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JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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An old spool holds the top of the frame in place.


An eclectic mix of junk finds.


This Hemming Ruler has a adjustable caulk marker that worked great for holding the bottom of the frame in place.

The pin arm holds the bottom of this frame.

A vintage clip at the top keeps my kids from falling out. 

(Old photo, one’s in college)

I find lots of these Floating Frames at tag sales. The transparency allows the graphics on the ruler to show through.

An old spool holds the top of the frame in place.


An old spool holds the top of the frame in place.


Photo: Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)

A couple of vintage Skirt Hemming Rulers  never thought they’d get pinned into becoming stands for displaying photos…but they did. I’ve passed-up dozens of these Rulers over the years because I couldn’t figure out what to do with them…I don’t own any skirts. But in a weak junk moment I bought two. So the pressure was on to come up with SOMETHING, ANYTHING that would be a cool repurpose for my latest junk acquisitions and these photo stands seem to do the trick.


Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)
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Funky_Junk_Donna writes: Phooey. Where was this post when I needed it only a short month ago? My mom's place had one of these and I had NO idea what to do with it. COOL.

I totally need a BARN to store stuff so I can just keep it all. Until I find a Jim inspiration post of course. :)
Posted: 5:06 pm on July 11th
janecastle writes: Check out the latest Pottery Barn Catelogue. They are using thread spools for clothes hooks/hangers. I put all of my old wooden spools (some with thread still on) in a mason jars to display in a cabinet. Posted: 3:38 pm on February 9th
angieforte writes: GREAT idea! I just saw a hem ruler at my thrift store this week. Going back to get it now. Thanks for such a clever idea!
Angie Posted: 7:03 pm on December 29th
Cali_Junk writes: Thanks Jim for another clever and inspiring project.
Linda Posted: 10:33 pm on October 22nd
Debbie_Baier writes: Nice! Really creative use of those objects.

Debbie B Posted: 6:04 pm on October 22nd
racers7 writes: You are quite the clever inventor! I love seeing what you're going to make next. Your house must look so cool and industrial! Next time I find discarded metal things I'm calling it my Healy project! Posted: 11:31 am on October 7th
sassycrafter writes: Love it! These would be perfect in my sewing room. Posted: 12:27 pm on October 5th
CottageElements writes: Jim, I've always liked these, but never knew what to do with them. Of course you could find a use for them! Love 'em. Perfect!

Lani Posted: 9:36 am on October 5th
alicemom writes: WOW JIM! What a great frame up!
smiles, alice Posted: 11:35 am on October 3rd
byabpryor writes: Very clever.... as a fashion industry alumni... I can truly appreciate! LOL Posted: 8:10 pm on October 1st
roadtriplouise writes: Awesome, you come up with great projects!! Posted: 7:24 pm on October 1st
georgiamoon writes: Jimmy-James, You are just too cool. You probably didn't even know what these were for until you saw the picture on the tall one! The graphics are really neat and the idea to turn these into frame holders is totally junk genius! You never seem to run out of ideas...really GOOD ideas, Georgia Posted: 5:15 pm on October 1st
berton718 writes: Jim,
What a great idea!! You are so inspiring!! Keep the ideas coming. Posted: 4:26 pm on October 1st
monakent writes: Sew Jim.... once again, you came up with a winning post!!!

I too have a couple of these skirt hemmer thing-a-ma-jigs, wondering why I kept them and what to do with them. Ah, they sure do bring back the memories of my sisters and me, taking turns, standing on top of the kitchen table, as my Mom hemmed our skirts for school (pleated skirts, no less!!!). SEW sorry you missed out on that "fun," being the man you are (all the "yelling" to "stand still," etc, that came with this event!!!).

These make great frames, I must say. Thanks for sharing this idea and letting me take a trip down memory lane.....gailmarie Posted: 4:13 pm on October 1st
itsnotjunk2me writes: Thank you once again for another innovative idea! I recently picked up a few of these skirt hemmers due to nostalgia and my background in fashion design/sewing. I had no idea what I would do with them- until now! They will look great as picture frames in my craft studio that I too am redecorating. Love the use of the old spools of thread-I have an abundance of those! judi :) Posted: 4:00 pm on October 1st
chippingcharm writes: Always such great ideas...love this one too! Laurel Posted: 3:40 pm on October 1st
fellowjunker writes: JIM......I LOVE these!!!! Amazing use of junk elements to create these one-of-a-kind easels and frames. Another PERFECT project.....and your kids are adorable. How quickly they grow up, eh!!??!!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 2:40 pm on October 1st
grannijo writes: Jim...just saw one last week and didn't buy it!!...DARN!!..now if I see another I will buy it!...thanks for the idea!...sharon Posted: 1:38 pm on October 1st
shabbychick writes: Very cool Jim! You've put these forgotten pieces of sewing paraphernalia to a great new use!

Love the look!

Kathy Posted: 1:34 pm on October 1st
greencolleen writes: omg jim i got an exact match to your smaller one at a thrift store for $1. then on vac saw one in an antique store for $10.00. great idea love it love it ;) Posted: 12:59 pm on October 1st
suewhitney writes: Love at first sight. Wow!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 12:52 pm on October 1st
oldnews writes: Oh, LOVE these! I see them occasionally too and was also trying to figure out something to do with them!! Brilliant! These would look mighty fine in the room I'm redoing now...What a great idea! Marie Posted: 12:18 pm on October 1st
RustyDiva writes: I never knew such a thing existed ~ I've been enlightened ~ thanks. Great project and as always you are too funny! Your comments always make me laugh.

Kenda Posted: 11:49 am on October 1st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Wowee! I have a couple of the shorter rulers that I have yet to touch. Now that I see your floating frames with them, I think I just might!
Thanks for a great project, Jim!
Posted: 11:48 am on October 1st
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