Que Sera Sera...Whatever will be...will be...by none other than Doris Day!!

June 11th, 2009 in blog, projects     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Here she is!  Who doesnt love Doris Day?  She just makes you smile...
My clipboard/chalkboard reminder of the DAY...
Used the letters right off the album cover...  This project was super simple and cheap...the albums were 50 cents each, and the clipboard was a dollar (love thrift stores)   ...and just a little chalkboard spray paint! 
Doris - still smiling...its Junk DAY!  (Have they made that a national holiday yet???)
With some buttercups (thats what I call them anyway...) unfortunately the DAYlilies werent blooming yet...  A clear bud vase placed inside keeps the picture dry.
See?  Dry as can be...
Melted a few records while my husband was at work...  I put on garden gloves to help bend - they were a little warm!  (and they do cool down quickly too)
And heres a crazy Doris daisy screen collage...with a bud vase for some fresh flowers. 
An old thermometer fit perfectly!
And a close-up of the faucet center.
A thrift store find...
Another view.
Here she is!  Who doesnt love Doris Day?  She just makes you smile...

Here she is!  Who doesn't love Doris Day?  She just makes you smile...

I thought I'd join in on the Contributor Challenge fun too...  So, I tried to come up with an "appropriate" persona for my challenge.  I talked this over with my junk friend, Candy (aka Baby Face) - and she thought I'd make a great "Doris Day" - and I quote:  "You have DORIS DAY written all over you, Kathy! The looks AND the sweet and fun personality! She's actually from Cinci, an Ohio girl too."  Candy is such a good friend!!  (Doris and I are both blondes at least...so I accepted the "challenge"!)  And, after a little research...I saw that her song "Que Sera Sera" was released the year I was born...sorry, you'll have to do that research! :)

Unfortunately, either everyone has bought up all the Doris Day albums...or they've worn them out...not sure which!  I was only able to find two - but just enough material to go on a little junking "sentimental journey" of my own!

I laid it all out on my worktable, and dug through junk in the immediate area...and waiting for Doris to sing some inspiration - I had "high hopes" but, with no turntable in the house (or in a box deep in the basement somewhere) - I was on my own...

Anyway, I had a clipboard waiting to be put to use...so, thought I'd use some chalkboard paint and make it useful again!  Three coats later, and it was ready to be put to work.  I cut Doris out of her album...she looked like she was ready to jump out of it anyway - and attached her to my cheery "Do ToDAY" clipboard/chalkboard (cut the letters off the album cover as well...) - and as you can see, my first reminder was to hit some "garage sales on Friday" (like I was going to forget...but wanted to put it to use right away).  Just a quick project with a lot of personality!

I had another pic of Doris to use...so pulled out a glass carafe and put the picture inside, and also placed a clear bud vase inside that could hold some freshly cut "day"lilies or "day"zees...or maybe some buttercups from my garden (had to use what was blooming...).  This would be a fun idea for a birthday, shower, graduation, or anniversary party - to put loved ones pictures in the containers - and show them off with your favorite flowers !

My next challenge was to use the records.  So, since my hubby works on Saturday afternoons...I decided to follow Candy's inspiration and do a little "melting" in my oven - I thought he might think I was crazy or something if he smelled the aroma of vinyl in the house!  I also used a couple 45s - some spray paint - an old thermometer and faucet handle for the centers, a yardstick for the stem, put it all on a vintage screen, with some other junk...and came up with a daisy collage (of sorts) to hang on the porch (not in the hot sun...those daisies would be drooping/melting in no time I bet).  It was definitely one of those "que sera sera" kind of projects...whatever will be, will be...  I think that's how junk projects evolve sometimes...

Oh...and one last thought..."please don't eat the daisies"... 


