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DreaminBoutJunk DreaminBoutJunk, member
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I aquired this freeby from an old warehouse that a previous employer had. The top was bowed considerably, and has been in my barn with heavy objects on top of it. Well it has been about a year now, the top is now flattened back out....and ready for a makeover!

I would love to have your paint or not to paint? I also have the top of a china hutch (or could be a twin size headboard) that has built in lighting. To marry or not to marry?



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itsnotjunk2me writes: I vote for painting too! Love the details of the piece, great find as well. :) Posted: 5:11 pm on September 3rd
shabbychick writes: My vote is coming in late, but I also vote for painting (and distressing). And, I think a marriage of pieces would make it spectacular.

I could also picture it as a potting table (with a window and some architectural pieces attached for shelving...) - and the drawers would provide great storage for tools, pots, etc... One of the large drawers could be pulled out and the space used as a shelf - to display pots, garden junk, etc...

Or, a drawer or two could be pulled out (for components to fit in), and it could be used as an entertainment center.

OK - stopping now - let us know what you come up with - can't wait to see pics!


P.S. Don't ya just love "free"? :)

Posted: 11:23 am on September 1st
greencolleen writes: i would try something really different like chalk board paint, that way you could label the drawers like dishes , linens , serveware. it will sell no matter what but this would make it really unique. and might appeal to more folks. good luck great piece ;) Posted: 11:00 am on August 28th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Yep! Another paint here. I love DHDIY's suggestion for finish too.

Hope you post your finished project!
Candy Posted: 10:05 am on August 28th
suewhitney writes: I'm on board with the painting as well. I'd have to see the other piece to know for sure, bu it sounds like a match made in heaven. Nice freebie!! Good luck and make sure to show us when you're all done.

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 9:34 am on August 28th
DreaminBoutJunk writes: Your votes are unanimous for painting! Thanks to everyone for your opinions! I am quite fond of the rustic look so I really appreciate the shared inspiration from DownHomeDIY. Unfortunately my dining room is too small to keep it when I'm finished, so I will be selling it. :(

It is going to be alot of work peeling off that veneer without putting too many dings or scratches on it. I am looking forward to my 4 day Labor Day weekend and hope I can post the after picture! Posted: 8:53 am on August 28th
pmorse writes: My daughter works for Wisteria, MB! If you live in the Dallas area---or happen to be in the area---they have an outlet where you can shop. Or you can order online.

Before I can vote on marrying the piece, I want to see the groom! The bride is beautiful and would look good stained or painted. I agree with Midge on the veneer...if it's missing some pieces or it's loose, you will need to reglue it or strip it all off. Great save!!! Posted: 8:09 am on August 28th
DownHomeDIY writes: Yes, paint it! I found a really cool finish that I want to try on a piece I got. So, here is my vote on the paint color:

Keep us posted!
~MB Posted: 10:41 pm on August 27th
dresdenjunkshun writes: love this! I would paint and distress. Not sure I would marry it though...depends on where you want to use it. Would make a great buffet/serving piece if you have a dining room. Good luck in attaining your goal of full time JUNKING!

Posted: 10:32 pm on August 27th
byabpryor writes: Paint! paint! paint1 paint! LOL

BTW - you have the patience of a saint.. 1 year! well it was certainly worth it!!!!!! Posted: 9:11 pm on August 27th
oldnews writes: Yep, I'd paint it too, but I tend to go really wild and crazy so I'll keep my ideas to myself! Safely, I'd go with a soft color - green, blue, cream and then distress it. What an outstanding piece! Marie Posted: 8:47 pm on August 27th
piecesofthepast writes: I would for sure paint it...but then again, I paint anything I get my hands on! I'm not sure my color choices would jive with too many (they are wild colors!), but a nice distressed cream or green would be great, as would a distressed black. I would maybe marry the two pieces, but this would make a cute sideboard with some cool pieces on the top (that you flattened...great job on that!) Post pics when you decide and finish! Posted: 7:43 pm on August 27th
BOOKENDS writes: It's a beautiful needs painting I think...I'm in a green mood if it were mine...also like the idea of marrying it to the china hutch top...let us see what you come up with.... Posted: 4:55 pm on August 27th
RustyDiva writes: I would paint white then distress it AND marry! Posted: 2:50 pm on August 27th
junkermidge writes: I would definitely paint the piece, though not sure what color. And it looks like some veneer is loose so I would try to remove that if possible. It looks like it's good to go as is, but some might suggest converting to a entertainment center, buffet, etc. Love the details on it. And I really enjoyed reading your profile.
Midge Posted: 2:38 pm on August 27th
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