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June 14th, 2009 in member junk     
Carrie111 Carrie111, member
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Driving down an old road in florida,  I discovered this little house.  Long since inhabited, you can still feel the life in it.  Children running and playing in the tree, men working in the fields out back, wives peeking out the window.....This is where the real inspiration can be found for me!! 

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hnycreek writes: I WANT IT! Posted: 8:47 pm on February 1st
doggbo writes: Thank you for sharing thi picture that was once somebodys home.I also like to take pictures of old homes and buildings. Posted: 8:25 am on August 25th
ginnypaints writes: Thanks for the offer of an email of the picture. I would really like that. I have looked at these pictures and I could almost come up with a children's story about an old tree and the house. I'll be happy to share the result of the painting and the story if I get to it.

Ginny Posted: 3:33 pm on June 24th
MimiToria writes: Just some amazing photos you've shared with us all. The size of that tree is magnificant. I wonder when it was planted? My parents used to harvest the moss out of trees like this when they went to Florida and bring it back to Minnesota for me to use in my crafts I used to do. This is the trees they would get it from. So cool to see this photo with the moss hanging down.
Love the inspiration! Makes me want to go for a drive in my homeland area as well. Staying there for 4 days next week, so will be inspired as well.
Thank you, thank you, for sharing this.
Posted: 7:36 pm on June 22nd
ginnypaints writes: Great Photos. I want to use the last one with the big oak in a painting. I've been looking for just the right thing to do for a tree subject. I'll share when I get the painting done.

Ginny Posted: 10:19 am on June 20th
shabbychick writes: Love your photos - what a wonderful place to find on your drive - and these kinds of places are definitely's really picture perfect!

Thanks for sharing! Kathy

Posted: 11:23 am on June 17th
burningrubber writes: Ooooh, I wanna go inside and see what I can see. Wish I was there for a treasure hunt. Posted: 12:46 pm on June 16th
georgiamoon writes: Thank you for such a lovely post. It almost makes time stand still just to look at it. Imagine the sound of the rain on that tin roof and the wind blowing through the trees...just beautiful. Georgia Posted: 11:30 am on June 16th
thehillbillies writes: I love it!!! The tree is amazing... and the house would have such a story to tell. Thanks for posting a pix... an amazingly inspirational post. Posted: 4:07 pm on June 15th
suewhitney writes: What a cool place! Very inspirational..

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:47 am on June 15th
Carrie111 writes: I agree Jim! Posted: 12:02 am on June 15th
JunkArchitect writes: It’s perfect just the way it is.

Posted: 11:05 pm on June 14th
monakent writes: I would LOVE to live in a place like that (once it got fixed up a little). Or maybe have it as my art studio....THAT would be even better!!!

Sure wish I could get my hands on one of those shutters off the windows. They have a character all of their own, don't they? Thanks for sharing. This is a very cool find. gailmarie Posted: 7:57 pm on June 14th
Carrie111 writes: I know the location is near Alabama in the panhandle of Florida. Unfortunatly we used the GPS, so the road is forever lost to my knowledge! I find places like this alot in Georgia here too though, all it takes is a day trip of searching. You can find lots of interesting crafty stuff as well. Such fun days! Posted: 6:51 pm on June 14th
oldnews writes: And, the very best way to be able to keep it for yourself forever is to photograph it! That way it's there for the next lucky person to stumble upon! It's amazing! Marie Posted: 6:15 pm on June 14th
Ihavejunkitis writes: I love this. I am a native Floridian. Where is this?? I may have to take a day trip. Thanks, Carol Posted: 5:59 pm on June 14th
alicemom writes: love it!
smiles, alice Posted: 4:53 pm on June 14th
roadtriplouise writes: Neat pictures, really like the 3rd one. The tree is cool. Posted: 4:42 pm on June 14th
LuAnn writes: Nice place. I too am always looking at those types of placing wondering what went on in its "hayday". Wouldn't you just love to fix up one of these???

LuAnn Posted: 2:15 pm on June 14th
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