Granite Scrap Patio and Path

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This was the before Picture, I have been on a rock removal kick for years.
Now its time to relax and enjoy!

Thanks Gretchen for your post "Granite Path". I loved the idea so much my Sister and I went dumpster diving at the store where she got her granite counter tops. I tried to pick out a lot of different colors and sizes. The patio is 7'x 14'. It took a lot more granite then I thought it would. The hardest part was the removal of rock that we had in our landscaping. My sons and my husband helped me with that part of the job. I loved it when I actually got to start laying out the granite pieces. It reminded me of piecework quilting, just heavier patches. It's like a puzzle I just kept putting pieces in and moving them around. My hands ached for days. When I swept the sand mix in I was amazed at how beautiful it was. I put perennials in front of the patio some day they will be bigger and fill in.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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Laurafischer writes: The granite patio here is looking beautiful and I am going to start a similar project at my place. I took some help from online as they have a wide range of granite slab patterns. Posted: 12:19 am on June 6th
ria1298 writes: Good morning, I too, am in the process of finally laying the granite for my patio; however, hard as I look, I can't find answers as to the exact process it entails. Do I put cement down and lay the pieces in sections? That seems tedious and stressful. Would you be willing to explain your process? Your patio looks amazing and I'd be eternally grateful.
Thank you. -Maria Posted: 6:28 am on May 27th
faust writes: Am also starting a granite mosaic-piece patio project this summer. Where it is to be placed on concrete I'll use mortar to set it and where placed on sand in the lawn area how should I proceed? Am wondering if anyone has a good idea as to how to give polished granite a surface which will make it less slippery. Thanks, charles Posted: 7:53 pm on May 31st
Mammogirl writes: I have been collecting granite pieces for my patio also. I am very interested in obtaining direction on how we can do a patio. Could you please email me to let me know how this can be done?
thanks in advance for your help

Laurie Posted: 2:52 am on April 16th
Mike62 writes: I just pick up about 8,000 lbs of granite and am getting ready to build a granite patio, what did you use underneath it, concrete or crush and run? Posted: 8:01 pm on March 16th
Junebug55 writes: This beautiful granite patio inspired me to create a granite path which you can see check out here:
I linked back to you! Posted: 10:21 am on February 10th
dwize writes: Hello- i am new to your site, and found it when i was searching for a way to lay polished scrap granite for a patio. Yours turned out great. Did you do anything to texture it so it wasn't too slippery when wet? What did you use for underlayment? Did you use regular sand for grout, or a mix? Do you have a direct email i can ask you a few more questions?
thank you!
-danny Posted: 8:03 am on March 22nd
pterygellus writes: Your patio is beautiful. Are the pieces glued down somehow, or simply placed and what was the sand mix you used?
Ive got a load of granite and I'm trying to figure out how to work with it.
Nancy Posted: 8:37 am on March 4th
kevinanchi writes: Great, thanks for sharing these information...
Patio Umbrella Posted: 12:04 am on February 6th
sdkeywords writes: Truly impressive and nice, this is really wonderful, we can contact with Marble Granite Suppliers and can take granite and marble scrap from them. Posted: 1:34 am on July 6th
Humana writes: this....Cathy Posted: 8:00 pm on July 20th
AtticusFinch writes: To avoid the slick part, turn the granite over to the non-polished side. Still lovely granite without the slippery slope. Posted: 9:13 pm on June 30th
junkermidge writes: Wow -- you're good!
Midge Posted: 8:28 pm on June 8th
bridiemurphy writes: Aha! FANTASTIC! Now I know why the sink cutouts from the granite countertops that we install in homes being built disappear so fast!! WoW! Posted: 9:42 pm on June 2nd
CottageElements writes: Amazing! Just beautiful!

Lani Posted: 12:00 am on June 2nd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is really beautiful! You should be so very proud.
Candy Posted: 4:21 pm on June 1st
monakent writes: What a gorgeous patio you now have!!! I can only guess your family is happy as well with the wonderful results. A job well done.

Are you now the envy of your neighborhood????? :o)

LOVE the "candle cage" you have on the milk can!!! Truly adds charm to your patio and home, along with the other antiques you have here and there.

Sit back and enjoy - you have earned it!!! gailmarie Posted: 3:06 pm on June 1st
JudiD writes: Great idea and nicely done too.

Thanks for sharing!

Judi Posted: 2:06 pm on June 1st
MimiToria writes: Hi Kim- Your patio project turned out absolutely gorgeous!I'm glad to have been your inspiration. I just love my granite out at the cabin. Take a look at my post from last summer here for all of you that might be new and didn't see it in the past:

A huge patio of about 16 x 30 is my big project for this summer out at our cabin across the whole south end of our cabin which is currently class 5 gravel and was a former parking spot for the previous owner. My plan is to turn it into a patio area for laying out, and eating in the sunshine next to our gardens. Kim, now knows what a huge undertaking this will be as the dumpster diving is just one small portion of this project.

If you plan to do this. Here's a few tips. Granite is very, very heavy as well as rough on your hands. Do wear gloves for all of it and long sleeves for dumpster diving, as well as strong shoes and long pants. You will save yourself a lot of scratches from the rough granite that way.

Granite can be very slippery, so we found out. Caution people if its wet and be very careful with ice in the northern parts of the US. Might not be a great place to use it if you have a high traffic area.

Again, Kim this turned out fabulous, and I love how you added the great extra touches around this area to truly make it now such a welcome and gorgeous area. Kudos!

Gretchen Posted: 10:22 am on June 1st
shabbychick writes: Just wonderful! I love the look - your hard work was well worth it!

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 10:06 am on June 1st
pipandpipper writes: WOW, fantastic. Now I have to go dumpster diving. I was trying to decide what to do with my back patio, I think you've made the decision for me. Thank you. Posted: 9:01 am on June 1st
irishrovr writes: This is so awesome! Thanks for including a "before" picture - what a great improvement!

Eileen Posted: 1:35 am on June 1st
writes: WOW! Your patience and perseverance paid off on something you get to look at and enjoy every day.

Beautiful job!!

JennyK Posted: 1:22 am on June 1st
texasjunkermom writes: That is absolutely the most beautiful patio! Knowing from experience how hard it is using only big rocks, that really must have been hard to do. You had a great idea and the pieces fit so well! Quite a change from what you had, and I'll bet you can use this from now on. BIG kudos to you and all who helped you! Posted: 11:28 pm on May 31st
piecesofthepast writes: This is really beautiful! Posted: 10:15 pm on May 31st
alicemom writes: Wow what a great job. I am really impressed. That was a giant job& it turned out great.
smiles, alice Posted: 10:09 pm on May 31st
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