Homeless Shelter Apartment Makeovers

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Deserving Decor volunteers have about 2 days to completely redo (including cleaning, painting, furnishing and decorating) a transitional 2 bedroom apartment before another homeless family moves in to the apartment. We use furnishing donations, thrift and dollar store finds and anything else we can get our hands on to make the space functional and inviting as possible for the new family.

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deservingdecor writes: Hello ladies, things have changed dramatically since my first post last June. We have grown tremendously and I have shut down my Interior Decorating business and now work full time on Deserving Decor!!

texasjunkermom, the furniture all stays in the apartment and is updated and replaced on an as needed basis, the clients take their personal items and bedding only. They then "shop" elsewhere for furntiure for their new apartment, now including Deserving Decor!

We have aquired a warehouse for donors to drop off donations and for agencies and clients to "shop" for everything from bed linens and pots and pans to art and furniture. It officially opens tomorrow! We now service 42 transitional homeless shelter apartments, as well as help clients moving out of the shelter apartments by providing furniture, home decor and decorating services.

alicemom, The agency that owns the housing, Bucks County Housing Group, have what are called apartment partners that are usally church groups. They provide sheets, shower curtains, cleaning materials, etc. for their designated apartment.

We are currently completely furnishing 10 newly aquired shelter apartments. It's a huge project but will provide much needed additional homeless housing. I will post pictures when the project is complete.

By the way, crazymomlovesjunk, the link you recommended for Enchanted Makeovers changed my life! Terry Grahl (the owner) and I are now good friends and communicate frequently via phone, email, facebook, etc. In fact, last month we met in person for the first time while attending Martha Stewart's Dreamers Into Doers event in NYC helping a shelter for abused women and children with a number of other women DID members. So thank you so very much for providing me the link, you never know how things you learn will impact your life. Posted: 9:59 pm on March 3rd
porcupinemamma writes: Very touching! Posted: 5:12 am on October 1st
deservingdecor writes: Thank you Crazymomluvsjunk for the link to Enchanted Makeovers. It truly inspired me and I wish we could put murals or color in the shelters we currently work with but they must remain white. I also read the interview with the founder http://www.shetakesontheworld.com/2009/02/in-her-heels-terry-grahl-from-enchanted.html Thanks for sharing this site with me! Every now and then need a boost and this site did it for me, you were right I do love it and it gives me a million ideas! Which is why I keep a notepad next to my bed, LOL! Middle of the night ideas. Posted: 3:03 pm on July 13th
deservingdecor writes: Sorry for the delayed response, I have been swamped with work and had to deal with some health issues.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support and comments! It is greatly appreciated! Yes the clients do take items with them when they move out and we also help them with their new home. We are now doing 5 shelters in Bucks County, PA and have three new county chapters in the works. Two in PA and one in Northeastern NJ. We now have over 40 volunteers and 4 storage units. It's like a giant snowball that keeps on rolling.

I have met some wonderful people and made some great new friends. We have a redo coming up next week. I will post some pics when we are done. Are biggest problem is collecting and moving furniture donations (all the volunteers are women). Good thing I drive a Ford F250 truck. People chuckle when they see me jump out of thr truck because I'm 5'7" and 110 lbs. But once they see me moving couches etc. they stop laughing.

Thanks for the hugs! Right back at you... Posted: 2:09 pm on July 13th
meggyjean writes: What a great thing to do. I think of people without a home and I am so blessed! This looks so homey!
Prayers to you and your organization! Posted: 4:50 pm on June 30th
shabbychick writes: I LOVE THIS and the reason behind doing it all - what a wonderful work, and I'm sure the new residents will feel the love that was put into it as well!

Will check out your site too... Giving of yourself is so important, and not always easy to do - so congrats to all of you!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 11:33 am on June 17th
georgiamoon writes: I can only imagine what a family must feel coming from a horrible living situation to something that so many people put their time, effort, and compassion into. You all made someones lives so much better...you deserve a LOT of hugs! Georgia Posted: 11:34 am on June 16th
crazymomluvsjunk writes: Here is a website you will enjoy...

There is a lady who started a non-profit to make over shelters and things like that. It's a great thing! Keep up the good work!
Rachel Posted: 4:46 pm on June 15th
suewhitney writes: You are doing a wonderful thing. Bravo! Your re-do is very charming and homey. Keep up the good work!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:46 am on June 15th
monakent writes: Wonderful cause. Wonderful people. Wonderful job!!! gailmarie Posted: 8:00 pm on June 14th
oldnews writes: This is what life is all about! My husband works tirelessly for Habitat for Humanity as a project site manager. If we didn't have people like you (and him!) this world would be a little less bright. Thanks for sharing this with everyone, it's wonderful! Posted: 6:08 pm on June 14th
alicemom writes: That is wonderful. Our church group redesign before a new family could move in. We bought the paint & the new bedding & pictures. Had a great day! I agree with texasjunkermom.give yourselves hugs!
smiles, alice Posted: 5:00 pm on June 14th
texasjunkermom writes: YOURS LOOKS FABULOUS!!! Give each other a hug. This is such a wonderful thing for an organization to do for a great cause. Do the people take the things with them when they move? I'm guessing they do. We have a place like that here in Dallas, the difference being that the organization has a huge warehouse where people (like me) can donate no-longer-needed home furnishings. The volunteers then 'go shopping' there and no money is spent. Yes, down to pictures on the walls, pots and pans, linens. And the family does take the whole houseful with them when they move, so they have a great start on a new life. (Give each other a BIG hug!!) Posted: 3:35 pm on June 14th
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