I saw the light- it was ugly!

June 2nd, 2009 in member junk     
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The pair done - with patio tomatoes in them
One of the lamps Before I attacked!
After- I like how the look of the planter is made after with the old part of the Neck of the tope of the urn is now the pedestal, replace the old wood feet which would rot outdoors
The pair done - with patio tomatoes in them

The pair done - with patio tomatoes in them

I repurpose a pair of hideous lamps into 2 new patio tomato planters! I simply tok the urn style lamps apart (Of course I saved all the parts for use later) Attached a small part of the lamp (for a pedestal) to the Urn.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Rob Johnson
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junkermidge writes: Oh, what a smarty you are. Way to go!
Midge Posted: 8:30 pm on June 8th
JunkArchitect writes: Great job Rob! You come up with some really creative ideas.

Posted: 6:46 pm on June 3rd
suewhitney writes: Very cool idea, Rob. Lookin' good!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:22 am on June 2nd
alicemom writes: I agree with Gailmarie. If you really want tomatoes re-plant. I did the same thing. Love the idea & it looks great now!
alice Posted: 11:08 am on June 2nd
monakent writes: I too, planted herbs in tall silver/metal containers (similar to yours) that I bought at a local thrift store. LOVE how it looks!!! The only concern I had, was how hot the metal will become and whether or not there would be any damage to the plants and it's roots, due to the (possible) extreme heat of the summer heat.

Please consider repotting the plants while they are small, in a terra cotta planter and then putting them back into the metal bases to show case them. You can always cover the top with stones or mulch to hide the terra cotta pot.

Love your bases. Can't imagine them as lamps!!!

May your tomatoes grow big and strong!!! gailmarie Posted: 10:21 am on June 2nd
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