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May 17th, 2009 in member junk     
Paisleygirl Paisleygirl, member
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My Rockin Family

My Rockin Family

This is an antique spoon with acrylic painting, stamped, patinaed with rhinestones and recycled pop can!  I am hosting a giveaway for one free one of a kind "Pop Art" bracelet or a custom stamped bracelet.  All you have to do is leave a comment and if you'd like to be entered a second time just post my giveaway on your blog or website and link it to mine!  I will announce the winner on May 26th, my birthday!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Sherri
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greenlady2010 writes: Awesome idea. Love what you did on that bracelet. It would be an honor to wear one. Hope I can win it. Posted: 4:54 pm on November 14th
eveh writes: Where is Uri Geller when you need him. LOL. I would like to know how you bend these too. I was thinking about trying a heat gun and see if that softens the metal enough to bend it. Probably a dumb idea. Posted: 6:49 pm on June 15th
Goldie2967 writes: Very unique bracelet. My husband flattens spoons with a heavy mallet (NOT rubber). He has a steel block that he lays the spoon on. We use the flattened silver plated utensils in wind chimes. I'd love to win one of your bracelets. Thanks. Posted: 3:22 pm on May 23rd
juliek62 writes: Paisleygirl - this are so unusual. I love the silverware jewelry. Add me to the drawing too. Thanks!!! Have a great weekend and a wonderful birthday. Posted: 10:58 pm on May 21st
texasjunkermom writes: Very unusual and a good way to use mismatched spoons. I, too, need to know how to flatten a piece of flatware, but promise not to compete with you. (I need it for something else!) Thanks. Posted: 4:37 pm on May 19th
suewhitney writes: Love these!!! Great new spin on spoon jewelry. Very original!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:46 pm on May 18th
oldtoysrock903 writes: these are great! i think i have a box of old spoons, somewhere!!! haha... love the transformation into bracelets! how cool it would be to have a one of a kind!!! thanks for sharing! if you need more spoons let me know, i will see if i can dig em out of hiding. Posted: 11:14 am on May 18th
monakent writes: Oops.... I almost forgot the most important thing.....

Happy Birthday Paisleygirl!!!

Enjoy your special day. :o)


(My bday was May 16th, so although we aren't the same sign, we share the same month!!!) Posted: 9:58 am on May 18th
monakent writes: Very unique idea. Love how you incorporated the rhinestones, stamping, painting, etc, into your pieces. It is a fun look. I can't imagine you NOT doing well selling these pieces!

(By the way, I have been trying to flatten vintage silverware to have my niece and nephew make wind chimes, but I am having a terrible time trying to flatten the piece completely (esepcially the spoons). Since it looks as though you haven't had the same "bad" luck as I have, could you please tell me how you flattened the piece so well? I am using a rubber mallet on the vintage silverware, while it sits on a flat piece of wood. Any suggestions from you would be GREATLY appreciated by me - and of course my niece and nephew.).

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us!!! gailmarie Posted: 9:52 am on May 18th
leesee64 writes: Very, very cool! I love them! Enter me, please and thank you!

Lisa Posted: 8:43 am on May 18th
Christina_S writes: Love, so unique and funky! Enter me! Enter me! :) Posted: 2:06 am on May 18th
amylulu99 writes: How very creative! I am new to this site and have found so much inspiration from fellow junkers! Please enter me too!! Thanks Amy;) Posted: 9:27 pm on May 17th
grannijo writes: these are truly "one of a kind"...very unique!..please enter me..love them!..sharon Posted: 8:54 pm on May 17th
oldnews writes: These are really nice, I love them! Very creative idea!! Thanks for sharing! Marie Posted: 8:05 pm on May 17th
writes: ok, these are cool! please enter me.

great job and fun idea :-)

JennyK Posted: 5:02 pm on May 17th
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