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December 20th, 2009 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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I know you can purchase clear rocks for use in your vases, but why buy when you can reuse. 
I started with two strands of tangled lights with a few broken bulbs.  But why throw it all away when you can repurpose part of it.
So  I removed all the intact bulbs . . .
And found a large vintage jar amongst my many stashed away items.  And when I say many, I mean many.  Just ask my hubby!  LOL!
I grabbed some birch twigs and some glittered twigs I already had. 
All I needed now was some items for a little extra embellishment.  Greens, ribbon and vintage ornaments.  Hey, Im really getting into the ribbon and greens thingy.  Whatcha think, Sue?  You impressed?  Ha!
So here you go.  An arrangement made from discarded items, and items laying around the house.  Not bad heh? 
I think the vase looks great in my kitchen.  Whatcha think about the marshmellows in the vase?  Lucky I dont have any mice around (I have three cats)!
I know you can purchase clear rocks for use in your vases, but why buy when you can reuse. 

I know you can purchase clear rocks for use in your vases, but why buy when you can reuse. 

I had an accident.  Oops . . . the wind blew my outdoor tree over and bulbs on the string of lights broke.  This caused the entire string of lights to no longer work.  I could just throw the whole strand away.  But that's when a light bulb (pun intended) went off in my head.  Hmmmm...I have an idea...

Pattern or design used: My own design - Lanette of Cottage Elements
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MimiToria writes: How fun is this? I think Sue and her light bulb post earlier this month has us all thinking in a new light. lol My dh had a burnt out light bulb on his motorcycle tail light and I salvaged it for a future project too. Wouldn't of thought to do that last month.
This is quite fun Lani and makes one think about using simple things in our decorating as well as salvaging stuff we'd normally just be throwing out.
Posted: 9:31 am on December 24th
RustyDiva writes: Great way to think on your feet! Your arrangements turned out beautiful!

Kenda Posted: 11:27 pm on December 22nd
alicemom writes: Lani,
What a hoot! Love you had the oops! Sorry for the loos But really good save! The mellows are just the best! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
smiles, alice Posted: 8:29 pm on December 20th
junkermidge writes: Oh, so very cool. I love how all the textures work together to create such a great look. And it all happened by "accident". Cool.
Midge Posted: 8:04 pm on December 20th
oldnews writes: Very creative! What a great way to save them from a landfill and have something beautiful to show for it! Marie Posted: 7:19 pm on December 20th
shabbychick writes: Lani - this is just TOO clever...the lightbulbs look great, and the marshmallows are too "sweet"! I love what you did with all of it - and it DOES look wonderful in your kitchen!

Thanks for sharing your "oops" with us!

Kathy Posted: 7:05 pm on December 20th
roadtriplouise writes: Great reuse Lani. I love how you decorate. Thanks for sharing your house on the home tour. We loved it.
Ann Posted: 4:43 pm on December 20th
54girl writes: I love the marshmallow jar. Would love to do this but I think my grandkids would be in it trying to eat them. Cute ideas! Posted: 4:40 pm on December 20th
SnowmanHill writes: Great idea Lani, I did this too, except I used the old big colored bulbs, as hubby bought LED lights this year. Love the marshmallows, so fun!

Merry Christmas!
dana Posted: 4:24 pm on December 20th
JunkArchitect writes: Lani, I’m looking for the “Buy it Now” button. Who else could have come up with such a clever holiday project using marshmallows and light bulbs.

Posted: 3:59 pm on December 20th
MakinItHappen writes: Ooooh, nice!!! Makes my creative wheels start turning... Posted: 2:17 pm on December 20th
monakent writes: GREAT idea Lani. LOVE the fact that you didn't automatically toss out the lights strands, just because they weren't working (like so many other people would have). The look is awesome. I cracked up when I saw you had used marshmallows too....ingenous!!! gailmarie Posted: 1:41 pm on December 20th
bluebucket writes: The marshmallows and light bulbs are a fabulous idea. Love your display. Merry Christmas.
doreen Posted: 1:27 pm on December 20th
illiniCowgirl writes: I love the light bulbs! What a cool idea. Posted: 1:17 pm on December 20th
fellowjunker writes: This IS a great idea Lani....love it!!
Merry Christmas.
xojanis Posted: 1:12 pm on December 20th
chippingcharm writes: This is a great idea...you are so clever :) Laurel Posted: 10:49 am on December 20th
byabpryor writes: That is uber cool. You could also use packing peanuts instead of marshmellos.. LOL

Absolutly FAB idea!

Ang Posted: 10:07 am on December 20th
grannijo writes: Lani...you are one talented lady!...love this...really think the marshmallows are a great idea!...love them in your kitchen!...thanks for sharing!!...sharon Posted: 9:48 am on December 20th
Prior writes: oh, I love everything you do, and so I love this, too. It is great to reuse the bulbs as filler. Lezlee Posted: 9:38 am on December 20th
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