Faucet knob art

June 2nd, 2009 in member junk     
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I've collected these knobs and decided to put them in a free form on the fence.  My husband says the shape resembles the shape of the U.S.  It does take a little imagination.  I'll continue to add more as I find them.

Pattern or design used: My own design - creekside rummager
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brenna15 writes: That is so cool and inspirational Keep up the great work!! Posted: 4:28 pm on June 20th
1retrogal writes: I love all of the different colors and shapes. I too collect these, and don't have too many yet but I'm working on it. :) Good job!
Karen Posted: 11:39 pm on June 15th
Dee_in_Englewood writes: I love the eclectic mix of knobs; rusty, smooth, painted, chippy... it has a happy feel to it! Posted: 3:52 pm on June 15th
Adina72 writes: I love what you've done with your knobs. I just started collecting them myself. I only have four so far, but I can't wait until I have more so I can do something artistic with them. Posted: 1:56 pm on June 15th
suewhitney writes: Very cool indeed. Love all of the different colors and shapes. I agree, it does look a bit like a map of the US of A. Great job!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:11 pm on June 6th
RecycledPages writes: A very cool and creative idea! Love it

:) Posted: 7:33 pm on June 5th
Tuttibelle writes: Love it. Posted: 10:07 am on June 4th
creeksiderummager writes: Thanks for all the great comments. Jenny - I just wanted to tell you that it actually was your welded piece that got me thinking about this project. I haven't learned to weld yet, so I began thinking of other things I could do with my growing collection of knobs. Posted: 1:12 am on June 4th
ClassyLadyJen writes: That is very creative and very cool. I love it! Posted: 11:51 am on June 3rd
chezdoublewide writes: ok - this is seriously cool! i, too, have a collection of water faucet handles which are hanging on my chicken coop wall. i've been collecting 'rusty round things' lately. nice job! Posted: 12:24 am on June 3rd
bridiemurphy writes: This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with your husband (though wouldn't have seen the U.S. if you hadn't mentioned it)!

Delightful art...colorful "splash" on your fence. Posted: 9:38 pm on June 2nd
Chovey writes: I like!

I have a blank fence and this would be perfect!

cynthia Posted: 9:36 pm on June 2nd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: So cool! I love all the various sizes and colors used. Nice job!
Candy Posted: 7:58 pm on June 2nd
Christina_S writes: Wonderful colorful display, knobs are so cool! Posted: 2:43 pm on June 2nd
monakent writes: I too thought this was one of Jenny's.... What a fun piece!!! What a great idea to keep adding more as you find them (just be careful of how many you add, so the fence doesn't fall over!!!). Enjoy ~ gailmarie Posted: 2:42 pm on June 2nd
alicemom writes: I first thought when I saw the pic that it was Jenny's. It is fab! Love it & love that you can keep adding.
smiles, alice Posted: 2:29 pm on June 2nd
writes: I love, love love faucet knobs and your project is awesome! You have some beauties there!

Take a look at some of the projects I've done with knobs - maybe it will spur some ideas... :-)

Wind chimes: http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/3264/faucet-knob-wind-chimes

Welded Art: http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/9551/faucet-knob-art-pieces

Happy Creating!


Posted: 2:02 pm on June 2nd
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