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July 20th, 2009 in blog     
MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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1.  White columbine in the garden is a welcome addition.
Creeping thyme growing between the granite pavers.  The granite now has a finish on them from our hard/rusty cabin water which has enhanced there usefulness as they are no longer slippery when wet like they were when I first laid the pavers.
Garden view towards my garden shed.  Sundial shown in garden.
Sundial purchased at The French Flea in Anoka at the recent sale there.  I just love it!  It is a married piece with the bottom portion maybe vintage and part of a lower portion of a table and the sundial appears to be newer, but have been painted to match.
Thyme on the granite and pea gravel walking paths Ive made to wander through out my gardens. 
Granite was harvested from a dumpster which was heading for the landfill.
Not sure what this is, but I loved it and bought it last week-end at the same sale that I found the sundial at.  I just fell in love with it and knew it would be perfect in my gardens at the cabin. 
The gorgeous shade of these balloon flowers is so striking against the contrasting colors in the garden.
Flowers gifted from my dear friend, Laura.
Creeping phlox early in the season make such a bright display.
Memory stone is in memory of my dear mother whom I lost to cancer 14 years ago this past July.  I found this fabulous stone with stand for $5 at a garage sale and knew it was meant to live out the rest of its usefulness in my gardens at our cabin.
A birthday gift from my sister, Sandy makes a great bird bath for the birds that visit my gardens.
God has blessed me with much beauty in my garden and it has become such a peaceful place to spend time.  It feeds my soul!  This is another columbine. 
1.  White columbine in the garden is a welcome addition.

1.  White columbine in the garden is a welcome addition.

Last year I began creating gardens over a troubled patch of land that was on top of our septic system.  I had built garden paths with recycled granite from the dumpster, recyled plants from friends, and now I've added some recycled finds to my garden.

I call this my memory garden and the plants have been provided to me through 6 family members, 5 friends, and 2 of the best Champlin private garden sellers around.

I am constantly adding to it, and the next project will be a granite patio that is quite ambitous with the size of about 15' x 30' in size, as well as landscaping the area behind our cabin.

Enjoy!    My original post I did when creating these gardens.

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justtj49 writes: Gretchen - I love the garden and, I too have that poem for my Dad who passed over 16 years ago.

Where in Anoka, is the French Flea. I live nearby and just have to pay a visit soon!!


Posted: 11:42 pm on July 28th
MimiToria writes: Thanks everyone for your nice comments and encouragement. It has truly been a labor of love, but is so wonderful to be able to get my hands dirty in the soil and than see the beauty of the flowers blossoming. I'm looking forward to seeing what may be in bloom tomorrow, as its been 10 days since I've been there to check out my gardens.
Flowerbasketgirl, you were absolutely right with those two flowers being columbines. I knew that, but mistakenly typed the wrong name, as I was in a hurry. I do have the old fashioned honey suckles too that look like a smaller version of the larger red/yellow columbine posted in the last photo.
Candy- you are a hoot! I never realized this before, but my hard water at the cabin has turned the stepping stones into a rusty color. How fitting for a junker! I will now appreciate it after reading your post. lol

Gretchen Posted: 6:32 pm on July 22nd
chippingcharm writes: Wow Gretchen...your gardens are beautiful...I wish I had your Green Thumb...and wonderful junk treasures too :)
Thanks for sharing, Laurel Posted: 8:48 am on July 22nd
RustyDiva writes: Gorgeous garden! I think it's wonderful that it feeds your soul ~ we all need that in life. Posted: 2:16 pm on July 21st
fellowjunker writes: Gretchen,
I, too, love to garden and can appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating this little haven. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL, and I am so glad you shared your little heaven on earth with us all. Hope you are having a FABULOUS summer!!
xojanis Posted: 11:35 pm on July 20th
flowerbasketgirl writes: love people who love plants but the white flower you show is a columbine like the fuschia/yellow one. I always remember we nearer God's heart in a garden than any place else. Posted: 11:13 pm on July 20th
georgiamoon writes: Gretchen I am always so impressed with all that goes into creating a garden. It takes patience and love and it looks like you have given both to this one. Great job and thanks for sharing, Geoergia Posted: 10:31 pm on July 20th
roadtriplouise writes: Beautiful garden, I too have balloon flowers, they are such a brillent shade of blue. Thanks for sharing.
Ann Posted: 10:29 pm on July 20th
alicemom writes: Gretchen,
I love your garden. We have so much in common! I have never seen anyone I know to have balloon flowers. I was tickled to see them. I have a sundial and an armillary sphere also. I love your "heaven". I was also very close to my Mother. She died of cancer 20 years age. We never stop missing them. A wonderful tribute plaque. The pictures are beautiful too. Thanks so much for all your inspiring pictures.
smiles, alice Posted: 8:29 pm on July 20th
italianpeasant writes: GREAT LOOK! I HAVE AN ARMILLARY ALSO, IT'S USED FOR TELLING TIME :) GIO Posted: 2:52 pm on July 20th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: What a gorgeous post, Gretchen. I am particularly fond of how your granite pavers look from your hard water. You couldn't have planned it any better.

Beautiful job!
Candy Posted: 2:36 pm on July 20th
CottageElements writes: Gretchen, your garden looks wonderful. It's a work of love. I love your granite stepping stones. Hope to see it one day in person! The one object is called an armillary sphere. What a great find. Thanks once again for sharing your beautiful garden with us!

Lani Posted: 1:41 pm on July 20th
grannijo writes: gretchen...what a lovely garden and pieces of found items..the memory plaque is so sweet..lots of hard work has made this a beautiful garden!!!...thanks for sharing! ...sharon Posted: 12:34 pm on July 20th
suewhitney writes: Stunning, Gretchen! All of your hard work and heavy lifting is certainly paying off. What a lovely retreat! Thanks so much for sharing your special spot with everyone here at JMS.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:38 am on July 20th
oldnews writes: What an amazing garden! Who would ever want to leave? Thank you for sharing this with us! Marie Posted: 10:55 am on July 20th
shabbychick writes: Gretchen - I saw this on your blog... Love it all! So peaceful, creative and beautiful! The photos alone are so soothing, I can only imagine how much more so it is in real life - what a special place to be able to visit and relax.

The plaque that you found in memory of your Mom is really touching, and your flowers are so beautiful.

I remember you talking about the dumpster diving you did for the granite stones - :) - lots of hard work - and it's turned out (and aging) wonderfully!

Thanks for sharing! Kathy Posted: 10:39 am on July 20th
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