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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Now this does not look like architectural salvage to me. Artisan creations are found in abundance at West End. A simple shoe form becomes a photo holder with a vintage hair roller, a coat hanger heel, and other fancy frills. Love!!
The man behind the fabulousness...Don Short. He and his band of merry men and women have created a place that offers a whole lot more than architectural salvage. I call it the Cheers of the architectural salvage stores....Where everybody knows your name and youre always glad you came!
One more peek at the shoe forms...this one with a drawer pull buckle.
AT the front door we were greeted by an ab fab service station advertising sign.
Pretty colors will always draw me in. Ceiling tin, leaded glass, stained glass, and of course a sled! Everything is well organized without becoming regimented. In every corner you can expect to find the unexpected. Now thats what I call a shopping experience
Of course they have baubles and jewels.While I was there the creative ladies of the house were busy multi-tasking ....running the floor, the coffee shop, and making their wares all at the same time. This is a little key chain, but there is much, much more to be found.
I love this wall. Theyre giving back at West End Salvage. Don has been involved in a few projects with Memory Care Units for Alzheimers patients. These boards are created from everyday salvage materials like muffin tins, towel holders, and faucet handles intended to evoke memories of day to day living.
This little pink number is too cool for school or the office. If retro is your game they have you covered.
Ahhh, yes the stuff in the rough. You know me I headed for the back room where some very good junkables are awaiting transformations. Don and I had a great time discussing what these babies would become and after brief dilberation I think we came up with a winning idea! A few recycled boards, some hangers on the back and poof you have a rustic wall unit. Yeah...great for the holidays!
Lighting, lighting, and more lighting. If youre remodeling, building, or just sprucing up your home vintage lighting is always a good choice.
My favorite find of the day....amazingly enough, its not round. Hahaha! I guess the coolness factor won out over shape. This is an exray viewer from days gone by, but I think it would be a fetching frame...dont you?
For all of us who are scroungers, diggers, and hands and knees crawlers, West End Salvage has the goods to do it yourself.
Now this does not look like architectural salvage to me. Artisan creations are found in abundance at West End. A simple shoe form becomes a photo holder with a vintage hair roller, a coat hanger heel, and other fancy frills. Love!!

Now this does not look like architectural salvage to me. Artisan creations are found in abundance at West End. A simple shoe form becomes a photo holder with a vintage hair roller, a coat hanger heel, and other fancy frills. Love!!

My good friend Don Short and his salvage mates have put together something very special in Des Moines, Iowa. It all began as an architecural store, but has gwown into a destination shopping haven where there is...most assuredly, something for everyone, In addition to four floors of salvaged goodness there is a full service coffee bar,vintage inspired clothing, and you can also rent this very cool warehouse pad for your special occassion. Other pluses? If you need something custom made for your home, turnkey artwork, or baubles just because...you're good to go. All this is great, but for me the best part is walking through the door and being welcomed home as if you really do live there. West End Salvage is a must see hot spot so if you're in Des Moines make sure to stop in and say hiddy ho and don't take anything Don says too seriously. You can tell him I said that! Here's the skinny: 


West End Architectural Salvage

22 SW 9th St
Des Moines, IA 50309-4310
(515) 243-4405


Open 10 AM to 4 PM daily.

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sandyrae writes: I love this place. You fall in love everytime you walk in. I live 2 hours from DesMoines but always stop whenever I am in town. A must see for every junk lover out there! Posted: 8:47 am on March 23rd
SantaClaus writes: Love all the photos - I'm partial to the shoe forms! Posted: 7:30 am on March 4th
oldnews writes: OH WOW. What's left to say? What an amazing place! Marie Posted: 12:49 pm on December 29th
Dolilulu writes: WOW I've driven past and now know that I can stop! I'm less than an hour away. Posted: 12:25 pm on October 28th
writes: Ok, this place looks too fun! I wish I was closer... Posted: 12:31 am on October 28th
CottageElements writes: Love, love, love this place! And Don is a hoot and a half! It is a definite must place to visit if you are in Des Moines. Let him know your a JUNKMARKET member and I'm sure he'll give you special treatment. Wish I was finishing off my basement. You'd find lots of cool counters for a bar, amongst a lot of other cool things. Wish this place was just closer to me :(

Lani Posted: 11:13 pm on October 27th
artchick writes: I have been buying the bulk of my wonderful antiques for our jewelry studio and gallery in Mesa, AZ from Don for years. He is the best kept secret in Des Moines. Last year my husband and I took a 20 foot trailer to West End and loaded
it with wonderful treasures to bring back to AZ for the gallery.
I recently sent my husband back to see Don. I had my list of
items I needed and as always, Don had the perfect treasure in
his wonderful "funk yard". If you are in the midwest, West End is a must see!! Posted: 2:49 pm on October 27th
BeckyW writes: You always have such great places to visit in midwest and easterly areas of the U.S. Any of your members have great locations such as this one in the Pacific Northwest? One place in this area closed up so looking for new stomping grounds. Posted: 2:23 pm on October 27th
RustyDiva writes: Looks like my kind of joint!!!!!

K Posted: 11:19 am on October 27th
shabbychick writes: Oh, Sue - it looks like a wonderful place to visit - and spend a day! I love the shoe forms, and the colors of the ceiling tins are fabulous!

So, you found a couple things, right? The x-ray viewer...and??

Thanks for giving us the tour!

Kathy Posted: 11:16 pm on October 26th
roadtriplouise writes: Ive been here, this is an awesome place?? Posted: 8:47 pm on October 26th
monakent writes: Okay, sing with me if you know this tune:

I'm in heaven.....
I'm in heaven as I look at all your junk...."

WOW!!! This would sure be a place I would have a BLAST at!!! OMG, what a cool place to shop. Sure wish Milwaukee had a place like this. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us all. gailmarie Posted: 4:39 pm on October 26th
suewannabeinkc writes: I was thinking (again) that MN has all the best junk - until I saw that this junker's paradise is much closer than that. Definitely worth a weekend trip! (and a stop on the way at Jim's Antiques in Bethany, MO. Lots of salvaged "junk" OUTSIDE. Too bad it was closed the day we were passing through...)
I'm very impressed by their memory boards. Who would think that something so simple (and decorative) could help an Alzheimer's patient regain some memories? It's quite decorative too!
Thanks for telling us about this great place! Hopefully there'll be something left when I can get there! LOL
Joanne Posted: 3:18 pm on October 26th
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