked it and I am really glad it inspired you to do your own. It's not worth having unless you do it yourself...well within reason and ability. This was really easy, work but lots of fun too. Posted: 10:48 pm on January 12th
AnnieC25 writes: This splash back is fantastic. Did you create it on a bare wall or were there tiles already there? What adhesive did you use? You have inspired me - I would like to do the same in my kitchen. It won't be the same, of course, as that's the beauty of mosaics. Even if we had exactly the same materials - it would turn out differently!!
Happy New Year Posted: 4:55 pm on January 11th
Lovingmylife writes: I love the mosaic backsplash! I used to do table tope with old broken tile my husband would bring home from work.( he's a maintanace super for an apt complex) We still have a ton of tiles because they are redoing the old 60's bathrooms.I could do my whole house! LOL! Keep up the great work!
Veronica Posted: 10:35 am on January 11th
junkermidge writes: I love all the junk pieces and little details that you added. But don't worry, I can't see any ungrouted parts. Glad to hear that you repainted the counters, I had heard it could be done and it's good to hear from someone who actually did it.
Midge Posted: 9:50 pm on January 7th
artteachergirl writes: Again, thanks so much! I hope all of you go junkin' into this great new year! It's back to school for me tomorrow, but I'll have Junk Market on my mind and I look forward to enjoying all your projects each day. You inspire me! Posted: 11:55 pm on January 3rd
suewhitney writes: Are we sisters? I didn't know anyone else said Okey, dokey artichoke. Ah haha! Your kitchen is ab the colors! The Rustoleum product is pretty slick, eh? Great job!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:12 am on January 3rd
artteachergirl writes: Thanks Alice...go to the website for the paint and send it to your HB:-) It really is easy...smells, but it's easy! Only took about a day to do all my counters and had a little bit of paint left over...great fix for around $21. Posted: 12:47 am on January 1st
alicemom writes: Your work is really great! I just told my HB about the formica paint. I hope my hint was big and loud enough for him to hear! Have a Happy New Year!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:52 pm on December 31st
MakinItHappen writes: Wow, that was a LOT of work, and your countertops are so great, too. You're the woman!!! Posted: 1:02 pm on December 31st
artteachergirl writes: Well I am humbled, and honored. Many thanks to all of you! I felt I was amongst "junk brethren" the day I hit this site, but little did I know:-) It's good to be with others who get excited over the same junky things you do. I was not sure I could say the name of the counter top paint but here goes...Rustoleum Counter top paint for laminates.Found mine at Lowe's. It is wonderful!! It took me several different tries to hit on the right color to suit me, but that was me not the paint. I went off the wall a bit and chose Olive for one try, and it worked with the lime, believe it or not. But it darkened the kitchen so finally I ended up with Cobblestone. This paint does smell to high heaven though so use lots of ventilation! You have to let it sit for 3 days too. My house is in constant project disarray so we worked with that fairly well, and it is worth it! Everyone has been amazed that I painted over the can not tell it because it adheres so tightly! Probably a technical word for that, but I don't know it. Hope this inspires you to try it!
As for my students...they are all 5-7 years old so they love everything we do in art:-) I feel I am setting the foundation for them to love art, and creating their entire life. I do so many recycling projects they think everybody makes art on Styrofoam, plastic water bottles and cardboard:-)Thanks! Posted: 11:58 am on December 31st
upyourattic writes: Love this ! You are one brave woman! I had bags of broken tiles for this project years ago and I chickened out! Now, after seeing this, I wish I had been courageous and tried it!

Gotta know - what's the name of the countertop paint? This is another project that I've been afraid to try in my laundry area - the laminate is an ugly marble-y thing, but otherwise in good shape so replacing is not an option now!

Thanks for the post and keep up the good work Oh Brave One!

Patti Posted: 11:25 am on December 31st
RustyDiva writes: WOW ~ that looks like it took a lot of time and patience! Great job and thank you for sharing.....the rest of the story. Posted: 11:11 am on December 31st
oldnews writes: Absolutely beautiful! What an undertaking! There is a house in the town of Chico, CA that has the entire front and one side of their house completely mosaic tiled! Next time I'm there I will try to get a pic, it's pretty amazing! I love what you've done to your backsplash though, it is a work of art for sure! If it stops raining soon, I will get a picture of my outdoor picnic table that i mosaic tiled! It looks like we have very similar taste! LOVE YOURS!! Marie Posted: 7:45 am on December 31st
grannijo writes: Soooo Cool!! it!..I too have the 50's counter tops...but to " chicken" to tackle the job!..thanks for sharing more with us!....your inspiration will "inspire" many people....sharon Posted: 6:45 am on December 31st
StrangeCargo writes: Your mosaic backsplash is a work of art! How clever and inspirational to undertake on a large area and in a busy room of your home. I am sure you will get many years of enjoyment from your creative efforts.

We live right near Philadelphia, and their is a mosaic "movement" where artists there do entire sides of buildings and houses in mosaic. Awe inspiring. Check it out!

Again, great job.

Ken Posted: 6:16 am on December 31st
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