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September 3rd, 2009 in blog, projects     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Ta da!!!
A close-up - the cloche is doing its job quite nicely, dont ya think?
A view from down under - and (blue skies...nothing but blue skies... - my hubby loves that song!)
Heres the hummingbirds view from above...
A cute little glass to hold tealights to shed some light...
The old pulley looks like its meant for some heavy duty lifting - this is as light as a feather!
Remember me???
Ta da!!!

Ta da!!!

Well...what started as an outdoor chandelier, that wanted to be a "cloche" - that ultimately turned into what I intended (see, I am in control of my junk...even though it sometimes "says" otherwise - you guys understand, right???).  (Here's the previous post:

I wanted to share the finished project with you.  My friends and I had seen something similar at an arts/crafts show last year, and of course we wanted to give it a try too...

As you can see the "cloche" has been suspended (with wire) in the center of the larger cylinder of garden fence.  I then placed/wired a glass light fixture in the middle of it (so I could add water and use it for cut flowers).  The smaller "half" circle on the outside cylinder of fence was bent up and wired a bit to hold the glasses for the tealights.  I placed an artificial plant in the glass fixture. 

The chandelier (candolier?) is hanging out on my deck, suspended from an old pulley.  I've left it plain for the moment, but it could be embellished with some crystals (right, Janis?), or wrapped with other greenery, beaded garland, etc... 

Hoping to have a girls' get-together soon, relax on the deck and enjoy the light of my chandelier - and see what kind of junk we can get ourselves into!!!


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Comments (19)

CreepinJen writes: Love, love, love it! Thanks for inspiring me to create my own chandelier. Posted: 2:08 pm on June 3rd
emw1203 writes: It always amazes me how artistic people are. This is really cute. And those mom ( she is 88) has some and she told me they're from the 40's. As I recognized them rightway when I saw them. What a great idea to use some odd pieces of glassware as well. Great job. Posted: 2:00 pm on September 9th
shabbychick writes: Thanks again ladies! Now I need to find some more wire...I'm ready to get the wire cutters out again! (and're right - wiring is a little tough on the fingers!)

Take care, Kathy Posted: 11:49 am on September 8th
RustyDiva writes: Been gone and looks like I missed a lot! Great finish to an already awesome project Kathy. I love that this has a variety of uses (candles, plants, cloche) Great job but you probably need a rest from twisting all that wire. ha Posted: 11:12 am on September 8th
Collquest writes: LOVE your candolier! What a creative lady you are...Thanks for sharing! Posted: 2:32 am on September 7th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, great repurpose from a repurposed piece! Love how you changed it up! You are the clever one, aren't you! Way to go!

Lani Posted: 9:24 pm on September 6th
suewhitney writes: D A R L I N G!!! Shouting it from the roof tops.

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 9:52 am on September 5th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everybody! The cloche really turned into a great chandelier/candolier...and hoping the weather stays nice so we can use it outside a little longer!

Candy - I like the pic from "down under" too - thought it was a cool view - thanks!! (too much camera fun!)

Sue - can't wait to meet you at Springfield (we've got some wire cloches to sell. :)

Janis - We don't find much garden fence that has aged...but thought we might just buy some new stuff and let it sit out in the weather for a while!

Take care & have a great weekend!

Kathy Posted: 3:30 pm on September 4th
creativejunquer writes: Nice job turned out great. love the added votive holders
you do such creative work.
Robin Posted: 10:11 am on September 4th
junkermidge writes: Nice. Nice. Nice. This turned out beautifully. Way to go!
Midge Posted: 10:57 pm on September 3rd
JunkArchitect writes:
Kathy, you created such a cool outdoor chandelier. I think the puller really finishes it off.

Posted: 10:51 pm on September 3rd
NDJunkGirl writes: Kathy - I love this! Adorable in a tree outside or in a bath! Thanks for sharing! Andrea Posted: 10:42 pm on September 3rd
alicemom writes: Kathy,
That is darling. I loved the cloche now I love the candolier.
Good going. Maybe this will spark me to get back to "junk creating".
Alice Posted: 7:52 pm on September 3rd
Frippery writes: Oh my Kathy, gorgeous! I just came across some of that same fence in my potting area. I have a feeling there will be a "new" chandy hanging beneath my deck for fall. Thanks for the inspiration! Pam Posted: 6:40 pm on September 3rd
chippingcharm writes: Oh so beautiful...I love it both ways! Laurel Posted: 4:47 pm on September 3rd
fellowjunker writes: Hi Kathy,
This is so pretty and a real work of junk!! I am always on the lookout for old garden fencing, but, alas, have never,ever,found any....I almost bought new today after seeing your cloche, but decided to take to the junk stores instead with renewed vigor!!!
You always come up with the greatest ideas....I am still waiting for a close up of that masterpiece you served your food in at Amy's blog party. Hope you are having a fun junk filled day!!
xojanis Posted: 3:50 pm on September 3rd
LuAnn writes: This "candolier" is a masterpiece. How cool is this!!! Great job. Keep up the good work. LuANn Posted: 2:57 pm on September 3rd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Look at you go! I really like this Kathy and think your view from "down under" is one of your cooler photos! You've got this whole fence remnant down pat.

Nice work, my friend.
Candy Posted: 2:34 pm on September 3rd
Sue_Sullivan writes: This came out so very cute. I've been waiting to see what else you were going to add to the "cloche." Now with the addition of the cordial glasses, you have a candolier~ love that word,,, AND a plant holder. I am impressed!
Sue Posted: 2:21 pm on September 3rd
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