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August 18th, 2009 in member junk     
Fjerda Fjerda, member
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This is the JMS contributors setting up tent
This is the JM contributors moving the tent to a new location--better breezes and closer to all the fun
This is the view I was able to get of the gas pump--blonde and all
Sometimes the views were a little on the slant or out of focus..or is that just the photographer
Another one at the camp site by the red bus--the Pfarkels did not sleep in the tent with the other 6!
This is the JMS contributors setting up tent

This is the JMS contributors setting up tent

Not only do we know how to JUNK we also know how to have fun and this year it was a blast from beginning to end--Seriously

Pattern or design used: My own design - Pfarkel sister
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MimiToria writes: Ahhhh, thank you Fjerda. At least you took 1 descent photo with me in it. 1 out of 3 ain't 1/2 bad. lol
Since I was working, ahem, and didn't have any photos of this tenting fiasco, I sure am enjoying seeing how silly we truly did look carrying our tent across the campsite. However, putting together the tent was way more challenging. Some male must of written the directions and they had the colors all messed up in the directions. Women are wayyyy to detailed to be making that kind of mistake. lol Now, wait a minute. It was 6 woman that forgot basic necessities for camping, so maybe it was a lady writing the tent directions. ha!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing your camp ground, your advice, your campfire, your steak knives, your picnic table, your grill, your refrigerator, your sense of humor. Did I forget anything?
You girls rock! Posted: 7:27 pm on August 19th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Ok, wise girl. The rear shots have got to go! lol. At least the one of mine. Thanks to you, your sisters and camping buddies for making our experience all the better!

Candy Posted: 11:08 am on August 19th
CottageElements writes: Great post, Fjerda! You gals are way too much fun. Where would we have been without you. The picture of Sue's behind is perfect (as that's what you saved--literally)! It was a fun camping experience (seriously). But like Kathy said, next year we'll be set-up by you in an Airstream! So no switching campsites, K? Thanks for an amazing time!

Lani Posted: 3:26 pm on August 18th
RustyDiva writes: HOW FUN!!!!!!! Sure wish I could have made the trip. You guys look like a blast to be around. Love the "rear view". haha

Kenda Posted: 1:20 pm on August 18th
flamingogirl writes: I would love to a full picture of that camper!!! Too cute! Posted: 12:05 pm on August 18th
shabbychick writes: P.S. The whole camping experience couldn't have been any more perfect...Thanks!!! (and hugs all around...) :) Posted: 9:20 am on August 18th
shabbychick writes: Well, all I can say is - and being very truthful...THE PFARKEL SISTERS SAVED OUR SORRY CAMPER BEHINDS - seriously! (I guess you could say we were just a tad "high maintenance" being the "experienced" campers we are...ha ha). I really think we had just one thing on our minds when we set out that morning (a bit behind our anticipated 7:00am departure time...wink wink) - and it was nothing but JUNKING! But - at least we remembered the tent and sleeping bags!

Setting up the tent was big fun - and I believe there is a photo circulating (thanks to our dear "tweet" Candy) that refers to how many JMS girls, Pfarkel sisters AND Tomboy Tool gal does it take to set up a tent? You don't want to know...

The Pfarkels are amazing - SO much fun...and we even got a peek inside the big camper - love the flamingos ladies!!

Note to my fellow JMS contributors...Next year we'll be alongside the Pfarkels in our "Airstream"! :)

Hugs from Ohio! Kathy

Posted: 9:08 am on August 18th
suewhitney writes: Ah, hahahahahahahaha! We are such great campers. We didn't need a lick of help from anyone.The way I remember it is our fire was roaring, our tent was pitched perfectly (the first time), and we were as well prepared as Eagle Scouts. Oh wait! Maybe I'm thinking of another group of campers. Hmmm.... Note to self, never give a camera to one of the Pfarkel sisters. Thanks for the rear view!! Thanks ladies! You're awesome. I wouldn't want to camp next to anyone else, for so many obvious reasons If you should try to find another campground next year, we'll find you...seriously!

Big Hugs,
Sue Posted: 8:21 am on August 18th
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