Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

December 22nd, 2009 in member junk     
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Santa is bringing so much to my house that he needed a shopping cart!  NOT - its completely stuffed with bubble wrap! 
Part of my collection of vintage tinsel and ornament boxes ... I love the graphics on these with no big store words or plastic or trendy designer names!
THe old tree stand with white glass lamp globe just looks like a shopper to me!  Do you see her (the turn screws look like arms...)OK, I promise I didnt hit the egg nog already :)
Ive moved things on this side at least 5 times - this is where we usually stack our incoming/outgoing mail and hubby keeps wanting to still throw it there - NOT!
Tinsel boxes - Im amazed at how heavy this old foil and lead tinsel is and that it molds just like aluminum foil...its heavy, too!
Santa is bringing so much to my house that he needed a shopping cart!  NOT - its completely stuffed with bubble wrap! 

Santa is bringing so much to my house that he needed a shopping cart!  NOT - it's completely stuffed with bubble wrap! 

Thought I'd share my collection of vintage ornament, ornament hanger and tinsel boxes.  I think I must have been a graphic designer in a previous life because I'm so attracted to the vintage pictures.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year!

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shabbychick writes: I love it all too! And your shopping cart (I want that!!!) haha! I was out shopping with a friend last week, and we passed by an antique store with an old shopping cart in the window (very similar to yours - and I wanted it on the spot...), but when I looked a little had a "sold" tag on it! Some lucky shopper beat me to it - oh well - there's always tomorrow! :)

You've got a great collection - thanks for sharing it with us!

Merry Christmas,

Kathy Posted: 3:09 pm on December 23rd
oldnews writes: Fun! I remember most of it from my youth! I guess I'm dating myself...but I loved hanging the tinsel 1 strand at a time per my mom's specific instructions! Our trees were silvery works of art! I'd never have the patience now! Marie Posted: 11:05 pm on December 22nd
Prior writes: Love it all...Lezlee Posted: 9:58 pm on December 22nd
georgiamoon writes: Oh yeah, Fantastic shopping cart too!!!! Posted: 6:17 pm on December 22nd
georgiamoon writes: Wow wow wow you gotcha some great stuff there. Can you imagine how many of these lovely boxes were just thrown away? Good for you for saving so many, Georgia Posted: 6:17 pm on December 22nd
MakinItHappen writes: I LOVE these! So cool. Posted: 6:04 pm on December 22nd
chippingcharm writes: Funn collections...agree, vintage graphics are the best :) Laurel Posted: 4:47 pm on December 22nd
alicemom writes: IT's the globes for me! I love the vintage Christmas BUT the globes are super!
smiles, alice Posted: 2:42 pm on December 22nd
roadtriplouise writes: To my amazement I have the same Treasury of Christmas Stories, from my childhood collection. You have lots of great treasures.
Posted: 1:35 pm on December 22nd
illiniCowgirl writes: your desk area is beautiful! Posted: 11:31 am on December 22nd
54girl writes: Great displays! I of course like all your tinsel boxes displayed. I think I even see a few I don't have. Love your shopping cart display. I have one too that gets dressed up for the different holidays and is like the one Jim had posted. Wish I had room for it in the house like you have. It really looks cute in the corner! Mary Posted: 11:15 am on December 22nd
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