Vintage Cash Register Art Piece

July 17th, 2009 in member junk     
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The OLD cash register had seen better days but I saw a diamond in the rough. I took it all apart and was up to my ears in pieces in parts. What a gold mine!
I love the graphical quality of the numbers and words and wanted to keep the integrity of what it actually was. Here’s what I came up with.
To add interest and dimension to the piece, I varied the height of the numbers and words.
Heres what the back looks like. Doesnt that shape just say cash register?
The OLD cash register had seen better days but I saw a diamond in the rough. I took it all apart and was up to my ears in pieces in parts. What a gold mine!

The OLD cash register had seen better days but I saw a diamond in the rough. I took it all apart and was up to my ears in pieces in parts. What a gold mine!

That Georgia! Always on the lookout for cool things for me and a wonderful old cash register was no exception…

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - JennyK Original
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Womynofindigo writes: Your artist (cleaveness) that a word..Is inspiring.I have often wonder why I collect cigar have given me a new thought/...Oh the power of WOMYN!.. Posted: 12:57 am on July 19th
dep2x61 writes: I have 100's of these old cash register numbers for sale at 3.00 each Posted: 12:43 am on October 26th
RustyDiva writes: Great project!!! I too love the old numbers. Posted: 6:15 pm on July 20th
WhimsicalCottage writes: I love your idea, Jenny. Great use of old junk to create something funky and fun. I'd love to have one for my house! Now I'm on the look for a cash register. Thanks for the inspiration. Posted: 2:04 pm on July 20th
jillruth writes: I really like this. Posted: 8:56 am on July 20th
catbishop writes: Very cool.. Posted: 7:27 pm on July 19th
writes: You guys & gals!
Thank you for all the wonderful feedback. I tell ya - you know how to make someone's day!

Thanks for your stories & memories -and Gretchen - too funny how timely the post was based on your cash register pull-apart-ing...

You are the best!!

JennyK Posted: 1:56 pm on July 19th
JunkArchitect writes:
Jenny K!

I WANT the cash register piece and the table it’s sitting on. I have to say after recently visiting California that you do have the best junk out there. Another great project!


Posted: 1:16 pm on July 19th
fellowjunker writes: Jenny,
xojanis Posted: 12:46 pm on July 19th
shabbychick writes: Jenny - Absolutely fabulous!! Love the old numbers and how you arranged them - you've definitely done it again!

Thanks for sharing - it's always inspiring!

Take care, Kathy

P.S.(hope you're feeling better!)
Posted: 11:39 pm on July 18th
junkermidge writes: The vintage numbers are so cool looking! Great job!
Midge Posted: 10:34 pm on July 18th
suewhitney writes: One of my favs, Jenny K.! I love the fact that it has both old world and industrial appeal. Rock on, sista!

Take care,

Yes,I actually said rock on. My daughter would be mortified. Posted: 10:05 am on July 18th
MimiToria writes: Oh, for the timing of this post JennyK! I just spent the afternoon with my friend, Carolyn, tearing apart two vintage cash registers. Too funny!
What a great gallery art project you created with your treasure.
I've been wanting to buy some of these on etsy, but they're each selling for $6-10 per # with shipping, so waited. Low and behold my dear friend, Carolyn stopped at a neighbors garage sale and bought two cash registers for $10.00 each. Her dh helped her pull apart both of them, and today we finished harvesting the pieces we wanted to keep.
I am actually giving Sue pieces of the cash register for her project from me. How fun will that be.
The one machine has exquiste detailing and I'd planned on posting a "help" post for ideas of what to do with them. Looks like you've started the process. Thanks for sharing!
As always another super project by JennyK.
Gretchen Posted: 11:59 pm on July 17th
piecesofthepast writes: Where did you ever find such a great find??!! I also love the way the old numbers look...brings back lots of memories of soda pop from the corner store with my best friend. Haha...if I was ever to have a necklace made from one of these it would have to be the "Paid Out" piece...that's how I feel every time I go shopping!! Great work! Posted: 4:14 pm on July 17th
Carole_OR writes: I'm going to echo everyone else...What a cool thing!

I'd love to have those numbers to play around with in my altered art! Posted: 1:43 pm on July 17th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Cha-ching! How cool is that! The back could be a message center using the leftover numbers with magnets affixed to them.

Very cool, Jenny. Very cool.
Candy Posted: 10:45 am on July 17th
alicemom writes: Fantantic! This is one of the best you have done! I know I always say that BUT you keep topping yourself!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:09 am on July 17th
BarkingDogs writes: This is one of my faves ever.... I LOVE it! Posted: 10:00 am on July 17th
CottageElements writes: OOOOh, those number are so cooool. Love them and I actually have a necklace made out of one. All together they make such a great impact. Awesome piece!

Lani Posted: 9:55 am on July 17th
oldnews writes: How cool is this! Those old numbers are so neat, I love it! It's fabulous as usual! Marie Posted: 9:04 am on July 17th
grannijo writes: cool!...I was a cashier for many years and then owned my own market...always loved the old register's...the first one I ran had numbers like that!!..what a it!..thanks for sharing...sharon Posted: 8:59 am on July 17th
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