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Comments (17)

byabpryor writes: The more I look at this project... the more I am intrigued! I thought 'yellow records?!' ahahahaha Posted: 8:12 pm on July 25th
shabbychick writes: Doris and I thank you!;)

Sue came up with such a fun challenge - and this junking stuff is all about fun!!! So glad you all liked my projects (but trust me...I'm leaving the singing to Doris!) LOL

doggbo - Hope to see your project too!

Take care, Kathy

P.S. Thank you to my fellow-Buckeye junker, Candy, for the help getting started and the inspiration for my flowers! :)

Posted: 9:18 am on June 17th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, love your take on this project and your description of the process. Doris was a perfect choice for you! I can just see you singing along as you were creating . . . sounds like a Disney movie! Great job!

Lani Posted: 9:59 pm on June 16th
doggbo writes: Kathy yourvintage screen idea came at thepefect time.We just finished a small seating area.NOW I know what I am doing with it.Thank You. Posted: 11:25 pm on June 15th
writes: Kathy!
You outdid yourself on this one and I am humming Doris Day diddy's while I write this!

Such a happy and well thought-out post. I especially love the happy Doris clipboard / chalkboard.

Nice work!

JennyK Posted: 5:12 pm on June 15th
oldnews writes: You are SO amazingly clever! I can't believe the thought and work that went into this! I am really impressed! Very cute!! Marie Posted: 2:34 pm on June 12th
JunkArchitect writes: Kathy, you really went all out and created a bunch of fantastic projects. I agree Doris Day was the perfect choice.


Posted: 8:35 am on June 12th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Yep! You are our own little modern-day Doris around here. Love each of your projects, Kathy. Your layered record flowers are FANTASTIC and look great on the screen. My personal favorite is your photo carafe. Very nice!

Great job my friend!
Candy Posted: 6:52 am on June 12th
shabbychick writes: Thanks so much everybody - Doris was definitely an inspiration for fun!! (Junkology101 - I'm listening to Doris right now - thanks for the site! - and love the "pillow talk" idea too!)

Sharon - another Buckeye! :) We definitely need to round up these Ohio junkers one of these days!!

Have a great weekend! Kathy

P.S. Gonna see if I can find a DD movie to watch!

Posted: 11:57 pm on June 11th
fellowjunker writes: A MAGNIFICENT post Kathy full of lots of fun and doable projects!!!
xojanis Posted: 11:03 pm on June 11th
piecesofthepast writes: I've had a stressful day, but seeing this project just made me smile and melted the stress away in a snap!! This is such a cute project and I love it! Posted: 9:11 pm on June 11th
alicemom writes: Kathy..............Is there any one not a DD fan???? I think she & you are the best! Your projects are great. I love the screen flowers.
Alice Posted: 8:44 pm on June 11th
LuAnn writes: You and your friend are just to cleaver. I loved the Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies!! Good job. LuAnn Posted: 8:22 pm on June 11th
georgiamoon writes: Well girly you came up with some fantastic stuff. And I think Candy was right..Doris Day was perfect for you! The chalkboard is darling and the screen project is just so DARN cute...now you have me talking like Doris...great job coming up with two fun LP projects, Georgia Posted: 7:06 pm on June 11th
RustyDiva writes: WOW! All that creativity in one little person - I'm tired just reading it. Great job! My creative juices trickle - wish they ran like yours. Posted: 5:47 pm on June 11th
junkology101 writes: I am loving the Doris Day junk--she is one of my favorites! I don't know if you know about the website www.pandora.com You can listen to music on your computer by entering her name on the selection and it will play a variety of her music and music from her genre/era--so (if you need music to inspire you) that would be another option to listen to Doris' tunes while you are creating your masterpieces! Another idea would be to make pillow cases with Doris and Rock (Hudson) printscreened in memory of their great movie: Pillow Talk! :) Posted: 5:14 pm on June 11th
grannijo writes: Kathy....Love the projects!!...I too am from OHIO...lol..love Doris Day!..think my favorite is the screen..how cute!..sharon Posted: 4:29 pm on June 11th
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