A Junky Little Herb Garden

May 29th, 2018 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Fresh from the department store comes your herb garden rack. OK, maybe it wasnt so fresh. It was a rusty metal delight when I found it, but now its bright and summery. Its not that I dont love rust, I do, but somtimes Im aiming for a little different look!
On your, mark, get set, paint, plant, and eat! I used a dress or shirt rack from a department store, five golf ball holders from a driving range (in honor of Fathers Day of course!), some crusty silverware, white Rustoleum spray paint, white extender hooks, Sphagnum moss, potting soil, various herbs, and some Nicotiana.
Here is the groovy rack ready and waiting for some herb action!
After spray painting, line the golf ball baskets with moss. Use plenty to keep the dirt in.
Plant with your favorite flowers and herbs.
Using the extender hooks hang baskets from clothing rack.
Isnt she lovely, isnt she wonderful! I wanted to keep my herb garden simple, just green and white. I chose this flower, Nicotiana to dress it up a bit and in hopes of attracting humming birds. Wish me luck!
Five little baskets of garden goodness! Oops, I guess you can only see four. I really can count!
Silverware seemed the appropriate choice for marking my plants. I stuck a fork in the sweet basil.
A spoon for the mint. Can you say Mohito?!
The arugula (my favorite) is adorned with the knife. A china marker works well for writing on your utensils.
And there you have it folks!
Fresh from the department store comes your herb garden rack. OK, maybe it wasnt so fresh. It was a rusty metal delight when I found it, but now its bright and summery. Its not that I dont love rust, I do, but somtimes Im aiming for a little different look!

Fresh from the department store comes your herb garden rack. OK, maybe it wasn't so fresh. It was a rusty metal delight when I found it, but now it's bright and summery. It's not that I don't love rust, I do, but somtimes I'm aiming for a little different look!

I don't have much time to care for a full blown garden, but I can handle this ittle baby! So if you find yourself with a shortage of time, space, or attention span (Who me? Never!) you can test your green thumb with an herb garden that is on the smaller end of the scale. Your summer dishes will be ooo, la, la delicious with freshly cut herbs.

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Comments (22)

merryheart2 writes: i LOvE it!
what a sweet idea.
love love love the silver ware idea.
too cool. Posted: 8:29 am on August 4th
grammieputz writes: I picked up a hen roosting galvanized insert with 10 holes at a yard sale for $15.00. It now covers my central air conditioner and in each hole there is a pot with ivy geraniums. Gotta love galvanized!! Posted: 4:13 pm on July 13th
CCO writes: Sue, love the plant display and the plant markers are a really kewl touch. What is a china marker and where do you find one? Posted: 12:02 pm on June 23rd
suewhitney writes: Thanks so much everyone! Your thoughtful comments and kind words are very much appreciated. Farmgirl, I think we would all like to see a picture of your salad in a tub! Pretty please?

Thanks again, guys and gals!
Sue Posted: 10:15 am on June 23rd
farmgirljunk writes: I have an old cast-iron clawfoot tub in my yard that I plant herbs in (sweet basil, tarragon, garlic chives) and peppers and tomato plants in. I have a salad in a tub! Everything grows great and weeding is very minimal. My garden is also at a comfortable level for tending as well.

Keep all your great ideas coming! Posted: 8:42 am on June 23rd
RustyDiva writes: Great idea once again. LOVE the silverware markers! Posted: 1:47 pm on June 22nd
1DesignChick writes: Container gardening design: Charming!
Color Scheme: Green and white are simply classic!
Silver flatware plant markers: Priceless!
(Looks like we'll be a few place settings of silverware short at dinner tonight.....!)
Janet Posted: 12:36 pm on June 22nd
FrenchMarketPapers writes: This is grand! I hope to run onto one of these to hang birdhouse gourds on for Purple Martins. Your herb garden looks so lyrical on this rack...gorgeous! Posted: 11:43 am on June 22nd
georgiamoon writes: Sue this is so fresh and beautiful. What a cool idea and such a space saver for growing herbs. It is FANTASTIC!!!I love this project...it's a winner! Georgia Posted: 9:32 am on June 22nd
shabbychick writes: Sue - like they said...love the white and green - the plant stand and planters are as fresh looking as the plants! Great look, and sooo practical! You've done it again!

Bet you can't wait to start enjoying the bounty of your little garden!

Love it, kathy Posted: 6:23 pm on June 21st
chippingcharm writes: Your projects ALWAYS inspire me...my junking wheels are turning now for my herbs this year...no more silly little pots for me :) Laurel Posted: 3:37 pm on June 21st
cindyb82 writes: Super idea!!! Posted: 12:43 pm on June 21st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: How cool is that! I have one of those spiral racks and have only used it during garage sales. Such a beautiful garden you put together with this!
Candy Posted: 12:22 pm on June 21st
monakent writes: Simple and elegant at the same time. VERY nice. gailmarie Posted: 10:35 am on June 21st
JunkArchitect writes: Sue Whitney! Now this is an incredible project. Who would have thunk that an old clothes rack could be so useful and cool.

Posted: 8:34 am on June 21st
alicemom writes: Sue, Another great hit! Yummy & beautiful too! Thanks for all your great ideas & wonderful instructions!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:46 pm on June 20th
LuAnn writes: Sue: This is just terrific. I love the way the white brightens up the green. Anyone would be proud to have this in their garden. Great job. LuAnn Posted: 10:15 pm on June 20th
vicmac44 writes: What a wonderful idea! I just love the silverware markers, it's so neat looking! Posted: 9:54 pm on June 20th
fellowjunker writes: Sue,
This is just sooooo precious....BEAUTIFUL pictures, BEAUTIFUL use of junk items, BEAUTIFUL display, BEAUTIFUL finished product. Just love the plant labels you created with the old silverware!
xojanis Posted: 9:29 pm on June 20th
misselaineous writes: Sue...Haven't commented in a while, but just had to say I LOVE the little herb garden!! Cool reuse, and the fresh white & green color scheme says "AaaHhhh!" *elaine* Posted: 8:55 pm on June 20th
SaraE writes: Sue: I've always thought that green and bright white go so well together. Your herbs look wonderful, and your spoon tags are such a lighthearted choice. Posted: 6:45 pm on June 20th
grannijo writes: Sue: it is so cute and fresh looking!..where did you find the dress rack?...rust is good but at times white is better!...love the idea...sharon / Posted: 5:17 pm on June 20th
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