A Rusted Development

August 27th, 2018 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Outside or in this bucket of sunflowers is a delightful fall display.
The stripes on the side add a nice touch.
Thar she blows! A big rusty paint can. Its a thing of beauty isnt it?
Paper options at craft stores have reached an all time best. I love paper!! This project is a two sheeter.
Spray back of paper with 3M sprayment.
Apply paper to can and smoth out the wrinkles quickly. The glue dries fast!
Measure and cut ribbon to size. Spray with sprayment and apply.
And there you have it.
Outside or in this bucket of sunflowers is a delightful fall display.

Outside or in this bucket of sunflowers is a delightful fall display.

This old paint can, dug out of the snow was first used for Junk Beautiful, Out door Edition on a winter entryway. Just to show how versatile junk can be I changed it up for fall. You'll have to wait for the book to see how it was used during the snowy season.

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Comments (5)

Chovey writes: Very nice!! Love the use of the colors!
cynthia Posted: 2:32 pm on October 13th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Your project title just cracked me up Sue! You are such an excellent writer.

I like the ease of this project. Quick and simple...love that.

Candy Posted: 9:31 pm on October 11th
georgiamoon writes: Sue this is the most beautiful paint can I have ever seen. Josh, that paper sure is neato. I love the way this turned out and am going to stop by the craft store for some. I can think of a million things I would like to cover with that. Thanks Sue for another great project idea. Love you, gogo Posted: 6:08 pm on October 11th
suewhitney writes: Hi Ann,

Thanks so much. It shouldn't take too much time to rust! The new book comes out on March 31, 2009. I just finished the final edits and I just can't wait. It's really fun! Ypu can check out the cover and pre-order on www.amazon.com.

Have a great day!
Sue Posted: 3:03 pm on October 10th
roadtriplouise writes: This is really neat, would of never guessed it was a paint can. I have a paint can in my garage right now, I'll have to set it out to rust. When is the new book coming out?
Love the ideas on this site.
Ann Posted: 2:56 pm on October 10th
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