Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

August 12th, 2009 in member junk     
RustyDiva RustyDiva, member
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I think this needs a bigger globe ~ maybe a big red one.  Hobby Lobby summer clearance here I come!
Rusty arches
Potential table base and what to do with all those racks!?
Yummy ~ what to do with these?
There are 2 of the candelabras and several individual roses to light my 3 acres.
I think this needs a bigger globe ~ maybe a big red one.  Hobby Lobby summer clearance here I come!

I think this needs a bigger globe ~ maybe a big red one.  Hobby Lobby summer clearance here I come!

I tell a tale of treasured finds ~ Most of which are the rusty kind

 A dusty old house, my parents bought ~ The owners walked away without a thought

 Leaving rooms and rooms full of stuff ~ That had to be picked through and buffed

 Boxes of old books, clothes and shoes ~ Pottery, pictures, dishes and mystery goo

 Tucked in a corner of a dark dark room ~ I spied rusty flowers ready to bloom

 Arches and tall towers, metal racks and more ~ I hurridly gathered and headed for the door

 Everyone laughed and said, "Go ahead" ~ No one else wants it and there's more in the shed

 So now I share my pictures with you ~ And the story that EVERY junker wishes would come true!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - RustyDiva
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RoseGardenRomantic writes: Lucky girl! Great stuff! Posted: 4:29 pm on March 3rd
mostuff writes: Cool stuff !!!! Great for Winter, New Garden art projects for next spring !! Yeah !! Posted: 3:02 pm on September 2nd
shabbychick writes: OH MY GOSH! That is a dream...to just be able to walk in and scoop up every little bit of junk you can find!!! (I seriously have dreams like that - your real life find is so cool.)

You've got some great stuff to play with - can't wait to see what you create!

Thanks for letting us in on your fairy tale finds! :)

Kathy Posted: 11:30 am on August 18th
suewhitney writes: Oooo, la,la what a score!

Happy Creating,
Sue Posted: 11:12 am on August 17th
thehillbillies writes: OOHHHH!!!! SO jealous! Love the finds! Enjoy them! Posted: 10:13 am on August 17th
suewannabeinkc writes: Hey RustyDiva, you're quite a writer!
Your eye for good junk is even brighter.
My mom had renters like this years ago;
But I didn't find GOOD junk there and so,
Of you I am jealous, there is no doubt;
Can't wait to see how all this stuff turns out.
Your story is great! I'm filled with laughter;
I'm sure your finds're happy e'er after!
Joanne :-) Posted: 11:31 pm on August 15th
JunkArchitect writes:
What a great bunch of garden junk...lucky you!


Posted: 6:15 pm on August 14th
RustyDiva writes: Thank ya ladies, I just about fainted when I saw all that was left behind. I don't understand people sometimes! A lot of the 40's dresses and shoes fell apart when we tried to clean them up and most of the "soft" stuff was ruined by large pets that were allowed to relieve themselves in the house. It was a very stinky place for awhile and the back part of the house had to be demolished. We are still finding stuff and probably will for awhile. I really do feel like a "junk princess" :)

Alice ~ you are welcome anytime! Just let me know when you're in the area and we'll go junkin!

Kenda Posted: 10:30 am on August 14th
chippingcharm writes: I agree...lucky, lucky you! Love your "Fairy Tale" too! It looks like you will indeed live "Happily Ever After" :)
Have fun, Laurel Posted: 5:24 pm on August 13th
JunkinLindsey writes: I seriously have Junk Envy! How fun. Posted: 4:50 pm on August 13th
fellowjunker writes: Your story is even better than Cinderella and Prince Charming...........what luck!!!! I love all the pieces you have shown. Have fun!!!
xojanis Posted: 9:35 pm on August 12th
alicemom writes: Hey Miss RustyDiva.......................Sorry you are so far from me! I have friends in Lubbock............maybe a visit is in order! I would hate for you to have all the rusty fun alone! Love your poem and your great finds!
smiles, alice Posted: 6:20 pm on August 12th
grannijo writes: RustyDiva...How lucky you are to have a house full of junk!!!..love the candlelabra's...the poem is so cute!...thanks for sharing the stash with us...hope more pics to come on finished project's...sharon Posted: 6:06 pm on August 12th
cindyb82 writes: You're a lucky junker! WA2COOL!!! I'd love to see what becomes of these finds! Cindy ;) Posted: 5:00 pm on August 12th
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