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July 26th, 2009 in member junk     
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My Triple Vase

My Triple Vase

Photo: Kristi Palma

This is one of many windows that I've done. It is a recycled window that I got from the side of the road, some scraps of glass from a Church window company and lots of shards of glass, glass, glass!

It's my way of lightening load in the landfills! Plus, it's pretty to look at! More to come hopefully.  Thanks for looking!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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new2nc69 writes: OKFarm: Very carefully! Posted: 3:51 pm on September 28th
OKFarm writes: How does one work with glass scraps? Posted: 3:00 pm on September 22nd
new2nc69 writes: KATHY H: You are definitely NOT out of your league! You are among such a variety of Junkers! All types and levels. Thanks for the compliment! Welcome to JunkMarket! You'll love it here. Do stay awhile! Posted: 4:55 pm on August 11th
Kathy_H writes: That is absolutely stunning! I'm new here, and just checking things out, but I'm thinking I'm wayyyy out of my league!

Great job! Posted: 10:31 am on August 9th
Carole_OR writes: Gorgeous work! Posted: 9:20 pm on July 29th
luvstojunk writes: Beautiful work, love 2 C more. I to work with broken glass but for some reason it never looked as beautiful as your glass does! I did my whole King size headboard in broken glass. I love working with glass and love seeing what others have done...great Job! Posted: 9:49 am on July 28th
shabbychick writes: Welcome to JunkMarket Style new2nc69!! Your window is beautiful and so creative. I love the vivid colors - and what a perfect way to bring new life to landfill materials!!

Well done - and I'm looking forward to more of your beautiful projects too!

Kathy Posted: 10:29 am on July 27th
LadyCatherine writes: Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!!!!!!! Posted: 4:39 pm on July 26th
new2nc69 writes: Thank you so very much for loving this piece! I am honored to be the featured member. Thank you, and I too, look forward to posting more projects here. I LOVE JMS!
Kristi aka New2NC69 Posted: 12:26 pm on July 26th
suewhitney writes: I thought to myself over my early cup of coffee this morning, hmmm... we haven't done a member feature in awhile! I love pouring over all of the posts that have popped up over the past week, great way to kick off a Sunday. I'm always amazed and delighted at the talent and creativity that lives in all of you and grateful that you are all so willing to share your gifts with the junk family here on JMS. This week our featured member (new to the site) is New2nc69 and her beautiful triple vase. Lovely, huh?! This piece is truly a work of art. All of your efforts paid off big time, New2nc69. Congrats!

Again, a BIG thanks to all members, old and new for sharing yourselves and your talented junking ways. Cheers!

Have a happy junking Sunday,
Sue Posted: 8:15 am on July 26th
junkermidge writes: That is amazing! So, so beautiful.
Midge Posted: 6:52 pm on July 25th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Haha! I love how your profile says you "chase window replacement guys"! Kind of like an ambulance chasing lawyer?? Funny stuff!

Your art is beautiful. So glad you found us!
Candy Posted: 6:52 pm on July 24th
suewhitney writes: Hi there New2nc69 and welcome to JUNKMARKET Style! I'm very glad that your stumbled upon us, we're all glad you are here. What a BEAUTIFUL piece of art you created. Great use of many bound for the landfill materials. You rock, can't wait to see more!

Happy Junking,
Sue Posted: 4:00 pm on July 24th
fellowjunker writes: Beautiful job!!
xojanis Posted: 2:12 pm on July 24th
thecreative1 writes: Great idea! I just received 3 windows from a house being renovated. I would love some ideas of what can be done with them. I don't have the measurements with me.... they are small, 1 is plain and 2 have six panes. I was thinking of picture frames.... any other ideas? And I would love to see more pictures. :)
Rebecca Posted: 10:39 am on July 24th
new2nc69 writes: Elizaleigh: Thanks for the tip. I submitted my window on the Greenwala site. Thanks! Posted: 9:50 am on July 24th
new2nc69 writes: Lovecrafting: it is as grouted piece. Each piece is layed down individually! Painstakingly so! Posted: 9:50 am on July 24th
alicemom writes: Beautiful & welcome. This is a great site. We all get addicted & want more from all. Keep up the good work.
smiles, alice Posted: 10:10 pm on July 23rd
elizahleigh writes: I agree with all of the ladies here -- such a gorgeous piece of art, and I absolutely LOVE that it's so green. Speaking of which, I'm a member of a green social network and they're running some cool artsy is called "Choose To Reuse" -- you should definitely enter this piece!! Here's the link if you want to take a look: Posted: 5:29 pm on July 23rd
lovecrafting writes: Are the pieces glued on the glass and grouted or is it true stained glass? It is beautiful! Posted: 5:18 pm on July 23rd
new2nc69 writes: I am obsessed with this website. Honestly, I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon it. But, boy am I glad I did! Thanks for the comments. Posted: 4:37 pm on July 23rd
RustyDiva writes: This is beautiful! Great colors for the light to shine through. Can't wait to see more! Posted: 3:59 pm on July 23rd
oldnews writes: Very nice!! Is it leaded or copper foiled? It is beautiful! Hope we get to see more soon! Welcome to the most amazing website around! Marie Posted: 3:57 pm on July 23rd
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