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I need to make a crafting workspace..Does anyone have some pictures of their craft/work space I thought about turning an old armoire into a craft storage but I would still need more room. I have a bedroom thats not used ...i also have a six car garage but my husband is tired of my projects taking up half of it :) So if you have pictures or links to good space saving craft organizing and workspace PLEASE share! Here is an idea of what I have that I need to figure out how to organize, yet make it easy to get to...fabric, craft paint, latex paint, clay, glazes, paper, all kinds of paints oil etc like brushes, different scissors, scrapbook stuff, misc stuff such as buttons, beads, charms, patterns, 1000s of idea books/magazines,wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon ( you name it i have it I just need help figuring out how to organize it and save space while organizing it!) any ideas or pictures would be much help . I know your supposed to post your project but my project is making a working/storage/accesible/crafting room or space! (oh and I have a ton of old doors, electrical spools, windows, screens from windows etc but those can stay in the garage unless anyone has a great idea of how to use them in organizing my stuff) THANK YOU very much

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amanda021 writes: thanks for the ideas! i think by looking at the blogspots and photobucket along with flickr and your ideas I can come up with something wonderful..AH if only i had about 80 hours in my day instead of only 24 but im sure you all know how that goes. If you happen to run across any other ideas please dont hesitate to share! thanks-Amanda Posted: 3:32 pm on September 4th
suewhitney writes: I'm going to encourage you to set your mind free. First figure out what you need and then start with your anchor pieces which would most likely be your crafting table or armoire. After identifying those pieces then your off to the races. Baskets on a wall, wire locker baskets, and old tool bins are all good junkables for a craft room. Paint brushes and pencils don't need to be hidden away. I put mine in old groovy jars and display them as art when not in use. Suit cases stacked can make excellent storage for textiles. Vintage cubbie units are also ab fab! Go play, have fun, and find unusual pieces that work for your needs. Building the room will be as much fun as using it once you're done. I would look back in older posts on JMS for some nifty noodle ideas. Good luck and make sure to show us!

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Sue Posted: 11:50 am on September 1st
junkrat writes: has a few groups where people upload pics of their craft rooms/areas... off the top of my head, i can think of groups named "craft rooms", "my crafting room", "pretty organized" and "operation: sewing room organization"... i've found lots of great ideas there! Posted: 11:01 pm on August 31st
oldnews writes: I have an indoor 400sq. ft. room where I do inside stuff- sewing, decopage, painting, woodburning. Then we have a huge shop outside that is a total disaster because it's full to the brim with dirty outside junk! That's where my saws, power tools, soldering stuff is found. Someday I'd like to really organize it, but it would be a mammoth undertaking! I have just one organized little corner, the rest is a mess!! I can't wait to check out some of the sites people are recommending! Good luck with your space. The thing is, stuff just keeps growing...there is never enough room! Marie Posted: 7:33 pm on August 31st
airzinnn writes: Oh, I found a great example of a door desk... check out this space: Posted: 6:18 pm on August 31st
airzinnn writes: If you have doors, you can turn them into a crafting table. I have seen this online but don't know if I can find it now. Attach some sturdy legs and get a piece of plexi-glass or glass for the top. They look great and is something I may do soon. My craft room doesn't have much junk and needs to be junk-funked up.

As for beads, button, eyelets and more... check the kitchen supply stores for those bar garnish containers (a Sue Whitney idea). I have my buttons and scrappin' embellies in jars on the shelf. You can always take drinking glasses/jars and put them on a lazy suzan for a spinning storage for all of your scrappin' tools and pencils and such. My fav thing I did was find a vintage straw dispenser (the cylindrical ones that pull up and they fan out) and store your colored pencils in it... I think this idea has been around a while but it works great. Posted: 6:17 pm on August 31st
Smickerdoodle writes: I just finished my studio that I made in a garden shed. All of my storagee is made from repurposed "JUNK". All of the ideas I have used would work in just about any space you come up with for your craft space. I have a lot of pictures on my photobucket page if you would like to check them out. I am new to this site and haven't figured out how to post pictures here yet so I am adding my page url. I hope you can use some of the ideas I have come up with. Posted: 5:15 pm on August 31st
divester writes: if you go to this sight -
and look for the place - Where Bloggers create - it has some wonderful rooms of crafters. There were a lot of them listed but some wonderful idesas. Posted: 3:57 pm on August 31st
greencolleen writes: my craft laundry room is only 9x12 so pretty small. i have 2 shelving units with plastic bins and i try to keep like things together. like lamp parts, fabric , paper supplies paints ect. but i also like to have things open for inspiration. do know that martha stewart did a craft armoire that was pretty does seem to be a constant job to keep it organized tho. good luck ;) Posted: 3:21 pm on August 31st
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