Patio Falloween up North

September 29th, 2008 in member junk     
kopykatkim kopykatkim, member
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My JH carves names  of the family in the pumpkins when they are young and they form a scab.
Broken down wagon---- fill with pumpkins.
Mans best friend likes the Patio also.
Anyone for a hot  Fire? Notice the large grate in the center? It is set in cement with broken tiles in the middle.
Are you scared? He is really very friendly.
My JH carves names  of the family in the pumpkins when they are young and they form a scab.

My JH carves names  of the family in the pumpkins when they are young and they form a scab.

I'm a little bit country and alot western.  We Grow our own pupkins and gourds. Lots of foliage in the area to pick this time of year. Makes for a great place to have a cup to drink and a warm fire on a chilly night. Happy Falloween!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - kopykatkim
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csudderth writes: Wow--what great fall decorations. Love the grate set in concrete with the tile. And the gourds with the names are awesome.
Christy Posted: 10:20 pm on September 30th
kopykatkim writes: Glad that you all like my Patio, I was able to turn my picture around on my PC but can't quite get it done on here,Sorry! I hope it doesn;t make you all googleeyed.Thanks a bunch to Luann who gave me specific instructions on how to post pictures. I hope to show more stuff soon. Posted: 7:08 pm on September 30th
Chovey writes: Ooooh...if this doesn't put one in the mood for Fall, then nothing can!!! Very nice..
cynthia Posted: 6:38 pm on September 30th
MimiToria writes: kopykatkim - Great post. If you want to edit your one photo that is faced the wrong way, you just go into my junk. Click on your post to edit. Edit to the right of the photo that is uploaded vertically instead of horizontal. You would have to manually change it on your pc first by using the little icon that looks like a mtn (green colored) you can rotate the photo.
Your front patio looks great! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all to get going with the Fall decor. I just got my porch all cleaned up yesterday, so will post photos in the upcoming days.
Gretchen Posted: 1:23 pm on September 30th
MimiToria writes: BelindaW - Please try to post. It's quite easy. I kind of gave directions on a post for kopykatkim. She must of figured it out. Here it is again. I cut and pasted it in this post again for you.

kopykatkim - At the top of the site there is a "SHARE" tab.
Click on that and a it will open up and say "post a project photo". Click on that and it will open up to the actual area that you can post a single project from. You give your project a heading/title. Next there is a post picture area if you click on browse it will go to your computer photos and you double click on whatever photo you want uploaded. You can than write your text to go under that photo. At the bottom of this short area it says upload photo and it will upload once you've clicked. You can load 5 photos per project. You must give a brief or lengthy (like me) HA! description of the project below the area for the photo posting. At the bottom you can add what they call tags (words that represent your project, so that when people do a search for something your project would pop up for that search). There is also an area to choose "your idea" "someone else's" or a "Junk Market project". You don't have to fill out the bottom areas if you don't want. At the bottom when you scroll down it asks you to Post or if you get interrupted it can be kept as a draft to go back to later.
It is much easier than it sounds, so give it a try.

Posted: 1:17 pm on September 30th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This just looks so fun! I love your horseshoe peg rack and your comfy seating arrangement around your firepit. I want to come to your house to make s'mores!


Posted: 7:55 am on September 30th
Trisha_Lynn writes: Hey Kim,
Great photos and decorations for Falloween. Now I'm inspired to get outside and change my decorations from summer to fall. I'm impressed you got the photos online. I still have no idea how to do that but will have to learn. It's so much fun to see other "junkers" projects. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Trisha Lynn Posted: 9:17 pm on September 29th
BelindaW writes: Kim,

Good to see you've tackled posting pictures..I use little red wagons also, to date I've got 4 full of plants and a pot person.
I 'still' haven't posted yet, the dreaded learn how to upload photos....I'ts to see your stuff!

Belinda Posted: 7:41 pm on September 29th
LuAnn writes: Kim:

Hurray--love your Falloween setting. Looks great. Love the names on your pumpkins!!


PS-Glad you were able to post pics!! Good Job!! :) Posted: 7:17 pm on September 29th
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