"Jazzy" Radio Light...

August 3rd, 2009 in member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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A little soft mood lighting...
First we added chippy wooden drawer pulls for feet...making room for the cord...
Then we cut and layered pieces of metal screen and textured button scrapbook velum to cover the holes and create a softer light.  Last, we cut a hole in the bottom to hold the bulb and cord.  I used a pinching bulb holder from an old Christmas house. 
PS...another budget friendly wedding centerpiece idea???  We all know these glass candle holders are a dime a dozen at thrift stores and garage sales and I got a handful of these rusty springs at Sues sale for cheap.  Or you could always harvest your own...I loved Gretchens past post, http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/4129/how-to-harvest-bed-springs, I couldnt talk my husband into helping me with that one though :)
A little soft mood lighting...

A little soft mood lighting...

I got this old empty radio "shell" at a junk sale a couple of years ago for $1...I had no idea what I would do with it but couldn't pass it up for that price.  I ran across it again when I was sorting out my junk stash and decided it would make a fun and unique light. 

Pattern or design used: My own design
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lady1880s writes: Great idea! I have 3 floor model raidos and haven't decided just how or where to use 2 of them. I did add a car speaker to one and was thinking about adding a clock to another,the third raido is a 1923 metal coffin raido with a seprate small speaker ,lost the top so added a few very small lights and a glass shelve for the top. Posted: 4:45 pm on July 27th
MimiToria writes: Hey Laurel- Just seeing this post today for the first time. Too funny about the bedsprings. My hubby doesn't go junking with me, but he did help me with that bed spring project. lol
Cool idea with the candle holders too. I'm still selling my bed springs at the "French Flea" a few at a time as I find more cool vases and such to go inside of them, so now I'm down from 42 to 20. lol
Love what you did with the radio. Very cool idea. Thanks for sharing.
Gretchen Posted: 2:51 pm on October 18th
MISSY37 writes: I already have two raido,s cant wait to get busy. Posted: 6:54 pm on September 8th
paisleypenguin writes: Oh, I absolutely HAVE to find an old radio now. Hmmmm, I think my dad has one at his house that will never work again. Bwhaha Posted: 6:58 pm on August 9th
RustyDiva writes: Great project Laurel. I love the glow! I'll be on the look for these now ~ my junk list just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Posted: 2:39 pm on August 6th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Oh, this is cool...such a warm subtle glow. (You also provided a great idea for the pinch bulb holder. I've seen little houses at thrift stores for dirt cheap using these. Cheaper than buying a NEW light).

You've probably seen from my posts that I don't go overboard on tool usage either, but never say never! Hubs bought me my very own a couple years ago and I see power tools in my future. (Eeek!) Can't wait to hear what you get!
Love it!
Candy Posted: 7:33 am on August 6th
chippingcharm writes: Thanks everyone for your kind comments...I'm all about the "easy" projects these days. But just wait, I already told my husband I want my own tools for my B-day this year :) Take care, Laurel Posted: 9:10 pm on August 5th
CottageElements writes: Lauren, the radio is sooo cool. Great idea! Love how you repurposed it. And the bed springs are great with the candles. Super job!

Lani Posted: 10:46 pm on August 4th
bessJunk writes: Thank you for giving me a gift idea for my husband! Tom restores victrolla and radios....I am going to find a "shell" and do this. It will look great on his "radio table". Thanks so much for sharing this great (and easy) idea! Posted: 7:21 pm on August 4th
shabbychick writes: This little project is playing our tune!! Super cute!

And, I love the spring-y candleholders! Great pics.

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 2:49 pm on August 4th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Chippingcharm,
Your post is beautiful........fabulous photography. What a great idea to turn the old radio into a light.........and I love the bedsprings.
xojanis Posted: 1:49 pm on August 4th
alicemom writes: Very Illuminating and clever! My dh has lots of radio cases sitting the garage. His one time trying to corner the world LOL.
smiles, alice Posted: 10:57 pm on August 3rd
DownHomeDIY writes: This totally sends out a cool vibe! Great ambience. I just love the whole setting. Awesome job on both.
~MB Posted: 10:28 pm on August 3rd
medicalsleuth writes: This is adorable. I found a floor model old time radio for $5.00. Same thing, I had no idea what to use if for. Then I bought a silouette wire dress form, and placed in on top of the radio, and it became a shelf. It looks really cute. Posted: 7:27 pm on August 3rd
leesee64 writes: Way, way cool radio idea! Love it!!! Posted: 7:01 pm on August 3rd
monakent writes: I ADORE this!!!! I may have to try and find an old radio to do something similar. It is just so cool. Also, love what you did with the candleholders and bed springs. gailmarie Posted: 5:59 pm on August 3rd
lutrell writes: a great idea . the radio light look awesome Posted: 4:52 pm on August 3rd
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