Cinder Block Raised Planter Bed

May 22nd, 2009 in member junk     
susyn susyn, member
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CBC raised planter wall

CBC raised planter wall

Photo: Susyn Stecchi

I wanted a raised planter bed in my yard along my fence (to make it a little harder for my dogs to dig in the plant bed) and to give me some more color when I looked out my patio doors.  A neighborhood property had cinder/cement/concrete blocks from a building that was demolished, and the site crew said I could drag off whatever I wanted before they threw them in the dumpster.  I had to use my little red wagon (yes, the toy RadioFlyer wagon) to get them home, three blocks at a time, until I had 33 blocks.  I stacked the first row with the best side out, then used construction adhesive in a caulking gun to stick the second layer of blocks on top of the first.  I topped them with reclaimed 2X4s that I cut to size (also glued down with more construction adhesive), then painted the whole thing the brightest, cheeriest green I could find in the local home improvement store's returned paints section (a gallon for $5).  Then I took ceramic tile from the local Habitat for Humanity Reuse Store (36 tiles for $6) and broken mirrors from my local Trash2Treasure Creative Reuse Center (free) and scrap glass from a local stained glass studio (free) and glued them onto the face of the blocks with more construction adhesive.  The wall works well, and I love the bright color I see when I look out the patio doors now. 

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Susyn Stecchi
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Comments (7)

pattivincentfineart writes: Very impressive. Love the colors and of course the recycled aspect of the entire project. I bet you just love the new art in your life. Posted: 2:41 pm on April 5th
csudderth writes: OMG--you've built a really great wall for next to nothing and recycled to boot. This is truly a "green" wall.
Christy Posted: 4:13 pm on May 25th
piecesofthepast writes: This is really good! You SHOULD win the prize for the best project because anyone that could haul that many cinder blocks and then paint it this pretty has my vote! The way it is designed and painted it's hard to notice that it is made of something so humble! Posted: 12:17 pm on May 23rd
vecernice writes: Love the idea and the colors are just beautiful. Great Job
Eva Posted: 11:29 am on May 23rd
StrangeCargo writes: Susyn, whatever it takes to abscond the prized treasure, i.e, wagon, hoofing it, tractor-trailer! Great job.

Ken Posted: 6:57 am on May 23rd
JunkArchitect writes: I think you just won the reuse prize of the day for this project. It’s amazing how you were able to build such a cool planter bed for $11.00...congratulations. Jim Posted: 10:37 pm on May 22nd
suewhitney writes: So, what I really have to say about this post is that it is MOST excellent. It speaks to the spirit of a true junker. particularly hauling 3 blocks at a time in your little red wagon. Ha! That puts a big 'ol smile on my face! Been there, done that. Great tips on how to buy returned paints, building re-use centers, and other unique places to get materials for free. Bravo! And, by the way the wall is beautimous.

Thanks for sharing,
Sue Posted: 9:29 pm on May 22nd
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