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November 28th, 2009 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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An antique chalkboard - all raggedy and well used.  The wooden candle holder was made just for me by my friends at The Bittersweet Cabin...  Im so thankful for good friends!
A few of my favorite pieces of junk put together for the holiday.  The pedestal is an old stand that I attached a piece of roof slate to, and the piece of pottery is one that Ive had isnt marked, but is a delicate piece with a maple leaf shape to it...Ive never seen another one like it (and dont ya love the color?). 
I found the old rusty test tube holder at a shop in Georgia on my vacation in February - our own Miss Candy supplied me with some glass cigar cases to complete the look.  The little spikey balls were retrieved from a friends yard...forget what theyre called - but theyre so cool (I think Ill spray some silver or glitter them for Christmas!).
Arent they cool?  Gioni - if youre out there, I know you know what these spikey things are... :)
And a few extras - an old scoop, and other assorted junk (nothing is safe in my house...).
These little pilgrims were a school project for my daughter - just a few years ago!  And the pottery belonged to my husbands grandmother...I love the colors...
OK - I know youre going to love this just as much as I do...  I found this hay unloader at a fleamarket recently - its my new favorite piece of junk!  And, after I got it, I realized it was originally made a few miles from where I live...
The metal piece underneath is the top of a bread drawer from an old Hoosier cabinet (I see a magnet board in my future though...)
Well, well...wheres Cinderella when you need her?  This looks like its just her style!
I just love the rusty-crustiness of this!
There are lots of possibilities for this -  any ideas???  Upside down or right side up...not really sure which is which...  (But I think it ran on a rail or something...)
Well...heres one idea (turn it upside down) - a recipe book holder...ok, now that reminds me - Ive got some baking to do!!!  
An antique chalkboard - all raggedy and well used.  The wooden candle holder was made just for me by my friends at The Bittersweet Cabin...  Im so thankful for good friends!

An antique chalkboard - all raggedy and well used.  The wooden candle holder was made just for me by my friends at The Bittersweet Cabin...  I'm so thankful for good friends!

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, here a couple displays in my dining room.  (and a few pieces of my favorite junk)

Wishing you all a blessed holiday - with lots of fun and food with family and friends (and maybe a little football too)!




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shabbychick writes: Thanks all for your comments and wishes for the holiday. We spent our Thanksgiving at home with our daughter - the time went wayyy to fast. Hope your holiday was wonderful as well.

We're back from our show in Columbus - it all went great - sold LOTS of clocks - clock update on my blog...

The hay unloader really is cool - and now I'll have to figure out how to use it for Christmas! ( need to come and junk in Ohio - I got it for a mere $10 - however, we might have to search the state for another one - but I think we'd be up to the task!!)

Well...time to get the Christmas tree out - and all that other "junk"! (and get caught up on posts too!)


Posted: 4:39 pm on November 30th
RustyDiva writes: Awesome display Kathy! I join the fan club of the hay loader too. Hope your holiday was wonderful!

Kenda Posted: 12:41 pm on November 30th
italianpeasant writes: THOSE MY DEAR ARE GUM BALLS FROM MY VERY OWN FRONT YARD :) NEED MORE? GIO Posted: 3:50 pm on November 29th
roadtriplouise writes: Love the table display! The corn husks dolls, oh I so rememeber making them as a youngster. Posted: 11:54 pm on November 28th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: KATHY,
What a beautiful arrangement.You know we have so much to be thankful for. Even though I don't have the talent like you all have, Its amazing the Love and the graditude that everyone has.I can feel it through this computer. I'm serious abot this.I was gone for the holiday for I have buddies who like to hunt so when I got home I just had to read what everyone put on.It really brought tears to my eyes on so many nice compliments.Kathy you have some nice displays.LOVE&BLESSINGS ROBERT. Posted: 11:37 pm on November 28th
alicemom writes: Kathy,
I love the hay ditty as the recipe holder. It is fabs! Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful as you!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:30 pm on November 28th
MimiToria writes: Love the hay unloader and ballon top of it in the one photo. Just send them on over. lol
Hope you had a nice day for Thanksgiving.
Gretchen Posted: 5:15 pm on November 28th
oldnews writes: Ilove all your beautiful junk! It's always fun to see what everyone else does and your posts are always wonderful! Thanks!! Marie Posted: 3:00 pm on November 28th
georgiamoon writes: Kathy a great bunch of junk to be sure but the hay un-loader thingy is my favorite. I had my eye on one at the swap meet but the guy wanted waaaay to much $$$ for it. Each week it went down a little but never enough for me..obviously enough for someone else though cause it was gone one day! Oh well...someday I will have one. Let me know what you come up with to do with it ...I never knew, I just knew I wanted it. A lovely, warm, and homey display of great junk, Georgia Posted: 1:06 pm on November 28th
suewhitney writes: Hi Kath,

I hope you and the family had a fabu Thanksgiving. I too am thankful for you and your creative ways. Love the hay roller...awesome!!!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 12:06 pm on November 28th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Totally fabulous post! I'm thankful for you and your creativity! Now get to that baking!! :)


Posted: 12:00 pm on November 28th
JunkArchitect writes:
Kathy, you’ve created another beautiful post with tons of great junk. Thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Jim Posted: 11:16 am on November 28th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Beautiful...everything is so Cinderella's coach! Those spikey balls...from the sweetgum tree! Posted: 10:45 am on November 28th
Grasshopper22 writes: Very nice...I like the spikey globe things!! I
wonder what type of plant they are. Posted: 7:38 am on November 28th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Kathy,
Whoa,...that unloader thingy is amazing!!! Love the different ways you have used it. Your fall displays look wonderful.
xojanis Posted: 6:01 am on November 28th
grannijo writes: usual your display's are to die for!!!!...such talent!...your "hay loader" is soooo neat...upside down stuff is always neat!...hope you had a nice thanksgiving..our family was blessed with a very nice day...thanks for sharing!!!...sharon Posted: 5:55 am on November 28th
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