Like a Ladder in a Candy Store

October 2nd, 2016 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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What child wouldnt jump for joy when spying this candy selection served up in junk?
The ladder is swell with candy, but would be just as nice with just gourds and plants. Oh, you could keep it empty and use it to get those out of reach cobwebs!
A spookified candy dish. What was its original purpose? Im not sure why youre asking me because I dont know the difference between a weaving loom and a cake decorator. Ha! I think this was for a rain gutter/spout?
Great Aunt Betty would roll over in her grave if she knew we were using her good silver service outdoors. My bad!
A trophy that reads Tuffys Pet Foods is a perfect container for Rick Amortis and Paul Tergeist.
What child wouldnt jump for joy when spying this candy selection served up in junk?

What child wouldn't jump for joy when spying this candy selection served up in junk?

A vintage library ladder comes in handy for many things, but serving up Halloween treats was something we had never thought of before. It's perfect for trick-or treat duty!

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Stile writes: Oh how creative are the minds of many - I'm more an imitator of other's ideas. Thanks for sharing this fun idea which gives us some Falloween fun instead of going all spooky weird. Posted: 11:57 am on October 29th
shabbychick writes: Sue, I think there's gonna be a long line for trick-or-treat at your house!!! (hope you're stocked up)

Love the ladder - Very sweet idea - in a "Willy Wonka chic" sort of way!!! :)

The spidery wire basket is way cool too!

Thanks for sharing (and inspiring), Kathy

Posted: 8:46 am on September 24th
piecesofthepast writes: Now that we are hot on the trail of Halloween, has anyone picked up the latest issue of "Hallmark" Magazine?? I used to subscribe but let it go when I got a little bored. This month, though, there are some really cute ideas to do with pumpkins...not your average carving ideas, but REALLY cute projects. One is turning a bluish green pumpkin (probably a gourd) into a Cinderella carriage using old belt buckles to frame the door and windows on the outside and an old lamp finial on the top. Smaller pumpkins become the wheels. Step by step directions make it easy. I'm wondering if someone else has seen it...if not, pick up an issue! Posted: 8:05 pm on September 22nd
CottageElements writes: Hey, Sue. I think I know what that funky basket is! When I was at the Bonanza I bought a smaller one to do a project. They called it a gutter stopper. They had a ton of them, but they look like they were half the size of yours. Also the one you have the wire is bent down to make them look like spider legs. I knew I thought they were cool when I bought them! I just wish they were just a little bigger . . .

Lanette Posted: 5:06 pm on September 22nd
georgiamoon writes: Sue you are SO FUNNY! I love your porch and as we share our insights into what junk we can use to make a Fall, or any other seasonal display I look forward to seeing all the really original items that will be used in amazing ways. We all are inspired by each other and that is what makes this all so special. I think since we are sharing our ideas it is even more fun to come up with something just a little bit different than the usual...we are NOT a usual bunch! Love all of your if I only had a porch. Posted: 4:26 pm on September 22nd
lovethejunk writes: If my kids were still trick or treating they definatley would want to go to your house, great idea, also love the wire basket that looks like a spider, keep up the awesome displays. Posted: 12:05 pm on September 22nd
CottageElements writes: Sue, can I come trick-or-treating at your house? LOL. I have to get my porch ready for fall! Thanks again for the inspiration.

Lanette Posted: 12:06 am on September 22nd
piecesofthepast writes: I love this ladder idea! This would look so cute on my front porch, or for that matter, in my therapy room at work. I'm getting so much stuff in there now that it is looking like a higher class set of "Sanford and Son" HA! Posted: 9:02 pm on September 21st
LuAnn writes: Thanks for the offer but at least with this OT I'll have more $$$ to spend on junk!

LuAnn Posted: 7:36 pm on September 21st
suewhitney writes: Want me to write you a note? LuAnn has that junk that's going around! Hahahaha. I'll put a pic of the original in the post. Can't wait to see your porch.

Take care,

Posted: 4:44 pm on September 21st
LuAnn writes: This is great. I'm at a loss as to what this was before, maybe some kind of a wire basket?


PS starting to put my porch together will post pics when done (although right now it's difficult to find time as my POE (place of employment) has requested my presence for OT each day and some on Sundays--Boo Hoo don't they know I've better things to do?) Posted: 4:23 pm on September 21st
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