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January 10th, 2010 in member junk     
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My husband and I love this soda made in Kentucky.  We recently moved into a small place temporarily and had no room for a big Christmas tree.  So I desided to recycle our favorite drinks into a unique tree.  The base is an old crate that use to belong to my husband's great-grandfather.  We just love this little guy! (Sorry this post is after the season, I am a new member and it took me two weeks to get the pictures to work).

Pattern or design used: My own design
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CoffeeLady writes: Thanks for all of the friendly "welcomes". I look forward to seeing everyone else's winter projects. And to answer LuAnn's question, I used that wonderful product, Gorilla glue. First I used an old cabinet door from a kitchen remodel and glued down a row of bottles (I went heavier on the glue at this part to make a stable base). Then I built on that by adding two tiny drops of the glue (so the foam was not showing or overtaking the piece) at 1-2 O'clock on the left base bottle and 2 drops at 11 o'clock on the right base bottle, and then placed a bottle on top of them. I kept building up as each level dried. Then I was able to pick the piece up by the cabinet door base and set it on the antique crate. After I posted, I saw some other giant trees on the internet made of wine bottles that were standing up, but I had not seen any made with the bottle on the side. I hope these directions helped. Posted: 8:04 pm on January 19th
suelovesjunk writes: this is gorgeous...what a smart kid you are! Posted: 9:38 pm on January 11th
Prior writes: Great! would love to see it shine in person. Lezlee Posted: 9:25 pm on January 11th
LuAnn writes: Welcome to this awesome site.

Your project is great. How did you keep these bottles altogether? It would be fun to try making one of these.

LuAnn Posted: 4:31 pm on January 10th
alicemom writes: We all (well most of us) know how hard it can be to post. Welcome the JMS. Now that you have the hang of it we will be looking forward to seeing more goodies.
smiles, alice Posted: 3:54 pm on January 10th
chippingcharm writes: Very creative! Laurel Posted: 3:53 pm on January 10th
oldnews writes: What a cool tree! I love it, and it's never too late to see something beautiful! Very original idea! Marie Posted: 12:30 pm on January 10th
MakinItHappen writes: Looks neat. Great idea! Posted: 10:23 am on January 10th
suewhitney writes: No need to be sorry, my friend. It can be Christmas every day of the year here at JMS. Ah haha! Welcome to JMS...I'm sorry you had trouble posting, but glad you got it to work. This is a wonderful idea and beautifully done. Thanks so much for sharing! Have e fun on the site and I look forward to more of your creations. happy New Year!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:00 am on January 10th
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