"Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

December 30th, 2009 in member junk     
CleverThinker CleverThinker, member
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Photo: by Larry Moad

The stack of mismatched cups (note the different silouette in the handle shapes) and saucers are fixed to the lower book.  The light bulb is at the top of the found percolator, underneath that custom, 4-panel lampshade covered in  the glamore that Jackie was known for- perfect 2-piece suits, styled handbags and understated hats on a red polka-dotted background. And if that wasn't enough, the white elbow-length opera gloves ad to the curiosity of this piece.  Remember, if you pick up the percolator by the handle, the entire piece picks up! 
This tribute was a lot of fun to put together!  Built on a repurposed lamp frame with the base covered by an inverted turquoise bowl;there is another inverted green bowl and saucer in the front.  The book titles are "What Would Jackie Do?" "The President is Coming to Lunch" and "Why Not Everything?"
 I think Jackie would be proud- even though her life was much more than this. Line switch; titled, signed and dated.

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oldnews writes: I have to tell you that I think your work is absolutely amazing! Each lamp that you do is a piece of art in itself, and then the story that each one tells is just genius! I hope your work takes off, because it is wonderful! Posted: 7:08 pm on March 24th
CleverThinker writes: @pofolks-- the wiring goes thru the books and the percolator to the bulb at the top (thru a donor lamp frame with the base covered by a small melmac bowl). There is no wiring in the cups and saucers--they're dirlled and bolted to the books separately.

Glad you like it!

Larry Posted: 1:46 pm on March 4th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: awesome lamp. I was wondering how the cord was threaded through all the cups? Posted: 12:35 pm on February 6th
CleverThinker writes: Thanks GailMarie! I think this year being a perfect '10' I will venture out to the galleries and see what I can drum up. I've never really thought of my stuff as something that would work in a gallery....when I think of gallery, I think of stuff more upscale and sophisticated, not my goofy lamps. I know it creates a mood, stimulates conversation and makes people smile.....so I guess that really is right in line with the purpose of a gallery.

That's where the therapy of JMS comes in....helps us build the confidence to take that first step to meet face to face with a gallery owner and just put it out there. Posted: 11:48 am on January 2nd
monakent writes: Larry, I am loving your work immensely and am enjoying your extra comments as well. I may suggest getting yourself into an art gallery, as your work shows true originally and much creativity. Besides your website, there is also esty.com on-line, that is for handmade items. This appears to be a good site for many fine and talented artists. (I haven't started selling my work there yet, as I need to build up my stock, plus I am in one art gallery at the moment, with another one of great potential in the upcoming Spring.)

Can't wait to see more of your fine work and witty humor that appears to go with each and every piece!!! gailmarie Posted: 6:39 pm on December 31st
RustyDiva writes: Very chic! I think Jackie would be honored. Posted: 11:19 am on December 31st
CleverThinker writes: I search high and low for books....always at second hand stores, thrift shops and yard sales. I look for titles that are odd....or funny....or might have a double meaning. I have sort of a running list (in my mind only) of the types of books in the shelves at home, and then put them together by a theme or story as I bring them home.

At this point, I've sold most of them by word of mouth. My website (www.CoffeeTimeLamps.com) is now up online and about two months old. I have done a few flea markets, had a couple of them in a coffee shop in Hermosa Beach (near Venice Beach in Southern California). The flea markets get interest, but most people are looking for a great $200 find for $12--so they move on. Being in LA, there are a lot of shop owners, designers and people in the movie industry that look for interesting things for their own projects. I keep cards in my wallet and a little 'brag book' of the lamps with me when I go out...if I find someone or someplace that looks like it could be a good match, I talk em up!!

The magic in breathing new life into this old discarded stuff happens is really a re-birth for those items. Something that may have come off an assembly line in the thousands.....now is a one of a kind, personalized special piece that creates a mood or starts a conversation. I'm glad you enjoy my work! Thanks for your notes!!! Posted: 9:29 pm on December 30th
monakent writes: I LOVE this one!!! It is truly amazing to me, that you are able to find "just the right books" for your work.

Where do you sell your pieces? I wish you much success. gailmarie Posted: 8:27 pm on December 30th
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