"Emerging from the JunkYard" and Designing for a Cause

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These frames were gold to start but nothing like a little upgrade with spray paint.  I wanted funky artwork so I hung tools for a 3-D effect. I borrowed a Cricut again to cut out the letters (I think I know what I am asking for at Xmas!)
Here are the bones of the room.  I ended up using wallpaper I found in the store vs. painting.  These puppies just suck up the paint! 
The main piece in my room before...
Lamps and cart before a painted makeover
So, Goldilocks didnt like the way these chairs looked so I repainted them and added a small detail.  Check the other photos for the after shots. 
The grab bars are now fabric remnant holders, the chair and sewing machine were painted.  I added the # on the chair just because.  The art is a rubber welcome mat that I used as a stencil for the cabinet you can see in another photo and then repurpose it for my art.
The cart and the lights painted along with the ugly sofa that was recovered.
Check out my tea lights...and of course the JunkMarketstyle Magazine on display too for Little Miss Sue Who.
My industrial vase, not sure what this if for...
The side of my workbench is my favorite.  The pencil holder and paint brush holder are outdoor lights turned upside down.  I took out the socket part.  Check out the old brown level that I put hooks on to hang stuff, like a paint bucket full of flowers.
The desk is an old door and I added legs.  Goldilocks now likes these chairs much better.  She sat in chair #1!  It was just right.  The before and after pix were clothespinned to an old crib spring.
I finally finished after many, many hours of DIY and sweat.  I even had 3 hours to spare!  Check out the wall cabinet behind me.  That is what I painted using the rubber welcome mat displayed in the other photo.
These frames were gold to start but nothing like a little upgrade with spray paint.  I wanted funky artwork so I hung tools for a 3-D effect. I borrowed a Cricut again to cut out the letters (I think I know what I am asking for at Xmas!)

These frames were gold to start but nothing like a little upgrade with spray paint.  I wanted funky artwork so I hung tools for a 3-D effect. I borrowed a Cricut again to cut out the letters (I think I know what I am asking for at Xmas!)

Photo: www.downhomediy.blogspot.com

This was my second year participating in the Habitat for Humanity Charity Designer Event.  It helps raise money to build houses for the less fortunate.  If you like HGTV's Design Star White Room Challenge Event, you'll love this one even more.  They give us three particle board walls and let us loose in the local Habitat Restore.  We shop the store to find items to repurpose, refinish and refresh.

I won the judges choice award!  Can I get a whoop whoop?  They liked how I cleverly repurposed items.  I had my JunkMarketSTyle magazine on display to share where I get inspiration from...hopefully I recruited some new members and sold of few magazines for Sue.

I designed a Craft/Workshop room.  My colors were white, gray and celery green.  So, here is my story so you can se how my room "emerged from the junkyard" as Sue likes to say...

(I will have more pix on my blog if you want to see more.  I had too many pix!  There is one "bright idea" that I think you will all like)

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greencolleen writes: oh mb those guys/gals for design star have nothing on you. well thought out great colors loved the grafics. i would love to have this as a craft room. but will tell you with all my collections would get messy in a hurry. you so deserve the award whoop whoop ;) Posted: 7:29 pm on December 25th
CottageElements writes: I had the privilege and honor to revisit Marybeth's projects and choose her best of 2009. That was not an easy task! She does such an amazing job in upcycling from used pieces. In this post, I Love how MB took pieces that were obviously destined for the junkyard and transformed them into something chic! Her booth was both very glam and junk-creative! She did an amazing job with the pieces she was able to salvage from the Habitat store. She definitely deserves recognition on this project. Way to go MB! Posted: 2:30 pm on December 15th
alicemom writes: Oh MB! Your room is just too divine! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!
Smiles, alice Posted: 10:20 pm on October 30th
MimiToria writes: Whoop whoop! That room is truly a transformation from junk to fabulous. My favorite is the chairs and the end table you repainted. The table looks like an Ikea has been and the chairs from an old school setting. Amazing what a little paint can do for you, as well as the addition of the numbers. Too cool!
Great Job MaryBeth.
Posted: 7:58 am on October 30th
fellowjunker writes: Wow MB....congrats....your space looks amazing!!!! Way to inspire others!!!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 12:57 pm on October 29th
JunkArchitect writes: What a great bunch of ideas and photos. Also, congratulations on your award.

Posted: 10:03 am on October 29th
CottageElements writes: Way to go, MB! You space looks amazing . . . you done real good, girl! I am very impressed and not one bit surprised you got the "Judges Choice" award. I even did a mention of it on my blog. You rocked it!

Lani Posted: 9:16 am on October 29th
Grasshopper22 writes: Great job...and such a great cause. I wish we had something like that in my neck of the woods. It's wonderful to show people what you can do with cast offs. Posted: 7:56 am on October 29th
chippingcharm writes: I love every single idea...so very creative and inspiring!!! Laurel Posted: 8:21 pm on October 28th
oldnews writes: Love the Habitat re-store! My husband is a volunteer job site supervisor for Habitat so it's a cause that is very dear to my heart! I love your room design, it's amazing! Marie Posted: 7:46 pm on October 28th
RustyDiva writes: Great job for a very worthy cause girl! Also love the color pallette but my fave has to be the use of the mat to paint a design on the cabinet ~ now that's thinkin on your feet!!!! Posted: 5:13 pm on October 28th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: OMGoodness, Ms. Marybeth! You did an amazing job and I LOVE your color pallette! I think that workbench is just way too cute to be that far away from me!

Congrats on the award! What a worthy cause to be part of.
Candy Posted: 4:35 pm on October 28th
writes: Kudos to you gal! What an amazing job for such a good cause.

Jenny K Posted: 1:58 pm on October 28th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: MARYBETH,
I just want you to know how proud I am on what you have done for Habitat for Humanity. Thats what it is all about is to help others.I'm like SUE,it has touched my heart for I have help on this before and to bring happiness into others lives.Keep up the good work because you will truly be blessed.LOVE&BLESSINGS ROBERT. Posted: 12:31 pm on October 28th
CraftingWendy writes: What a wonderful project for a wonderful cause!!!! Your room is so inspirational in so many ways. I love your artwork, work station, colors and total junk creativity. Whoop Whoop X 10!! Great job and thank you for sharing. Posted: 11:33 am on October 28th
shabbychick writes: Marybeth - what an awesome job you did - and such a well deserved award too! You get a bit WHOOP WHOOP from Ohio!! :)

I love the colors scheme you chose, and all the great pieces you repurposed - the workbench is super cool, and I love the transformation that a simple paint job made on your chairs. You brought them up-to-date and they fit in "just right"! :) Using the rubber mat for a stencil was oh so clever, and then hanging it on the wall - a double duty beauty for sure!!

Love it all! Congrats!

Kathy Posted: 10:42 am on October 28th
suewhitney writes: Look at you go girl!! You get way more than a whoop, whoop from me. You know how I feel about Habitat for Humanity and designing with cast-offs...both near and dear to my heart. Your room is AMAZING and very deserving of the judge's choice award. CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done, MB! Oh, and by the way, you look way to adorable and well rested to have just done all of that work. Finished 3 hours ahead of time? Wow!!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:20 am on October 28th
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