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September 26th, 2008 in member junk     
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These are some photos of a flea market I was at recently. It was my first time as a vendor. It went pretty well and I had a great time. I was wondering does one go about successfully merchandising at a sale? What makes a good display? What makes an effective display that draws people in? Does it matter? What can I do to improve?

There are more photos of the sale on my blog if those will help give you a better overall picture. Any helpful advice would be appreciated!

Pattern or design used: My own design - ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage
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tomyzgurl6 writes: Hi Amy, I think your booth looks awesome. The first thing that I noticed was the table cloth that you used to display on. I am thinking that you aren't really interested in selling that so I am wondering if a table cover that doesn't compete with your merchandise would help? Elisabeth Posted: 11:29 am on March 27th
CottageElements writes: Hi, Amy! I think display to me is very important. It draws people to your booth. And I like all the input Georgia gave on how she displays . . . like items with like items, clever uses for them, etc. But you also have to have what people want and prices that are reasonable. You can have the best looking booth, but if your prices are too high, you may not sell as well. Glad to see you've taken the plung, best wishes!

Lanette @ Cottage Elements Posted: 1:04 pm on September 30th
MimiToria writes: Alvn- Just visited your blog/site and enjoyed reading your posts. Love the photos of your dining room area.
Check out the post I left for you under the "Hunt & Gather" posting regarding the sale Sue and Kimberly went to. I hope it helps.
Gretchen Posted: 7:57 pm on September 28th
csudderth writes: Think your display looks great! I struggle with displaying too (I don't sell, but at my home). I'll work and work on a display and then my sister comes in and moves a few things around and it looks great. Guess as long as she's around I won't have to worry about it. Keep up the good work!
Christy Posted: 8:56 pm on September 27th
Chovey writes: I like your display! it is very shopper-friendly!!
cynthia Posted: 3:34 pm on September 27th
georgiamoon writes: Hi there. I have to do this on a daily basis in my shop and sometimes it is a little daunting. I try to group like items together, such as : by color, by style...rustic, industrial, shabby, etc. Also by uses like which room it could go in, like the kitchen, bathroom, garden and arrange the items like they would go together in that room. Try to put something in that scenario that doesn't actually have that intended use but could be used in that adds interest and creativity. Another thing is to make a vignette...a chair, with a small table, add a book, a teacup, some old glasses, a throw...kinda like someone just got up from sitting there. Hope these ideas help. It really is a matter of trial and error and just trying different things until it looks pleasing. You learn by doing and by asking for advice. I do that all the time. If one of my super creative friends comes in or calls I will ask them what they would do...just like you did. Good luck, you are on the right track and no one knows everything right off the bat, so just keep experimenting. Have fun, Georgia Posted: 1:34 pm on September 27th
italianpeasant writes: i visited your blog, great site, wish i had time to add to mine :) when i set up a display i try to make it look like it would as a display in the home or garden & also on your hang tags, put what the items can be used for e.g. an old advertising box: towel holder, remote holder,toilet paper,magazine......i use those big shipping tags & tea stain them quick in the micro, so there's enough room to write ideas :) Posted: 8:53 pm on September 26th
LuAnn writes: I'm not real good at merchandising but loved what you've done. I'd make a bee-line straight to your booth!!

LuAnn Posted: 8:05 pm on September 26th
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