Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

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dresdenjunkshun dresdenjunkshun, member
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Towering stack consisting of two typing tables, several file boxes, a few filing trays and a couple of lock boxes...all metal.
I love the rust on the bottom two filing drawers!
The trays are turned upside down right now so they dont hold water.
Solid and heavy metal office chair.  Love the u-shaped rolling bottom.
Industrial age green chair with a tilting back.
Towering stack consisting of two typing tables, several file boxes, a few filing trays and a couple of lock boxes...all metal.

Towering stack consisting of two typing tables, several file boxes, a few filing trays and a couple of lock boxes...all metal.

I love this pile of old metal office equipment but don't know what to do with it!  I've moved it, rearranged it, listed it for sale and now it's just all piled up waiting on a spark of creativity.  The entire pile including the chairs could be purchased for $40.00 but I can't seem to spark any interest.  If I don't figure out a use for it soon I'm afraid it's going to end up in hubby's scrap pile and the pieces are way to cool to scrap!  Any ideas would be great appreciated....

Pattern or design used: My own design
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lady1880s writes: That tall typing table? Add a butcher block top and it's a fun work space for a sm. kitchen! Posted: 10:29 am on July 24th
fgambino51 writes: I need a typing table!! Have an old IBM Selectric, but cannot type on it because it is on a microwave cart. Do you still want to sell it? Posted: 10:14 pm on November 12th
calicoacres writes: Have some just like those...painted mine a soft baby pink..& as the paint chips the last paint layer under shows through..all my friends want them...but I keep saying No, No, No...also painted my old grey metal typing table pink & green..& use it for a patio side table...Keep up the good work..Anna Posted: 8:02 am on September 21st
hoian writes: I would like to see what you still have for sale out of the photos above. Also the price please. Posted: 10:54 pm on September 15th
MAGICANE writes: HI! dresdenjunkshun, I am a Prop Master here in the Los Angeles area. I am currently preparing for our next production, Moonlight & Magnolias and have found your page through Google searching for a metal typewriter table. If you're interested, I would like to offer to buy the typewriter table on the bottom of the pile (the beige one). That is if you're interested. Please contact me directly MAGICANE@sbcglobal.net or KWilliams@lagunaplayhouse.com ASAP if you would like to discuss this further. Thanks for your consideration! Posted: 4:08 pm on September 11th
dresdenjunkshun writes: thanks for all the great ideas! I'm passing them along to some really creative customers. You're right about display will sell the piece...I'm going to try it again! Posted: 10:29 pm on August 27th
SantaClaus writes: I have an old typewriter (came over on the "Mayflower") - wish I had that stand to display my antique! I have a metal file cabinet & my "antique" cassette tapes fit perfectly in it. Posted: 5:32 am on August 27th
bluejean writes: I would paint the metal drawers and boxes (I like black) and put some legs on them. You can have a welder make a stand (I had one made for a wooden file cabinet) and use it for a side table.
I think they would also work great in a sewing/craft room, bathroom or office just set on a counter to hold supplies.

The typewriter stand could be used to hold a printer on top in an office, and you could put a wire gym basket underneath to hold extra paper.

Maybe at your next fair you could use some of the "props" suggested which would help give your buyers ideas on how they could be used. Sometimes staging and presentation is what will sell an item.

Posted: 3:11 pm on August 24th
dresdenjunkshun writes: our shop is in OHIO:) Drop by anytime. Great ideas from everyone! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your ideas have started me thinking....

http://dresdenjunkshun.weebly.com Posted: 1:35 am on August 24th
suewannabeinkc writes: If you live anywhere near, I would come and buy it all for that price! Posted: 5:41 pm on August 22nd
suewannabeinkc writes: I have a typing table I am trying to find a use for too. I think it would make a great serving cart for tea/coffee and cookies or appetizers if you're the type that entertains often (we're not). It looks like one of yours has shelves below the top. Maybe they'd hold extra napkins and a tray of extra flatware or serving spoons? One of the file drawers or the file box might be useful placed on the shelf for storing extra candles, small tablecloths, napkins, or "emergency" stain removers, etc.
You could also use a file drawer to store/share photos on a coffee table. Especially if you're like me and don't get them into albums. If you're worried about fingerprints you can buy plastic sleeves that hold standard size pics perfectly. (Hmm, I'm starting to wish I still had the file drawers I had for h.s debate) Perhaps a tray could catch any pics that don't get put away or those that you wish to showcase.
I hope you can put them to good use. I can't wait to see how they look!
Joanne Posted: 5:38 pm on August 22nd
suewhitney writes: The boxes do make excellent planters, but if you are like me you can use extra storage in your home. If you want to clean them up Rustoleum has some excellent products. The hammered finish paint is awesome. The double drawer would be very cool painted with the hammered finish paint and with some little legs added to the bottom. It could be used in just about any room. Rustoleum also makes a vinyl and fabric paint that you could employ on your chairs to make them work with your decor. Good luck!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:51 am on August 22nd
WhisperWood Cottage writes: You could use the boxes and/or drawers as planters. You might also try decoupaging the boxes with vintage sewing patterns or wrapping paper.


Posted: 7:44 pm on August 21st
dresdenjunkshun writes: Thanks for the suggestion! I visited your blogspot...love your shop and the blog was great! Posted: 5:47 pm on August 21st
MimiToria writes: I've seen the bottoms of these type of chairs removed and have become the base for side tables. Usually were paired up with another piece of metal like a wheel, or round window, etc.
I have a typewriter table I use in my studio and have another metal shelving unit sitting on top of it.
Great stuff! I hope you find a use for them.
http://mimitoriasdesigns.blogspot.com Posted: 5:12 pm on August 21st
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