Glass Conservatory-By Request

October 1st, 2008 in member junk     
LuAnn LuAnn, member
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Finished project
Top windows from the side
Front view of top with braces.
Interior shelves.  One used as the floor.
Front door.
Finished project

Finished project

These are pictures of the glass conservatory I purchased at an Estate Sale this summer for next to nothing!  It is made of out old wooden windows.  Construction looks simple by attaching 3 same size windows for the sides and attaching the same size as a door.  2 Shelves were added and nailed to the 3 sides.  The roof is 2 same size windows attached to a square wood piece and braces then screwed to the top of the sides.  It can be dressed up any way you choose.  I'm still working on my design.

Pattern or design used: Builder Unknown
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eliz2nd writes: this would make a great cold frame for harding off seedlings in the early spring its very cool Posted: 9:22 am on January 29th
LuAnn writes: Thanks everyone for the kind words. They are truly appreciated.

I can't really bring this in the house--no room on main level and won't fit up the stair case. I plan on putting my garden art and planters in there this winter BUT in the spring comes the big plans of putting plants on the top shelf and not sure about the bottom shelf yet. Still trying to think of ideas to decorate--(i.e. chandilier or other light source; door knob, outside decorations). Thanks for the idea of using a wheeled art to move this around--could come in handy when changing the look of my back deck.

Thanks again!!

LuAnn Posted: 3:24 pm on October 3rd
bigdonald writes: you are so lucky.this is exsakly what i need/looking for.i wish i could find some old windows.
bigdonald Posted: 1:57 pm on October 3rd
junkinhart writes: I'm trying to find the windows too! For maneuvering -- how about a little cart like the one Chovey "Some Fun Decorating"
has under the suitcases? The wheels could be sort of hidden by putting them back a little further, or find some really cool looking ones.........just a thought I had, as I have to move everything all the time for a new look and cannot imagine lugging that thing...... Posted: 12:26 pm on October 3rd
CottageElements writes: Hi, LuAnn. What a great find! I'd love to see how you use it. Do you use it for plants, or will you use it as a cabinet? And almost free? Wow!

Lani Posted: 11:57 pm on October 2nd
LuAnn writes: Glad I could help. Can't wait to see yours. Mine is heavy also. It took my nephew and the JH just to bring it around back and up to the deck. Good luck.

LuAnn Posted: 7:36 pm on October 2nd
georgiamoon writes: LuAnn, I have been in the back for the last hour trying to come up with a conservatory. I have windows laid out all over the place but I think I found enough of the same kind to get started. It will be a shorter, wider version of yours but I might be able to come up with some kind of base for it. It will probably weigh a ton but what the heck, I'll have a conservatory. Thank you for posting your wonderful photos and making me want something very badly that I didn't even know I wanted! wish me luck...Geo Posted: 7:29 pm on October 2nd
LuAnn writes: I could move this in but it's rather bulky and hard to maneuver but it is an idea.


PS Thanks for all the good comments Posted: 6:16 pm on October 2nd
italianpeasant writes: LuAnn, cool conservatory, can you put it inside & decorate it? Posted: 10:03 am on October 2nd
shabbychick writes: LuAnn - you were SO lucky to find your conservatory. And there are so many possibilities for decorating it... I have a large tabletop one in my house that I change out (I have strung some clear Christmas lights across the roof), - right now its got its vintage beach look (which I hate to part with because that officially means summer is over - well, I guess it is about that time, huh???), then I'll do something different between now and Thanksgiving - then it will be filled with bits of my vintage Christmas collection - figurines, snowmen, trees, cards, bulbs, etc..., then I'll change it out just before Valentine's Day to a bit of spring (bunnies, etc...) - to get rid of the winter's fun to "play with" and everyone loves to check out the changes. (will have to post some pics) I'd love to have a large one in my garden...hmmmm maybe next year...

Kathy Posted: 9:00 am on October 2nd
suewhitney writes: Leave it to Georgia! I am always smiling when I'm on the site! This is a wonderful conservatory. Thanks LuLu!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 8:51 am on October 2nd
MimiToria writes: Very cool conservatory. I can't believe anyone would sell it for next to nothing. It looks like a lot of windows & doors to create this awesome piece, not counting all the time someone had to put into making it as well. Some people are just crazy. It was a great find LuAnn. Lucky you!
Gretchen Posted: 8:42 pm on October 1st
LuAnn writes: No I don't mind being called LuLu--as a kid I was called "Little LuLu"--like the comic. May try the Christmas scene--good idea. You could make one of these for yourself.

Talk soon my friend
LuAnn Posted: 7:18 pm on October 1st
georgiamoon writes: you hate to be called that? I like it. I love your conservatory. I think you are the only person I know that has one. Very chic. I think it would look so cute with different colors of flowers in it for the summer/spring . Or how about a Christmas scene inside with lights and lots of neat junk pieces with a wintery feel. Oh if only I had a conservatory, I would be the happiest girl on earth. Big sigh...georgia Posted: 7:08 pm on October 1st
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