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You all know how much I LOVE to embellish my junk!!!  I added gold glitter to the fan and pieces of rhinestone jewelry for a earring and bracelet. 
It was easy to turn the cover into a portfolio.  I cut the three sides, then hole punched and looped ribbon through one side for the binding.  Large scrap book papers fit perfectly inside. Another hole on the opposite side allows me to loop a ribbon through and tie a pretty bow to seal my portfolio.
I decided to  make a tiered display stand with the records I received.  I simply glued drawer pulls to the bottom record for feet and then used the pieces from an old china display piece I had to create a two-tiered stand. 

I absolutely LOVE the album cover Sue sent me for the record challenge and wanted to use it for some type of display piece so I created a portfolio using it as the cover.  My new "junk portfolio" will hold pictures of my junk projects that I can show to potential buyers.

I created a two-tiered display piece out of the records.


Pattern or design used: My Own Design - junkstyle
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byabpryor writes: ABSOLUTELY Beautiful! Posted: 5:22 pm on June 18th
suewhitney writes: Hi Janis,

Well, you've done it again. It's amazing how you can take a plain old anything and turn it in to something divine and elegant! Beautiful projects!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:14 am on June 2nd
CottageElements writes: Janis, you've done it again girlfriend! Superb job on both your challenge projects! The record cover was beautiful to start with and I love how you embellished it! And great idea to use it as a portfolio. It will be most impressive (along with what's inside)! And I've never seen albums look so elegant...the feet were the topping on the cake. Again, beautiful!

Lani Posted: 11:48 pm on June 1st
georgiamoon writes: Oh my good-NESS, as my girlfriends like to say!!! Beautiful, tasteful, chic, charming, sophisticated.... classic Janis! You have done it again, Georgia Posted: 12:41 pm on June 1st
shabbychick writes: Janis - your signature elegant style - beautiful! Love the portfolio idea (it just gave me an idea for something too!). And your 2-tier stand is so sweet (love the little knobs/feet - gotta have some feet for a little waltz, right??)

Well done! Kathy Posted: 9:52 am on June 1st
writes: Janis,
I just love how pretty and elegant your projects are. You're a very talented gal. I love them both but the portfolio takes the cake for me. It is so you! :-)

Wonderful job as usual,

JennyK Posted: 1:14 am on June 1st
berton718 writes: Beautiful, Chic, Amazing!! I love it!! Posted: 12:01 am on June 1st
alicemom writes: Janis, as per normal beautiful! I love both. The portfolio is such a great idea. I might could to it!
alice Posted: 10:07 pm on May 31st
monakent writes: Great job on both projects. LOVE the glitz you added to the cover...it seemed so fitting. The stand is a great idea, too. gailmarie Posted: 9:31 pm on May 31st
JunkArchitect writes: Janis, you create the most beautiful projects no matter what materials you use. The entire post has a vintage New York, Broadway feel to it. Great job as usual. Jim Posted: 9:29 pm on May 31st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Beautiful job, Janis, and I think both projects are terrific! I absolutely LOVE the way you embellished your album covered portfolio!! It is so you and so beautiful with the added glitter and ribbon!

Way to go, my friend!

Posted: 8:23 pm on May 31st
Christina_S writes: Love the portfolio, so pretty! You beat me to the two-tiered stand, mine is still sitting here half finished, LOL. Beautiful job, I love to use of the pulls as feet! Posted: 7:05 pm on May 31st
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