Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

September 25th, 2008 in member junk     
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Wondering if your guests are snooping in your medicine cabinet??  Chances are, they are too busy looking at these not so typical shower curtain hooks fashioned from Grandma's old clip-on earrings or vintage bottle caps!  These were super easy to make and just plain fun to gaze upon!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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Suzanna1 writes: Thank you very much for posting the shower curtain hooks made from earrings. I volunteered to make some crafts for a charity event and when I saw your earrings, and since I happen to have lots of old earrings (used for dress up when I have young guests) I am going to sell them their. I have one question if you don't mind - I have no idea how to price them! Would you tell me what you charge.

Thanks again for sharing your work, I am so excited about visiting your page again!

Posted: 10:48 pm on August 10th
MimiToria writes: Hi again- I can understand your frustration with trying to locate your redesign jewelry. This week I lost an ebay auction at the last minute, and was so very frustrated. I had found an item that would of been the perfect addition to what I'm working with now, and it was lost at the last second. Bummer!
I too have tended to underprice my jewelry in the past, and have been learning from those mistakes. My magnets went super fast too, as did some silverware forks I would have my husband bend for me into picture easels. They were sold inexpensive and I've even seen some since that look exactly like what I'd sold for 3 x's the prices. We can all learn as we go, but it's good we learn along the way.
Welcome to the site and I'm glad to have another jewelry designer/lover of beautiful castoffs and junk on this site.
I'll try to share some stuff soon. I've been kind of waiting as I posted so many projects the first few weeks and I think people might of gotten sick of me. HA!
Posted: 11:40 pm on September 20th
piecesofthepast writes: Hi MiMi, I have also made those magnets with earrings and even made some with the bottle caps. I put them on cards, too and they have done really well. I also have collected those 60's mod flower enamel pins and turned them into magnets, as well as old brooches. Those all went like hot cakes, but I quickly figured out that I wasn't selling them for enough and learn in the retail world. One day I saw these flat disk shower curtain hooks in Walmart and thought "Those are so boring! There has to be something that could be mounted on those to jazz them up". I realized I had all that stuff in my studio and went to town on them. The store that sells my stuff can't keep them in there. Collecting is hard for me here. There just aren't enough good flea markets around. I'm bound to ebay for most stuff and well....we all know the pros and cons there!! Posted: 10:17 pm on September 20th
MimiToria writes: Hi pieceofthepast - I designed for 10 years, took off 2 years and am now back into it. You can see 2 pcs. that are more simple by clicking on my name. I just discovered today that you can click on someones name and all of their posts will show up underneath their photo/info. I've been posting for 3 weeks and just figured this out. Duh!
I haven't taken any photos of new creations, as I am still working on multiple projects at a time.
One thing I did 4 years ago, and sold a ton of, was to glue the vintage earrings to magnets (Walmart for magnets) and sold them as sets of 4 on a nice card for refrigerator magnets. Now in MN a lot of people are selling the magnets made from earrings, but as individual magnets not sets like I did. I've never seen anyone do your shower hooks in MN. Posted: 7:23 pm on September 20th
piecesofthepast writes: Thanks for your kind words everyone. I also make jewelry from discarded things and selling them locally. I'd like to see some of the jewelry you make, MimiToria. I think the bottle caps from the chandelier sounds like something I would like to see also, Joyful Interior! Posted: 5:34 pm on September 20th
MimiToria writes: Love this post! It is right in sync with my style as I love Grandma's jewels as well. I also design jewelry and have that in common as well. This is a great project you've just posted. Posted: 3:46 pm on September 20th
Joyful_Interiors writes: What fun you are having with bottle caps. I just bought a box full of them. I have seen them painted white on both sides and dangled on an old vintage chandelier painted white also. From a distance, they appear to be crystals. Shabby shiek appeal. Ooh! La La! Posted: 2:29 pm on September 20th
suewhitney writes: These are just way too much fun! I could see the earrings in a cottage bath and the bottle tops in a more modern space. Way to go!

Happy junking,
Sue Posted: 10:44 am on September 20th
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