Shabby Chic Windchimes

May 19th, 2009 in member junk     
susyn susyn, member
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Shabby chic garden windchimes

Shabby chic garden windchimes

Photo: Susyn Stecchi

A few years ago, I purchased a hanging lamp with an ornate cutout metal rim around it and a tacky 60ish huge glass globe which covered the bulb inside. It didn't work, and I only wanted it for the metal framework. I removed the glass globe and all the electrical components, and waited for the right thing to do to it. Last year, I bought a piece of furniture at auction and, inside, surprise, was a box of interestingly carved serving and eating utensils! They were cheap metal, but cool looking. I drilled a hole in the end of each of them, attached galvanized wire through the holes so it wouldn't rust and strung them to the metal lamp framework.  It hangs in my garden now, and they jingle jangle interestingly when the wind blows or when my dogs walk under them just grazing them with their backs.  The combo looks just right!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Susyn Stecchi
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Comments (8)

ItsMichelle writes: Oh my goodness, I love it! Posted: 8:21 am on May 16th
OldBarnRescue writes: Very cute! Great way to use the lamp framework! Posted: 10:13 am on May 24th
junkermidge writes: I love that use for an old light fixture. Perfect.
Midge Posted: 9:23 am on May 23rd
StrangeCargo writes: Susyn, you know you're good when you can mentally dismember something for that certain cool part for yet a better application. Wonderful job.

Ken Posted: 7:09 am on May 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Very very very nice. I love this style, it goes GREAT in a garden and I'll bet it sounds charming too, Georgia Posted: 5:52 pm on May 20th
Christina_S writes: Adorable! Posted: 12:49 pm on May 20th
alicemom writes: I think it's darling! Good job!
Alice Posted: 9:49 pm on May 19th
monakent writes: Looks great!!! gailmarie Posted: 7:31 pm on May 19th
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